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Ski Trips

Last updated:  April 26, 2018.


Every year, we organize at least one or two weekend bus trips and one or two longer trips, as well as joining forces with other ski clubs (within the NWSCC and FWSA) to organize multi-club trips.  We also have informal day-trips to Mt. Hood ski areas.

See How to pack for bus ski trips.

Trips Calendar Color code:
Mountain High trips are in BLUE
FWSA trips are in Maroon.

Multi-club trips are in purple.
Click on any trip listed for more info.


  Mountain High members at

Whitefish Mt. Montana  


2017/2018 Trips

Click here for:

 Ski the NW Challenge information.



For all trips, see:

Trip Cancellation Policy

All winter

Weekend day-trips




* Powder Alliance trip

* Mystery trip (2017)

* Canada trip (2016)

* Crystal Mt. trip (2016)

* Montana trip (2016)

* North Idaho (2014)

* Leavenworth (2014)

* Whitewater, Red 2013

* Brundage, Tamarack

* Shasta, Ashland 2012

* Powder Mt, Utah 2012

* Leavenworth 2011

* Crystal Mt. WA 2011

* Fernie, Canada 2010

* Mystery trip, OR 2010

* Heavenly, CA 2009

* South Oregon, 2008

* White Pass, WA 2008

* Powder Mt. Utah 2007

* Mission,Stevens 2007

* Val d'Isère (Alps, 2006)

* Idaho bus trip (2006)

* Canada ski safari 2005

* Crystal Mt., WA (2005)

* Big Mt., MT train (2005)


For more photos, see the Photos page.

All winter

Mid-week day trips


All winter

Northwest Ski Challenge

Jan. 5 - 7, 2018



Mt. High: Mt.Shasta + Mt. Ashland trip

This trip has been postponed for next year. This year, we'll go to Mt. Baker instead. See below.

Jan. 5 - 7, 2018

Mt. High: Mt. Baker + Snoqualmie trip

Weekend bus trip. One day at each place.

Trip leader-  Emilio Trampuz

Jan. 20 - 27, 2018

Mt. HIgh: Okanagan Adventure trip

* 2 nights at Sun Peaks, BC, Canada

* 5 nights at Silver Star, BC, Canada

Trip Leaders: Karen Michels + Bill King

Feb. 2 - 9, 2019

FWSA Ski Week - Steamboat, CO

Feb. 4 - 8, 2018

Crystal Mt. trip (Bergfreunde club)

Feb. 21 - 24,  2018

Brundage Mt., Idaho + A-Lakes, OR

*  2 days at Brundage Mt, ID

*  1 day at Anthony Lakes, OR

Trip leader - Linda McGavin

Feb. 25 - Mar.4, 2018

FWSA Mini Ski Week, Alyeska


March 4-11, 2018


FWSA European Week ~Les Trois Vallées

Mar. 30 – Apr. 1, 2018

Far West Championships
Apr. 6 - 8, 2018 Bachelor Blast  (an NWSCC trip for all)

2017/2018 dates


In 2016, we had a total of 17 club outings to Mt. Hood, most of them to Timberline, but also a few to Meadows and Skibowl.

In 2017, we had just 13 Mt. Hood days.


Dates for this season will be added here when people want to go skiing.


1.  Nov. 18, 2017 (Sat.) - Timberline. 

    Meet in Sandy 7:30 - 7:45 am


2.  Dec. 9 (Sat.) - Timberline. 

     Meet in Sandy 7:30 - 7:45 am


3.  March 10, 2018 (Sat.)  - Timberline

     Meet in Sandy 7:30 - 7:45 am


4.  March17 , 2018  (Sat.)  - Timberline


5.  March 24 (Sat.)  - Timberline


6.  March 31 (Sat.)  - Timberline

     with History Happy Hour at 6:30 pm.


7.  April 15 (Sun.) - Timberline

    People have requested a Sunday ski day


8,  April 22 (Sun.) - Timberline

    People have requested a Sunday ski day


9.  April 28 (Sat.)  - Timberline


UPDATE:  The last weekend in April (28/29) will probably not work for group skiing.  Several people want to go watch the Pond Skimmig contest at Meadows on Saturday.  And the weather forecast looks somewhat bleak for both days, with 60 - 70% chance of rain showers at lower elevations and potential low visibility and/or strong winds at higher elevations. Individuals might still go skiing anyway, but don't count on seeing the group as a whole/


But note that we will most likely ski every weekend in May, until Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day), when all the regular ski passes (Fusion pass, Spring pass) expire.


Join in the fun! Make the effort to join us in Sandy, so we can start the day together!Mountain High club members human slalom at Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon


Weekend day-trips

Just for fun gatherings


Come ski with us!  Just for fun. Can you show us some new trail. a secret stash, a hidden slope?  Or can we show you something new you haven't skied before?


The day trips to Mt. Hood will be simple carpooling trips, or let's just meet at the ski area.

Normally, we meet at McDonald's in Sandy (left at 3rd traffic light in Sandy) around 7:30 - 7:45am. You'll find us either in the parking lot, or inside McDonald's, getting a cup of coffee. From there, we can either carpool or caravan (follow each other's cars) to the ski area. 


For info, contact Emilio, Emilio2000@earthlink.net,  or 503-510-1477.


Please Join one or both of our club's Forums (Weekend and/or Mid-week). You can post messages there, see when other people are planning to go skiing, and communicate with them.


Simply click on one of the Forum buttons in our  main menu.  Then click on "Join this Group" in the upper right of the window.  Give the system your email address, so that you can then automatically receive an email whenever someone posts a message in the Forum or replies to your message.


Alternate ways to meet:  (if you miss us in Sandy)

1.  On the mountain, meet us around 9:00 am (or 8:00 am after May 15) near the ticket office, or just outside the day lodge, ready to go skiing.

2.  On a 2-way radio, find us on Channel 6-19.  Just ask for "Mountain High" people!



Alternate transportation (by bus):

On some nice day (when it's not windy or rainy in Sandy), let's try using the Mt. Hood Express bus. A bus ticket costs only $2, and it saves you not only the cost of gas but also the wear and tear on your car.  We'll try to announce those days in advance.


Catch the bus on the far western end of Sandy. Even before you get to the first Sandy traffic light (near Fred Meyer), turn right at the ARCO gas station (barely visible from Hwy. 26).  Then an immediate left into the parking lot of the Mt. Hood Forest Center.  Leave your car there and walk up the few steps to Highway 26, where you will see a small stop shelter. The bus leaves there at 7:45 am, arrive3s at Skibowls at 8:30 am, and at Timberline at 9:00 am.


See bus schedule at: http://www.mthoodexpress.com/#!schedule-map/c1h6a


Mid-week skiers


The current group of mid-week skiers tend to be advanced skiers who enjoy powder skiing and challenging terrain (trees, bumps, ungroomed snow) at Mt. Hood Meadows.


Here are just a few of the regular mid-week skiers:


Debbie Thomas     Kay Kinyon      Walt Blomberg



Kenny Brundidge  George Yun         Kurt Krueger


Mid-week day-trips

to Mt. Hood ski areas.


A group of us go skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows on week days, all winter, often on Thursdays, but also whenever there is good powder, or whenever the fancy strikes! 


At Meadows, find us in the cafeteria in the South day lodge near the Schuss restaurant (aka The Hamburger Place) around 8:00-8:30 a.m. (That's on the slope level, which is 2nd floor).


NOTE: Quite often, Kenny Brundidge starts the day a bit later, like around  9:00 - 9:20 am.  So, if you are running late, look for him in the lodge.  See his picture on the left,  Either way, it's best to plan ahead and connect either through our Forums or you can also email Kenny at:  kenbrundidge@comcast.net


You can connect with the mid-week group by joining our online Midweek forum page: http://groups.google.com/group/MtHigh-midweek?hl=en . Click on the Join this group link (on the upper right of the page) and follow the instructions. 


Please choose to receive all emails from the group. That way, you will be notified when the group starts making plans to go skiing.

Once you join this Forum (which is actually a Google Group), you can post messages in the midweek forum whenever you want.  Only your first message, or your first joining, needs to be approved by a group moderator..

Sometimes we use 2-way radios to connect on Channel 6, Code 19, but almost nobody in the Meadows group uses radios any more, so this is not a reliable way to connect.



See: Map of all ski areas or click on the map to enlarge it. Ski any 7 or more of these:



• Anthony Lakes
• Cooper Spur

• Ferguson Ridge
• Hoodoo
• Mt. Ashland
• Mt. Bachelor
• Mt. Hood Meadows
• Mt. Hood Ski Bowl
• Spout Springs
• Timberline
• Warner Canyon
• Willamette Pass



• 49º North

• Cascade Powder Cats

• Crystal Mountain

• Hurricane Ridge

• Leavenworth Ski Hill

• Loup Loup

• Mission Ridge

• Mt. Baker

• Mt. Spokane

• North Cascade Heli-Skiing

• Ski Bluewood

• Stevens Pass

• Summit at Snoqualmie

• White Pass



Mt. Alyeska



Lake Louise

Mt. Norquay

Sunshine Village



Brundage Mountain

Sun Valley


Whitefish Mt.

Jackson Hole


Big White

Sun Peaks

For links to all these ski areas please see our
"Ski Areas" web page.

NW Ski Challenge 2017/2018


Would you like to win a prize just for having fun skiing?  All you have to do is visit as many ski areas in the Northwest as possible, and keep your lift tickets or receipts.


The 2017-2018 ski season will be the thirteenth year of the NWSCC Ski/Ride Challenge. For the past 12 years the Council has rewarded skiers and snowboarders who have met the Challenge with lift tickets and gift certificates for equipment or services at ski shops.


The first year of our Challenge was to visit all the Oregon ski resorts. The second year we expanded the Challenge to Washington ski resorts. The third year, we did Idaho ski resorts. Then we made it super-easy, with a minimum requirement of skiing just any 7 of the ski areas listed on the above map.


Additionally, the challenge has expanded to include certain ski areas in  Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.  Only the ski areas shown on the map and listed in the list qualify, because they are commercial members of the NWSCC.


The Northwest Ski/Ride Challenge rules are as follows:


Ski or ride any 7 or more of the listed resorts (or appearing on our map) during one ski season to be eligible to win a prize.  This is not a race for the most resorts in the least amount of time visited. Anyone who visits at least 7 ski resorts any time during the season is the eligible to enter. Save your lift tickets and/or receipts as proof.


Info & entry forms: Ski Oregon Challenge flyer (PDF)


Just save your lift tickets and/or credit card receipts from the lift ticket purchase, and mail this in before June 15. Please print and fill out the entry form. Mail your entry to:

NWSCC Ski Oregon Challenge
5331 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 258
Box 438
Portland, OR 97239


Winners will be announced in the Fall.


Several of our past winners have kept very informative and colorful blogs and photos of their experiences as they skied and rode at Northwest ski areas the last three seasons. Read about each ski area, and about our experiences there, for inspiration:


a) Ski Oregon Challenge (2005-06): http://www.mthigh.org/Articles/Ski-Oregon-Challenge-diary.pdf


b) Ski Washington Challenge (2006-07): http://www.mthigh.org/Articles/Ski-Washington-Challenge-diary.pdf 

and David's blog at: http://skiwashington.blogspot.com/ 


c) Ski Idaho Challenge (2007-08): http://skiid.blogspot.com/


Click here for the Entry Form and Rules in Word or PDF.

They are also posted on the NWSCC website, at www.nwskiers.org.



Mt. Ashland

Mt. High

Mt. Shasta + Mt. Ashland

1 central lodging, 2 ski areas


January 5 - 7, 2018.  Weekend trip (Friday. - Sunday).

     Saturday at:  Mt. Shasta  - Click here for webcam.

     Sunday   at:  Mt. Ashland - Click here for webcam.


NOTE:  Due to extremely low snow (or no snow at all), this trip has been postponed till next year (maybe February 2019). 


But, at the same time, we are replacing the Ashland/Shasta trip with a trip to Mt. Baker and The Summit at Snoqualmie/Alpental, to be held on the same dates, this January 5 - 7, 2018.  See details below.



Mt. Baker


Mt. Baker - the Canyon


Summit at Snoqualmie / Alpental


Summit at Snoqualmie / Alpental


Print out and fill this

Trip flyer and registration form

(The registration form is on page 3 of the flyer)


See our Mt. High Trip Cancellation Policy


Mt. High

Mt. Baker + The Summit at Snoqualmie

1 central lodging, 2 ski areas


January 5 - 7, 2018.  Weekend trip (Friday. - Sunday).

2 nights / 2 days skiing.

     Saturday at:  Mt. Baker  - Click here for video.

     Sunday   at:  Snoqualmie/Alpental - See webcam.


We are following the snow.  Currently, on Dec. 28, 2017,

Mt. Baker has a snow base of 98" - 116". 

Snoqualmie/ Alpental has 43" - 110".


Our bus trips are usually the club’s best and most fun events. The best way to get to know other club members is by taking a bus trip. This trip is a good introduction into what our club is all about.


No need to pack and move every day.  We'll stay in the same hotel both nights. The hotel has a hot tub and indoor swimming pool.  It also has free Wi-Fi  and free breakfast.  All rooms have a hair-dryer, coffee-maker, and microwave.


Bus ride: We'll start the trip on Friday at 2 pm on the bus  We’ll return Sunday night, by about 8:30 pm. The bus ride itself will be fun. We’ll share food, play games, tell jokes, watch a video, etc.


Lodging: We'll stay at the Quality Inn in Mt. Vernon, which is located about half way between Mt. Baker and Snoqualmie. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a fitness room, an indoor hot tub and swimming pool. Each room has a coffee-maker, and a microwave.  A continental breakfast is included.


On Saturday, we'll drive a little over an hour to Mt. Baker ski area, offering 8 lifts and 1,500' vertical.


On Sunday, we'll ski at nearby Alpental/Snoqualmie. This is a combination of 4 linked ski areas for the price of one: The Summit East, West, and Central, are interconnected and offer lots of groomed trails and wide open spaces.  About 13 lifts (not counting the beginner ones) serve about 1,100' vertical.


Alpental is on the other side of the I-90 freeway but connected by a free shuttle bus.  Alpental provides much more vertical (2,280') and much more advanced terrain.


We'll ski till 3:30 pm, and then ride the bus back home.  We'll return to Portland around 8:30 pm on Sunday.


The following are the new prices.  The amount in parenthesis shows the difference in price from the previously announced trip to Ashland/Shasta (which this trip replaces).  Those who have already paid the earlier prices need to send in the additional amount.


Prices:  Adults                         = $344   ($44 more than before)

               Seniors (60 - 64)       = $336   ($36 more than before)
               Seniors (65 - 69)       = $336   ($46 more than before)
               Super-Seniors (70+) = $271   ($11 more than before)
               No lift tickets              = $220   ($28 less than before)


The younger seniors (60-64) owe less now because they have already paid the higher, adult price earlier.  They were not considered seniors at Ashland or Shasta.  But they are considered seniors at Mt. Baker.


NOTE: A Mt. Hood Meadows Pass is valid for free skiing at Mt. Baker only mid-week during January and February.  So, it won't help on this trip.


Price includes all bus transportation, 2 nights lodging, and 2 lift tickets. A dinner is also included, as well as the breakfasts.


Space is limited by the size of the bus. Also, this trip is open to members of other clubs as well, so please sign up early!


To reserve your spot:  Since the trip is now so close, please sned in the full payment right away.

Full payment due by December 29, 2017. No refunds at this time, unless you can fill your spot. See our Mt. High Trip Cancellation Policy


Please use the Dough Transmittal form on the Forms & Docs page on our web site, or on the next to last page in our newsletter.  Make check payable to Mountain High Snowsport Club, and mail it to:

Mountain High

PO Box 2182

Portland, OR 97208

Contact trip leader:

Emilio Trampuz, 503-378-0171, Emilio2000@earthlink.net


Print out and fill this

Trip flyer and registration form

(The registration form is on page 3 of the flyer)



Explore the Okanagan area of British Columbia


Sun Peaks


Silver Star





Passport is required.


Find out how to apply for or renew your passport in this recently updated article on Passports.




A. Sun Peaks video 1 ,  Video 2 ,  

B. Silver Star video 1 Video 2 ,  


Print and fill out this

Trip flyer and signup form


Sun Peaks


Silver Star


Sun Peaks

Mt. High

Okanagan Adventure

Sun Peaks, BC + Silver Star, BC
A Mt. High bus trip

offering both Downhill & Nordic skiing


January 20 - 27, 2018 -- Saturday - Saturday.


We will stay ON MOUNTAIN at both resorts with easy access to all village amenities. Full trip price includes: roundtrip charter bus transportation, 7 nights lodging, 3 Silver Star lift tickets, 2 Sun Peaks lift tickets and several meals. FYI: Silver Star is part of the Powder Alliance and if you have the local fusion pass for Timberline/Skibowl you get three free passes to Silver Star. Fusion pricing is lower as it takes into account those three free lift tickets. In addition, you can customize your trip with an optional lodging upgrade (limited availability) or adjusting the number of lift tickets you want.

At Sun Peaks, we will stay in traditional hotel rooms at the Sun Peaks Lodge with TWO people per room. Rooms have QQ or K setup.


At Silver Star, we will stay in two bedroom condos at Chilcoot Lodge with FOUR people in each condo. Room #1 QQ, room #2 Q + twin bunks. Each unit has two bathrooms. There is a kitchen and a living room with a pullout sofa in each condo that will be shared by all four. There will also be a limited number of two bedroom condos at Snowbird Lodge in Silver Star resort for those that want to upgrade. Room #1 K, room #2 K or T/T and there is a pull out in the living room. The units also have three bathrooms and a PRIVATE HOT TUB on the deck. The Snowbird Lodge units are first come, first serve by request with deposit and I will only place pre-arranged groups in them.  To upgrade to the Snowbird Lodge, please add $100 to the trip price.

Silver Star is located about 12 miles from Vernon in the heart of the Okanagan region and is the 3rd largest in British Columbia. It offers both Nordic and downhill options. It is known for champagne powder and averages over 23 feet of snowfall each year. Silver Star has over 3200 acres of downhill skiing, 11 lifts and 132 runs with 15% easiest, 40% intermediate, 35% most difficult and 10% extreme. Three days of skiing are included. The 4th day is either a day of rest or buy your own lift ticket. If you want to take a day off from skiing at Silver Star, there are tons of optional activities to enjoy including: fat biking, tubing, snowshoeing, ice skating and shopping. Check it all out at www.Skisilverstar.com .

See webcam.

Sun Peaks is located about 35 miles from Kamloops, British Columbia. It is the 2nd largest resort in British Columbia and averages over 20 feet of snowfall annually They boast 12 chairlifts and 2800 feet of vertical for downhill skiers and almost 25 miles of groomed and track-set trails with optional lift access via Morrisey express for Nordic skiers. They have over 4200 acres of terrain with 10% beginner, 58% intermediate and 32% expert. In addition, they offer optional snowmobiling, sleigh rides, ice skating, tubing and snowshoeing. Check it out at www.Sunpeaksresort.com .

See webcam.

We hope you join us for this exciting trip. Reserve your spot now with a 250.00 deposit!!!  Mt High members have first chance to sign up.  Reserve your spot with 250 deposit by September 15th.  After September 15th, any available spots will be opened up to members of NWSCC. 


October 15th 2017 is the cancel date for this trip. After October 15th, you will only receive a full refund if we can fill your spot. Full payment is due October 15th.


Prices: Adult             1099.00
Senior          1045.00
Fusion            899.00
Senior fusion  880.00
Nordic             810.00
Non-skier        770.00

               Upgrade to Snowbird Lodge at Silver Star: Add $100.


Print our Dough Transmittal Form and mail it in with your $250 deposit check payable to Mountain High club, PO Box 2182, Portland, OR 97208.


See our Mt. High Trip Cancellation Policy


Contact Trip leaders with any questions:

Karen Michels:  skiklynn@gmail.com

Bill King:             willie2k@ymail.com





Steamboat, Colorado



See the

trip flyer

FWSA Ski Week 2019

Steamboat, Colorado


February 2 - 9, 2019
Annual ski week organized by the Far West Ski Association.

Join us for a week of skiing, partying, and racing in Steamboat, CO. Sign up now to hold your spot by making a $150 deposit! Your deposit remains fully refundable until June 30, 2018. Although properties are not known yet, lodging will be in condominiums.

The package price is anticipated to be between $1,100 and $1,400, depending on property assigned to NWSCC. The price may be slightly lower or higher. This is an estimate only. Lodging and the week’s amenities package are included in the package, but lift tickets and transportation are not included.

Ski Week Package price will include 7 nights’ lodging (double occupancy) and:

  • Welcome Party

  • Wine Tasting Après Party

  • Mountain Tour

  • Council Night Dinner

  • Mountain Picnic

  • Racing

  • Banquet with Dancing

  • Après Ski Party and Race Awards

Options available at additional cost:

  • FWSA Group Air with ground shuttle (highly recommended to assure shuttle coordination)

  • Shuttle transportation

  • Single Supplements

  • Lift Tickets

Lift tickets:

Steamboat is a participant in the IKON pass. You may want to consider this pass for next season. Look at their website NOW for details. Prices will rise $100 on May 1! Find details on the IKON’s website at https://www.ikonpass.com/en  Purchase your IKON pass through the tour operator for this trip, SportsAmerica, and receive a $50 discount on the trip package price. Purchase it online now at http://www.sportsamerica.com/ikon-fwsa 

Lift tickets for this Steamboat trip only are 5-day adult $ 335, 6-day adult $ 381.

Contact Barbara Bousum at bbousum@gmail.com  or 503/224-3584

OR Chris Ciardi at c2blondie@hotmail.com  or 503/297-5351




Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mt.
a Bergfreunde trip


February 4 - 8,  2018.  

A downhiill skiing trip.


There is still room on this trip, and members of other local ski clubs are invited.  This is a drive-your-own-car or a carpooling trip.

Crystal Mountain is one of the Northwest's premier Ski Resorts. We have reserved 3 nights at Crystal Mountain Hotels for a stay on the mountain just a short walk from the lifts.


Breakfast is included each morning, and we will share one elegant meal together, included in your price. We can ski as much as 4 days (Sunday - Wednesday).


Price = $344.00

For any questions please contact Paul Tidball

Email address:  ptidball@hotmail.com  
Home phone:    503-829-3519


Thank you,

Heidi Munson
Sports Director
Bergfruende - Mountain Friends, 503 888 7031




Brundage Mt. - mid-mountain yurt


Anthony Lakes





A. Brundage Mt. video 1 ,  Video 2 ,  

B. Anthony Lakes video 1                  



Click here for

Trip flyer and signup form

Mt. High

Brundage Mt. trip

Brundage Mt., ID + Anthony Lakes, OR
A Mt. High  bus trip


February 21 - 24, 2018 -- Wednesday - Saturday.

3 days of skiing / 3 nights lodging.


We will stay 2 nights in McCall, Idaho and one night in Baker City, OR.


Wednesday = Travel day. Ride the bus to McCall, Idaho.

Thursday = Ski Brundage or go Snowcat skiing (optional).

Friday   =    Ski Brundage.

Saturday = Ski Anthony Lakes and then drive straight home.


Return home by Saturday night.

(PACRAT racers can then participate in the race on Sunday.)


Brundage Mt., ID is located just 8 miles from McCall, Idaho. It offers some of the best snow in Idaho, a vertical of 1,921', and 1920 skiable acres, served by 5 lifts:  1 hi-speed quad, and 4 triples.  It has 46 named trails, plus lots of glades. See webcam.


Brundage Mt. Snowcat Adventures offers an additional 18,000 acres accessible by snowcat.  On our trip, you can sign up for an optional day of snowcat skiing on our first day (Thursday) for $275.


Anthony Lakes, OR has the highest base elevation in Oregon, at 7,100', ensuring a high quality, dry snow. It offers 1,100 acres and 900 vertical feet.  Good snow on good terrain keeps us returning to this ski area again and again.


Prices: 1. Adult full price = $435.
2. Senior full price (70 and over) = $365
3. Base Price without any lift tickets = $310.

               Snowcat skiing (optional add-on)  = $275.


Price includes all bus transportation, 3 nights lodging, and 3 lift tickets.


To reserve your spot:  Please send in a deposit check of $150 per person by December 31, 2017. 


Full payment due by January 15, 2018. No refunds after January 15 unless you can fill your spot. See our Mt. High Trip Cancellation Policy


Print our Dough Transmittal Form and mail it in with your $150 deposit check payable to Mountain High club, PO Box 2182, Portland, OR 97208.


Trip leader:

Linda McGavin,  Trips@mthigh.org  or 503-652-2840.






Mt. Alyeska, 40 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska

Vertical = 2,500 feet

Acreage = 1,610 acres

9 lifts:  2 high speed detachable quad, 

2 fixed quads, 2 doubles, 2 magic carpets,
1 60-passenger Aerial Tram






More info at: http://www.fwsa.org/Travel/NAski/naski.html

Far West Mini Ski Week at

Alaska Iditarod & Ski & Snowboard Alyeska


February 25 – March 4, 2018.


Trip details are posted at:



Price:  from $1,130 to $1,410


Included: 7 nights lodging at Hotel Alyeska (ski-in/ski-out) and at Hotel Captain Cook, downtown Anchorage, plus:

~ Welcome Party

~ Farewell Dinner Party

~ Lift Tickets

~ The Northern Lights

~ Iditarod Events

~ Fur Rendezvous


Not included: Air or transportation from airport.


Contact: Gloria Raminha  garski2011@gmail.com
Trip Leader
12707 Windy Ridge Dr., Bakersfield, CA  93312
661-800-8229 [C]
661-829-5996 [H/F]




 Nancy Ellis
VP North American Travel
P.O. Box 9681, Truckee, CA 96162
530-414-8261 [C]





Les Trois Valées




More info

on the FWSA trip web site


For information contact:
Debbie Stewart at FwsaIntlTrvl@prodigy.net  

 or 559-737-0882 [C]

FWSA International Week

Les Trois Vallées / Brides les Bains

with optional extension to Lyon, Beaune & Paris, France


March 4 - 11, 2018.

(SFO & LAX Group Air departs Mar. 3rd)  This the Far West Ski Association’s international trip.

Plus an optional trip extension or Stand Alone trip to Lyon, Beaune & Paris: March 11-18, 2018.

Les Trois Vallées (The Three Valleys) is a ski region in the Tarentaise Valley, Savoie, south of the town of Moûtiers, partly in the Vanoise National Park. Since 1973, it has been possible to ski the interlinked valleys using a single ski pass. Thus, Les Trois Vallées is the largest ski area in the world which is connected solely by ski lifts and slopes. It claims to have about 370 miles of ski slopes.


Les Trois Vallées has 183 ski lifts, which can transport 260,000 skiers per hour. There are 424 ski patrollers and 1,500 ski instructors. Les Trois Vallées are home to eight ski resorts that are linked together by a unique network of ski lifts and ski runs. The resorts and villages lower down in the valley should also be added to these:


Brides-les-Bains is a spa resort that is linked by cable car to Méribel which provides easy access to the ski area.

Land Package - The Mercure Grand Hotel des Thermes in Brides les Bains. (Not including air transportation):

  • Approximate lodging package costs - $1517.00 – $1730.00 pp Dbl. Occupancy

  • Upgraded rooms, Single Supplement rooms and Suite rooms are available – quantities are limited.

Land Package includes:

All airport ground transfers with Multi-lingual guide meeting the FWSA Group Air people upon arrival

  • 7 nights’ accommodations with breakfast daily and Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

  • Daily Breakfast, 5 Dinners at the hotel – 2 nights on your own to dine at the local French restaurants of your choice.

  • Welcome/Orientation and Farewell Party; Transportation for “Night on the Town” in Meribel

  • Gratuities to bus drivers, transfer guides and restaurant staff

  • Après ski party – details to be provided

  • Optional day tour – details to be provided

Air Transportation Information:

  • Estimated SFO & LAX air = $927.00 - $1030.00

  • Stand Alone Trip Air will be booked individually – contact Debbie Stewart for price quote.

(We’re happy to book an alternate airport and/or a deviation to extend your trip for you - they are limited)
*Air prices DO include estimated Fuel surcharges, Taxes and current Exchange Rate – subject to change.

It is HIGHLY recommended to use FWSA air transportation!

If you arrange your OWN flights but wish to take the FWSA bus transfers, you must coordinate your flight schedule with the FWSA group air schedule. No special alternate pick up or drop off by the bus will be permitted.

Brides les Bains Lodging/Land Package Information:
The Brides les Bains land package pricing is based on a minimum of 64 people and the Extension pricing is based on a minimum of 34 people – subject to change if requirements are not met. All local taxes are included.

The pricing is based on the Exchange Rate of 1.08 US Dollar vs.1 Euro – subject to change.

Make checks out to:  Far West Ski Association (FWSA). Please reference “FWSA 2018 FRANCE Trip” on each check. Send to:

Debbie Stewart, FWSA VP of International Travel,

430 S. Church St., Visalia, CA 93277, FwsaIntlTrvl@prodigy.net  or cell: 559-737-0882

(CST # 2036983-40).

Optional Extension to Lyon, Beaune & Paris, France: March 11-18, 2018
Approximate Land Package – Double Occ. = $1595.00 pp



For more info, see the Far West Racing Association web site:






Far West Championships

at either

Lake Tahoe or  Mammoth Mt., CA







March 31 to April 2, 2017.

Come ski it just for fun!  Yes, our PACRAT racers can participate in the usual Slalom and GS races, or in the pre-race clinics. But, even without the racing, come and skit just for the fun of it. Everyone (including non-racers) is welcome to come just to ski.


If you wish to race, you must pre-qualify. All PACRAT racers qualify automatically, since their handicap is known, as long as they have taken part in at least 3 PACRAT races. In addition to PACRAT races, there are a few other qualifying opportunities.


For racers, this is a chance to experience a true slalom and a true GS race. These are really fun races and give you a chance to compete against club racers from Nevada, California and Arizona. 

Clinics. on Friday

Slalom on Saturday

Giant Slalom  on Sunday.


To participate in the Clinics, contact Debi at OpenLeagueRacing@gmail.com


There will be different courses set for different racer abilities so you will be able to handle it. They have 10 different racer classes and also do an age break at 45.  There are individual awards and also a team trophy. 


The Far West Racer Registration Fee is $65 adult, $10 junior , late fee added after March 23.  The registration fee covers the whole weekend, including both a Slalom and a GS race (only one run per race). 


Discounted Accommodations are available. Contact Mammoth Reservations at 1 - 800 - Mammoth and use ID code 21222


For more information, contact Bob Ellis, FWRA (Far West Racing Association)
      Phone: (530) 414-4270 (cell)
      Email: rellis9681@aol.com

or, more locally, contact Dale Parshall at: dale.parshall@bankofthewest.com  or phone: 503-912-0064.




Mt. Bachelor




Bend Bachelor Blast

NWSCC or multi-club trip


April 6 - 8, 2018
A drive-to or carpooling trip.

All members of all clubs are invited!!


The Bachelor Blast is BACK!  Plan now to join other NWSCC clubs in Bend April 6-8, 2018, staying at one of the Bend Marriott properties (Fairfield Inn & Suites or TownPlace Suites). 


First Friday in Bend; discount skiing at Mt. Bachelor; and a Happy Hour event Saturday night will make for a fun weekend!  Bachelor is GREAT at that time of year! 


April 6 is First Friday in Bend, so come over in time to enjoy the event!


Cost = $285 per person, double occupancy.

Seniors (65-69) pay $257,  Super Seniors (70+) pay $225.
Signup deadline is March 12.


Sign up now - flier HERE and signup form HERE!  Come early and stay later at the same discounted hotel rate! 


Contact: Linda McGavin, 503-652-2840, Trips@mthigh.org


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