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2015/2016 Mountain High Photos


2015 / 2016 Photos


Dec.17, 2016:  Crowds? What crowds?

Dec.10, 2016:  Stormy day turns sunny!

Dec. 4, 2016:   Weekend first Timberline day

Dec.  1. 2016:  Mid-week first Meadows day

Nov. 7, 2016:   Mt. High Kickoff Party

Nov. 6, 2016:   Debbi at NYC Marathon

Nov. 4-6, 2016: SkiFever Show

Oct. 29, 2016:  Highway Cleanup

Oct. 22, 2016:  Prayer flags on Mt. Hood

Oct. 21, 2016:  Warren Miller dinner

Oct. 13, 2016:  NWSCC / PACRAT 101

Oct.  9, 2016:   The Dalles bike ride

Oct.  8, 2016:   Seafood party

Aug. 20, 2016: Picnic & bike ride

Aug. 11-14, 2016:  Rafting weekend

Aug. 6, 2016:  Mt. Hood History bike ride

July 9-10 :       Two bike rides

June 2016:      FWSA Convention

June 2016:      Idaho bike trip

May 2016:       Timberline adventures

April 30:           Zig Zag canyon

April 10:           Little Zig Zag canyon

March 18-20:   Crystal Mt. trip

March 6 & 12:  Glade, Alpine, Blossom trails

Feb. 21-27:       Montana Trip

February 13:    Chocolate Party

February 13:    Ski Day at Skibowl

January 24-30: Canada trip

January 10:      PACRAT Race 1

January 2016:  Phlox Point Cabin

Dec. 15, 2015:  Christmas Ships Parade

December, 2015:  Early Season Skiing

Christmas Day at Timberline

Early December:  George at Whistler

Oct.-Nov.2015:  Mt. High Display Cabinet

Nov. 12, 2015:   Kickoff Party

Nov.   9, 2015:   Ski Fair

Oct. 23, 2015:    Warren Miller night





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Older Photos

Ski trips & Social events  Selected past trip and event photos.


2015 photos. Ski Fair, Kickoff Party, Montana Fam trip. Whitefish trip and Fernie, PACRAT, Rat Attack, 40th anniv. picnic, Naked bike ride, Trillium Lake bike, Timothy Lake bike, Highway cleanup, Chocolate, Pizza, Seafood parties.

2014 photos. Ski Fair, Ski Show, Warren Miller, Seafood, Salmon Headwaters Cleanup, Rafting, Picnic, History bike tour, Bike to Dike, ride, Row River - Dorena Lake, Champoeg, Hy. cleanup, NWSCC 35th anniversary, FWSA Convention in Bend, Silver Falls hike, Timberline adventures, Rat Attack, Chocolate party, Ski the Glade Trail Day, Mt. Bachelor bus trip, North Idaho trip (Schweitzer, Lookout Pass, Silver Mt.) Kickoff party.

2013 photos. Hwy. cleanup, MHSP Ski Swap - Kurt Krueger, FWSA Safety Person of the Year, Picnic & Bike ride, Tunnel Falls hike, Banks-Vernonia bike ride, History bike ride, Frosted Flakes girls poster, Ramona Falls hikr, Timberline sidecountry Zig Zag, Pond skimming, Canada (Whitewater, Red. Mt.) Pizza Party, Utah trip (Powder Mt.),  Hoodoo day trip ,PACRAT Race 3 Skibowl, Cosmic tubing, Skibowl day trip, Chocolate party, Idaho trip, Mt. Hood Meadows day trip, Mt. High Kickoff Party, Ski Fair

2012 photos. Hwy. cleanup, Barlow Road Ride, Rafting, Picnic, Cycle Oregon, Timberline canyons, Newton canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Pizza party, Meadows, ISHA, Bachelor Blast, Mystery trip to Shasta & Ashland, Movie night, Utah Powder Mt., Snowbasin, PACRAT race, Chocolate party, FWSA Jackson Hole, Anthony Lakes, Bib decorating, Washington park hike, Ski Fair, Ski Show. .

2011 photos. Hikes, Golf, Rafting, Cycle Oregon, Cycle Idaho, Highway cleanup, Seafood party, Chocolate party, Life Flight, Scotty & Mer'a wedding, Movie Night, Leavenworth trip, Crystal Mt., Bib decorating party, Rat Attack.

2010 photos. Hope on the Slopes, Fernie trip, Mystery trip to Willamette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, Picnic, Rafting, Hikes, Highway cleanup, NWSCC 30th Anniversary, etc..

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.

2008 photos Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack, Pizza Party, Rafting, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows

2007 photos 4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.

2006 photos Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic

2005 photos 3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt., Crystal Mt.;

2004 photos 2nd Canada Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social;


See a 6-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done in a single year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High Club 2011-2012".



Crowds?  What crowds?

December 17, 2016 (Saturday).
People often say: "We ski only on weekends. We don't want to deal with the weekend crowds."  Sound reasonable. But, wait!   What crowds are we talking about?   There are no crowds?


Check out these pictures from a recent Saturday at Timberline.  This was the day that Timberline organized a Winter Kickoff Party, with contests, giveaways, demos, live music, .... and even a free wax on your skis or boards. You might expect a big crowd. Something to avoid. Right?  But how wrong you would be. There were no crowds at all.  The parking lot was full to the brim.  But the slopes were half empty.  See for yourself


In fact, when you go skiing mid-week, you have to deal with heavy commuter traffic, people driving to work, people driving home from work.  By comparison, early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the roads are empty, the driving a pleasure.

Parking lot was full. A bit of fog in the air, but also some blue sky.


The only opening in the parking lot is the mandatory driveway at the bottom of the parking lot.


Jeff Flood Express lift, one of the most popular ones, around 10 am.   Where are the crowds?


Bill King in the lift line at the Jeff Flood Express around 10:30 am.  Where is the lift line?


No lines at the Stomin' Norman lift around 1:30 pm.

Man, it's hard to go skiing on a Saturday!  Those crowds are horrible!!!!



Stormy day turns sunny

December 10, 2016 (Saturday).
Many people didn't show up ths Saturday because the weather forecast had predicted a stormy, windy and snowy day. But the mountain creates its own weather.  In fact, there were blue skies all the way from Sandy to way past Mt. Hood. All morning was sunny.  Then we noticed some clouds around the top of Mt. Hood resembling a lenticular cloud, which usually indicates a change in weather.  Sure enough, the mountain was eventually enveloped in fog.  But the day was still calm with no win at all.   Those who didn't show up missed a fantastic day.


Our little group consisted of Lisa Miller, Kurt Wilke, Marie McLean, and Emilio TrampuzJohn Davis was on the mountain too, but we couldn't find him.  For a few runs we connected and skied with another group consisting of Alan and Beth Parskeva, Sylvia Kearns, John Orefice, and Dan Lane.


Lisa Miller took this photo of Mt. Hood from the Jeff Flood Express lift    
Photo by Lisa Miller.


"Where is everybody?  - asked Beth, Dan, and Sylvia.    
Photo from Sylvia Kearns.


Emilio and Sylvia     
Photo by Sylvia Kearns

Lisa Miller on the first run of the day.  Photo from Lisa Miller


Emilio Trampuz with Timberline Lodge in the background.    
Photo by Lisa Miller.


Kurt Wilke with Mt. Hood in the background.     
Photo from Kurt Wilke.


Marie McLean     
Photo by Kurt Wilke.


Emilio Trampuz, Marie McLean, and  Lisa Miller approaching the bottom of Molly's lift.     
Photo by Kurt Wilke.


Kurt, Emilio, Marie, and Lisa.     
Photo by Kurt Wilke.


Kurt Wilke, Marie McLean, and Lisa Miller,       
Photo from Kurt Wilke's camera.


Kurt Wilke and Marie McLean.   
Photo by Kurt Wilke.




First day of the season at Timberline

December 4, 2016 (Sunday).
This Sunday was a really interesting day at Timberline. We experienced all kinds of different snow conditions. It snowed all morning, but after lunch, the snow stopped and we even got some sunshine and patches of blue sky!  There's already 4 feet of snow on the slopes of Timberline, and much more snow is on the way all of this coming week.

The snow was deep and powdery. This was Nancy Erz's first powder day! On our first run of the day, we hit some totally untracked snow on Pete’s Plunder, and Nancy managed to execute perfect figure 8s in the snow against Kurt’s tracks.

Even though the day started off as cloudy, windy and snowy, and lots of rain in Porltand, it was amazing to see so many people come up to Timberline. The parking lot had completely filled up, including the overflow parking at the lower level. As we rode on Molly’s chairlift, we watched a long line of cars on Timberline Road standing still, bumper to bumper. Good thing we arrived early and beat most of that crowd.

Later in the day, we crossed paths with Jon Waldum (a Cascade Ski Club member who has joined us on a couple of trips in the recent past). And finally we ran into Lisa Miller, who came up a little later in the day and was looking for us.

Lisa came up on the Mt. Hood Express bus. Just $2 for the ride up to Timberline. That also gave her the freedom to ski down to Government Camp at the end of the day, down the Glade Trail, and catch the bus from there 

We’ll go up to Timberline again on Saturday, December 10. Come join us!

Lisa Miller, Nancy Erz, and Kurt Wilke on the Kruser trail. Notice the blue sky!    
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Lisa Miller, Nancy Erz, and Kurt Wilke on the Kruser trail at Timberline.   
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Emilio Trampuz, Nancy Erz, and Kurt Wilke    
Photo by Lisa Miller.

Come ski with us on Saturday, December 10.



Mid-week skiers - First day at Meadows

December 1, 2016 (Thursday).
Snow came early this season.  Plenty of good light powder.

Here are just some of the regulars.

We’ll go up to Meadows again on Thursdays and/or any time there is fresh powder. Come join us!

Mike Ferrel, Debbie Thomas, Kay Kinyon, and Mark enjoying the early snow at Meadows. 




Mountain High 2016 Kickoff Party

November 7, 2016 (Monday).
Our annual Kickoff Party (also referred to as our Membership party) was attended by about 80 -90 people. Sandwiches and cookies were served, as well as non-alcoholic beverages (as well as alcoholic drinks that people themselves brought. There were lots of door prizes too, some of which were donated by the 3 ski area representatives who  were our guest speakers:  Alyssa Cartmill from Steamboat, Matt Hofmann from Schwietzer Mt., and Jared Montague from Brundage Mountain


Steve Coxen introduced the guest speakers, and the rest of the evening, Kurt Krueger (our past president) acted as master of ceremonies, since our current president, Debbi Kor, was out of town, participating in the New York City marathon.


People renewed their club membership and signed up for trips and PACRAT racing.  Our first two trips (Mystery trip in January and the Powder Alliance trip in February are now completely full and overflowing (both with waiting lists).  There is still some space on the March trip to Leavenworth (Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass).


We also drew a winner for one free year of club membership, and the winner is a newcomer to the club: Dinah Davis.


Food was served in the background, at the back of the hall.    
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Matt Hoffman from Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho, addresses the club members.    
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Jared Montague from Brundage Mt., Idaho addresses the club members.    
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Jared Montague (Brundage Mt., Idaho) speaks to the crowd    
  Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Jared hands the microphone to Steve Coxen      
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Steve hands the microphone to Alyssa Cartmill (Steamboat, Colorado)   
  Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Alyssa Cartmill - National Sales Manager for Steamboat Ski Resort, Colorado     
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Alyssa Cartmill - National Sales Manager for Steamboat Ski Resort, Colorado    
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Alyssa Cartmill - National Sales Manager for Steamboat Ski Resort, Colorado   
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Kurt Krueger introduces the Mountain High club's board members and points at Emilio.    
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Kurt Krueger (past president) and Linda McGavin (Trips director)    
Photo by Emilio Trampuz.




Debbi Kor at New York Marathon

November 6, 2016 (Sunday).
Debbi Kor (our club's president) participated in her second New York marathon race.  She also did the NYC marathon in 2007, and back in 2003 she did the Paris (France) marathon.  Go Debbi!

Debbi Kor 

Debbi Kor 


Debbi Kor


Debbi Kor




Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

November 4 - 6, 2016 (Friday - Sunday).
The biggest ski show in Portland.  In past years, only the NW Ski Club Council had a booth at this show, and all the clubs shared it, each being allowed just one or two flyers on the table.  But this year, for the first time, each of the local clubs had a booth of their own. We had 20 volunteers who staffed our booth for the entire 3 days of the event.

Karen Michels and Terry Swan had one of the first shifts on Friday. 

The Bergfreunde club booth is on the left, and the SKiyente ski club is on the right.    Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Our booth featured a lot of photos, many of them very recent. 


CMH Heli-skiing had a booth near ours.     Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


The Ski Patrol booth featured the skeleton of a person who did not follow the safety rules.     Photo by Emilio Trampuz.


Karen Michels, Lana Rulien, Terry Swan, Jackie Bailey, and Mary Olhausen

at the Mountain High club's booth.  We have the most wonderful ladies!.




Highway Cleanup

October 29, 2016 (Saturday).  10 am - 12 pm (noon)..
Only 7 of us showed up for the highway cleanup this time, and we actually had a good time. It rained during the whole drive from Portland to Government Camp.  But then the 10 am magic happened.  If you haven't noticed yet, the rain tends to stop around 10 am, both in Summer and in Winter.  This time, the rain stopped by about 9:45, about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and just in time for our highway cleanup. 


We found all kinds of interesting items. In addition to the usual cigarette butts and discarded cans and bottles, this time we also found a lost Stevens Pass season pass, a pair of glasses, a lucky penny, and other items.

After the cleanup, we had a pleasant lunch at the Ice Axe brewery.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take a group picture, so all we have is this one picture of Debbi Kor, who organized this event.

Debbi Kor at the truck parking just west of Government Camp.     Photo by Emilio Trampuz.



Prayer Flags on Mt. Hood


October 22, 2016 (Saturday). 
When it comes to guaranteeing a great ski season, one has to pull out all the stops...


So, Walt Blomberg and Mike Ferrell hiked up to the top of the Mt. Hood Express lift (at Mt. Hood Meadows) on Saturday to hang Mike's Tibetan prayer flags.


This is some real action.


Pray for Snow parties mostly boil down to drinking and dancing. That's nothing compared to the real contact with the mountain that Walt and Mike had.


So, when we get tons of snow this season, you'll know who to thank!!!

   Here's Mike Ferrell celebrating the raising of the prayer flags



Here's some real praying action.


And, look!  There's already some snow on the ground!


Photos by Walt Blomberg..



Warren Miller dinner & movie

October 21, 2016 (Friday).  5:30 pm for dinner,   7:30 pm movie..
Well over 50 people participated in the group purchase of discounted movie tickets, and approximately 40 people showed up for the pre-movie social at the Hop City Tavern.  Some ordered just drink, others a salad, and many other a dinner entree.  Everybody had a good time. Thanks to Sandra Smith for organizing this event.

WE had this corner of the Hop City Tavern reserved for us.      Photo by John Davis.


Emilio shows our upcoming trip flyers to two newcomers to the club. Sandra listens with an amused smile.

 Photo by John Davis.



NWSCC / PACRAT 101 Meeting

October 13, 2016 (Thursday).  6:00 - 8:30 pm..
The combined NW Ski Club Council and PACRAT Racers’ meeting was held at the EVO sports store at 200 SE MLK Blvd. in Portland.

The NWSCC unveiled it’s new web site. It has the same address as before, but brand new content in a brand new format. See it at: http://nwskiers.org/ .

Participants were mostly familiar faces, but there were a few new people who joined a club and/or signed up for recreational PACRAT racing.

Sylvia Kearns, NWSCC President, talked about the NWSCC activities and news.
Andy Hobart and Amanda Moran talked about PACRAT racing.
Doug Fish talked about the upcoming Snowvana event.   Emilio Trampuz spoke about the SkiFever Show.
Lots of valuable door prizes were given out, and Ryan Roper’s name was drawn as the winner of the Mt. Hood Meadows season pass. It was quite an evening!


Andy Hobart and Amanda Moran


Just part of the crowd. Most people were sitting on the left side, just outside the picture.


Ryan Rooper (far left, Bill King, Andy Hobart, and Amanda Moran


Sylvia Kearns,  NWSCC President





Columbia River bike ride at The Dalles

October 9, 2016 (Sunday). 

Eight intrepid members showed up despite the constant rain that was pounding Portland on this day.  Fortunately, by the time we drove past Hood River, the rain began to taper off.  At The Dalles, we experience only an occasional drop of rain while we were preparing our bikes, and then the rain completely stopped just in time for our bike ride.  Actually, the riverfront trail was almost completely dry during our whole ride.


We were glad we came, because it turned out to be a great day.  We had several things on our agenda:


1. A 12-mile round trip from The Dalles to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. Great views. Lots of history.

2. See some of the famous historical murals around the town of The Dalles.

3. Have lunch at the Baldwin Saloon.  It was closed, so we ate at the "Petite Provence" restaurant in The Dalles.

4. See where Linda and Bruce McGavin go wind-surfing in Rowena.  This wasn't planned, but it happened.

5. Do a short hike to the Mosier Falls swimming hole. We skipped this because it started raining when we got there.

6. Bike the Twin Tunnels trail from Mosier to Hood River.  We skipped it because of the rain.


It seemed to rain only west of Mosier. The Dalles was mostly dry, and the temperature was pleasant, around 69ºF.  Because of the threat of rain, we started the bike ride with our rain gear on, but we soon felt too hot, so within minutes we discarded a lot of our outer layers. Many of us just had a T-shirt on.  Everyone had a good time.


We saw lots of history in and around The Dalles!


The Dalles was the end of the wagon trail. Early pioneers built rafts here and went down the Columbia River.


Stone commemorating the End of the Oregon Trail.     
(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

The real end of the journey was Oregon City, but for many pioneers, this was the end of the wagon trail. From here, they took an expensive and dangerous boat ride, or they built an even more dangerous raft.  Many perished on the river.


Pulpit Rock on 12th Street in the Dalles.  Missionary Jason Lee climbed up and preached from this rock.

This was several years before the main Oregon migration started.

It was Jason Lee's flowery descriptions of Oregon that enticed many to come West.       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Linda and Bruce McGavin at the Lewis & Clark Festival Park, our bike ride's starting point.
   (Photo by John Davis)

The pavement was still a bit wet here, but we soon shed all our rain gear. The rest of the trail was dry.


Some of our group had a technical problem and were a bit late in arriving, so Emilio and Bruce & Linda McGavin

biked just 1.9 miles east, to where the Riverfront Trail turns from paved trail to dirt road.   (Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Emilio, Bruce, and Linda, at the eastern end of the Riverfront Trail.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


The 8 intrepids who came here despite the rain in Portland.       (Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Karen Michels,. Nancy Erz, John Davis, Terry Swan, Emilio Trampuz, Linda McGavin, Debbie Geiger

and Bruce McGavin (the photographer behind the camera).


Heading west, just a couple of miles from our starting point.  A hint of blue sky (upper left)!!!   (Photo by John Davis)


Terry Swan and a map of the Lewis and Clark expedition of discovery.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


John, Debbie, and Nancy at "Rock Fort", where the Lewis & Clark expedition camped for 3 days.

This was not a real fort.  It's just a natural rock formation.


Bruce McGavin shows us the obsidian bench alongside the Riverfront trail.

Notice how his bike reflects on the smooth, black obsidian.   (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


From the obsidian bench, there's a beautiful view of the Columbia River and one of many small beaches.


The obsidian surface is as smooth as glass.
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


It's a sandy beach!
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Nancy Erz and Terry Swan
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


At the Discovery Center:  Nancy, Debbie, Karen, Linda, and Terry.  Where did the men disappear?
  (Emilio Trampuz)


Point of Decision marker.
     (Photo by Nancy Erz)

 Emilio ponders his decision   (Photo by Nancy Erz)


Oregon Pioneers had to decide here - to raft down the river or to take Barlow Road around Mt. Hood.  It wasn't an easy decision.  Barlow Road was a very primitive, rough, bumpy, steep and dangerous mountain trail, and the pioneers were already exhausted, hungry and tired.       (Photo by Terry Swan with Emilio's camera)


Old remains of a covered wagon (aka: a "prairie schooner")
       (Photo by Nancy Erz)


The 8 intrepids in the park near the Discovery Center, getting ready to head back to The Dalles.
(Photo by Nancy Erz)


Ready to head back to The Dalles
       (Photo by John Davis)


One more look at our little group.
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Heading back down the hill toward the Columbia River
       (Photo by John Davis)


Most of the trail was flat, with the only small hill right at the Discovery Center.

Terry Swan,  Debbie Geiger, Nancy Erz, and Linda McGavin.      (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Nancy Erz and Linda McGavin.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Bruce McGavin, Debbie Geiger, and John Davis.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Debbie Geiger says "Hi".      (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


John Davis says "Bye".
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


One of several sandy beaches on the Columbia River.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


The Lewis & Clark expedition, depicted on one of the many murals in The Dalles.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


A diary entry and map, showing the "Rock Fort" where Lewis & Clark camped for 3 days.  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


The Dalles, known as "Wascopam" was an old Native American trading post.
  A mural in The Dalles.  (Emilio Trampuz)


We had lunch at the Petite Provence restaurant.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Our intrepid bikers at lunch at the Petite Provence in The Dalles.
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Just some of the great desserts at the Petite Provence.
       (Photo by Nancy Erz)


After lunch, another mural, this one depicting the Oregon Pioneers' covered wagons.
  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


A mural in The Dalles depicting Native Americans fishing at Celilo Falls.
   (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


We drove just a few miles west of The Dalles, to Rowena, where Bruce & Linda McGavin

showed us where they go windsurfing in the summer.   (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Just chatting.  Linda and Bruce suggested we take the scenic road from Rowena to Mosier

along the old highway 30, where we'll find a great view of the Columbia River.   (Photo by Terry Swan)


Serpentine road (highway 30) leading up to the Rowena Crest viewpoint       (Photo by Nancy Erz)


It got a bit windy here, but what a view!!!
  Hard to capture on camera.      (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


View of the Columbia River, looking east, toward Rowena and The Dalles.

Nancy, Debbie, and Karen.       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Another look at highway 30 that brought us here.
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


At this point, we experienced a little drizzle of rain, which soon turned into constant rain by the time we got to Mosier, just another 5 miles west of here.  So, we skipped the hike to the Mosier Falls swimming hole.  We'll do it some other time! We drove back home into rainy Portland.  But what a wonderful day we had!



Mountain High Seafood Extravaganza


October 8, 2016 (Saturday). 

We had a great Seafood Social this Saturday night. Fifty of our members turned out for baked halibut, halibut enchiladas, baked salmon and so many other yummy dishes brought by other club members. The event was organized at the Senior Center in Willsonville, Oregon.  We had a very pleasant, relaxed evening.

Gordy Lusk (up front) and Pete Troy and Linda McGavin in the kitchen, preparing all the goodies. 
 (Photo: John Davis)


Debbi Kor, Linda McGavin and Ann Gormley   
(Photo by John Davis)


Pete & Ann's sushi
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)




The dessert table (only part of it)


Bruce McGavin and Elaine Bock
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Appetizers are served!
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Kurt Krueger, Emilio Trampuz, and Karen Michels

Emilio holds flyers for this winter's ski trips.


Kenny and Lauren Brundidge
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Just one of the friendly tables.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Cal Eddy, Bobbi Eddy, Terry White, Crystal Bennett, Jerry Barnes, Larry Bennett, and Patty Ignatowski


Karen and Kurt at the greeting table.
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Barbara Bousum and Bill Matarazzi at the appetizers table.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Main course is served!
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


The salads table.       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


The room filled up nicely.       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Ginger, Mer'a, and Elaine
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Debbie Geiger, Ken Brown, Foxie Proctor (obscured) and Bill Matarazzi and Barbara Bousum.
 (Emilio Trampuz)


Debbi Kor (our president) making a few announcements
       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


A round of applause.
     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Rita Alm, Sylvia de Lacey, and
Gordon Lusk.     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)



Picnic and bike ride

Sellwood Park & riverfront

August 20, 2016 (Saturday). 

Only 6 people participated in the bike ride and only around 20 showed up for the picnic.  Most likely people were afraid of the heat, even though the bike ride was done fairly early in the morning, when the temperatures were still in the 70s and 80s.  We rode our bikes in the shade of trees much of the time.  The picnic started promptly at 11:30 and food was served by noon, just as predicted.  We were sitting in the shade of tall trees in the park.  At one point someone asked if anyone was feeling hot.  Nobody felt too hot.  It was pleasant. The food was good, and the company even better.


If a little sunshine will prevent people from coming, maybe we should skip the picnic and the bike ride next summer. What do you think? Let us know.

We crossed the new Tillikum bridge.   
 (Photo by John Davis)


We continued along the riverfront.   
 (Photo by John Davis)


About to cross the Steel bridge     
(Photo by John Davis)


After crossing the Steel bridge       (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Returning southward along the easter side of the river.   Plenty of shade!       (Photo by John Davis)


We picked a somewhat different route than in previous years. Nice views Sellwood Street.  (Photo by John Davis)


John Davis .

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Delicious potato salad prepared by Emilio's wife.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Picnic has started.  Many came later.    
 (Photo by John Davis)


Spicy and regular sausages.  The side dishes were on the far table. Desserts were on a separate table.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Notice the shade among the trees, with only spots of sunshine that kept moving around.



Rafting weekend on the Deschutes River


August 11 - 14, 2016. 

The rafting trip on the Deschutes Rive, led by Alan and Beth Paraskeva, was a success.  The weather was great and everyone had a great time. We camped out, we swam in the river.  We coasted through the calm waters and had fun in the rapids.  Lots of people this year used individual inflated kayaks in addition to the 6 or 8-person rafts..


Alex Smith guiding the raft.  Deschutes River rafting..  
 (Photo by Sandra Smith)


Look at all of our kayakers!. Lazy daze on the Deschutes River!       (Photo by Alex Smith)


Alan Paraskeva, our leader.  Rafting on the Deschutes River.  
 (Photo by Sandra Smith)


Ituko Day, Colleen Hankins, and Lenny,  rafting on the Deschutes River. 
 (Photo by Sandra Smith)


Sandra Smith on Sandy Beach, the end point of our rafting.  
 (Photo courtesy of Alex Smith)


Just some of our boats on the Deschutes River.  
 (Photo by Alex Smith)


Alan Paraskeva, our leader.  Deschutes River rafting..  
 (Photo by Alex Smith)


Bill and Tim swimming - or body surfing!     
 (Photo bySandra Smith)


Sandra Smith approaching a drop in the river.  
 (Photo by Alex Smith)


Sandra Smith.  She survived!!!.  
 (Photo by Alex Smith)


Tim, Bill, and Colleen all agree: the water was great!..  
 (Photo by Alex Smith)


Rapids approaching!   Colleen Hankins and Lenny 
 (Photo by Sandra Smith)


A little white water won't hurt anybody!  Deschutes River rafting..  
 (Photo by Sandra Smith)


The big boat made it.  How about the small one?  Deschutes River rafting.  
 (Photo by Sandra Smith)


Alex Smith cooling his heels in the water!  Deschutes River rafting trip.    (Photo by Sandra Smith)




Mt. Hood History bike ride

Barlow Road - Oregon Trail

August 6, 2016 (Saturday). 

A total of 19 people showed up for this adventure following the Oregon Trail (Barlow Road) from Barlow Pass to Rhododendron.  We started with the story of the Oregon pioneers at Barlow Pass and also visited the Pioneer Woman's grave and the Pioneer cemetery at Summit Meadows.  To save some time and energy (based on previous similar bike rides), we drove our cars for the first 3 miles, from Barlow Pass to the Trillium Lake Sno Park, and then began riding our bikes from there.


At the Pioneer Cemetery, we heard the ghost of Perry Vickers, one of the tollgate keepers, when the toll gate was located at Summit Meadows. Perry has been buried there after being shot by a horse thief.


From Government Camp, we rode our bikes (And also pushed them part of the way) following the original wagon trail Barlow Road for about a mile.


Then we crossed highway 26, taking our last opportunity to do so before a cement median barrier is installed on highway 26, and we visited Laurel Hill, the location of the steepest descent on the whole Oregon Trail.  We then crossed highway 26 one more time to get to the Pioneer Bridle Trail, and followed it through the one-horse tunnel to Kiwanis Camp Road. From there, it was an easy coasting down the hill to Rhododendron.

We assembled behind the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron, where we later had lunch.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


At Barlow Pass,
Emilio tells the Barlow Road story, and shows an artist's depiction of a wagon trail camp.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Janis Allen next to the Barlow Road sign at Barlow Pass.

(Photo by Janis Allen)


Emilio tells the story of the Oregon pioneers.

(Photo by John Davis)


We emerged from the forest onto a paved road,

Kiwanis Camp Road

(Photo by John Davis)







A water fountain, built long ago.

(Photo by John Davis)

Single file down to the highway, west of Govy..

(Photo by John Davis)



We passed by several signs indicating the original wagon trail route, aka Barlow Road

(Photo by Janis Allen)


One of the best views of Mt. Hood is seen from the old Mt. Hood highway, between Barlow Pass and the Pioneer Woman's Grave. 
 (Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Near Summit Meadows, approaching the Pioneer Cemetery on Perry Vicker's Road.

(Photo by John Davis)


Janis Allen in Government Camp, at a historical marker right across the street from the Mt. Hood Museum.

(Photo by Janis Allen)


Descending from the ridge down to highway 26, about 2 miles west of Government Camp,

just before Laurel Hill  (Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Emilio holds up the Mountain High club's "Adopt-A-Highway" sign which is currently laying on the ground until the construction on highway 26 is completed.  The sign will then be placed back where it belongs at mile marker 51.

    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


On the Pioneer Bridle Trail, across the road from Laurel Hill, approaching the one-horse tunnel.

Left to right: Moniquea Degan, Steve Hilliker, and Elaine Hilliker.

    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Moniquea Degan dismounting at the tunnel entrance

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Linda McGavin at the tunnel entrance.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Michele Gunness near the tunnel entrance

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

John Davis at the tunnel entrance.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Scott Andersen and Janis Allen  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Janice at the tollgate replica, about a mile east of Rhododendron.
  (Photo by Janis Allen)



2 bike rides with Jackie & Dick Bonillo

Neighborhood Greenway

and Bike to the Dike

July 9, 2016. (Saturday)  - Neighborhood Greenway ride

Ed Carmen from Mt. High showed up along with 6 Bergies to ride the Neighborhood Greenway ride on Saturday   We lucked out with good weather. Shawn Storey said the 30 mile ride , was the longest she has done this year and the ride was awesome.  It turned out to be a good social ride.


July 10, 2016. (Sunday) - Bike to the Dike in Troutdale.

On this day, there were Bergies who haven't ridden much this year and thought the ride was written up to be 17 miles but it actually turned out to be 21 miles.   They all enjoyed it. For several people, it was a first to see the historic Indian home and first time on that dike.

Mt. High and Bergies on Sunday's ride.    (Photo: Jackie Bonillo)




FWSA Convention

June 8 - 12, 2016. 

This year, the annual Far West Ski Association Convention was held in Scottsdale, Arizona.  As usual, ski clubs from all over the West participated.  One of the many events held at the Convention was the presentation of awards to outstanding individual and clubs.


Debbi Kor won the 2016 FWSA Hans Georg Award for her long term contribution to skiing.  This is the highest award the Far West Ski Association awards.  See details below.


Linda McGavin won the 2016 FWSA Bill Berry Hard News Award.

This award is recognition for Outstanding service to skiing by writers for the printed media in a hard article. For countless years she has edited and published the NWSCC Newsletter (distributed to 37 ski clubs in the Northwest). Also, she has edited and published NW Snowsports Guide (formerly known as the NW Skiers' Directory) for 32 years. Over the years, Linda has personally written dozens of articles for the Guide. For many years, she has been the Director of Communications for the NWSCC.

Linda McGavin with the

FWSA Bill Berry Hard News award plaque

Linda McGavin with Mary Olhausen.

Mary had prepared this custom made award, describing Linda's accomplishments in winning the BNill Berry Award



Debbi Kor won the 2016 FWSA Hans Georg Award for for distinguished accomplishment and long-term contribution to skiing.


This award is given to an individual or individuals who have contributed significant achievements to skiing, not necessarily organized skiing. It reflects a long term contribution (of at least 10 years) and is the highest award of the Far West Ski Association.


Debbi Kor has been on the Mountain High Board in various positions for over 30 years. Most of the time, she has been the Activities Director, but she has also been the newsletter editor (during the Plaza ski club days), and has been the club President since 2014. 


She has also been on the NWSCC Board for about 16 years, and has been the Far West Ski Association's VP of Marketing and Sponsorship for 14 years.




Debbi Kor receiving the award from Linda Westlund, who was the previous year's winner  ==>



Idaho bike trip 2016

CDA & Hiawatha Trails


Jun 15- 22, 2016 (Wednesday to Wednesday). 

Karen Michels organized a very flexible biking trip in the Idaho panhandle.


A total of 18 people participated, though some came late and others departed early. 


We biked the 72 miles of the paved Trail of Coeur d'Alanes across the Idaho panhandle, from the town of Mullan (near the Montana border) to the town of Plummer (near the Washington border).. 


We also did the 15 miles of the Route of the Hiawatha, which starts in Montana but most of it is in Idaho.  This unpaved trail that passes through several tunnels and over several railroad trestles.


Both traolsw used to be railroads but have now been converted to bicycle trails.


Some people biked in both directions (away from their starting point and back to it), while others shuttled their bikes and cars so they could bike the trail in only one direction.  Almost everyone did the Hiawatha trail in just the downhill direction ad took the shuttle bus back.


Along the way, we stopped and/or ate at places such as the town of Wallace, Cataldo, and the restaurant called the Snake Pit in Enaville.  We stayed 3 nights in Kellogg and 3 nights in Harrison.

Linda McGavin at the trail's eastern end. (Bruce McGavin)


The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes:  Dick Bonillo, Mike Barmache, and .Jackie Bonillo.    (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Lynn and Nancy at the Center of the Universe


In the historic town of Wallace, Idaho, just 12 miles from the Montana border, we found the Center of the Universe!


The locals explain: "It's true that we can't prove that this is indeed the center of the universe.  But you can't prove that it is not."


Linda and Emilio in Wallace    (Photo: Bruce McGavin)

Linda and Emilio in Wallace    (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Some of us had lunchj at the Blackboard Cafe in Wallace.  Here's the blackboard.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Dick Bonilloj at the Blackboard Cafe in Wallace.    (Photo: Nancy Erz)


We found a waterfall on the Idaho side of St. Paul's tunnel (aka the Taft tunnel) on the Hiawatha trail.


Jackie & Dick Bonillo, Lynne, Nancy Erz, and Mike Barmache (exiting the tunnel)


Karen Michels exiting the 1.6 miles long St. Paul tunnel (aka the Taft tunnel).


Moniquea Degan, Jackie Bailey, Terry Swan, and others exiting te long tunnel.


Bruce McGavin and Mike Barmache near the waterfall.


Just part of our group:  Dick, Jackie, Lynne, Moniquea, Nancy, Karen, and Terry.


Front: Dick & Jackie Bonillo, Lynne Phelps.  Back: Moniquea, Terry, and Nancy.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


A deer next to an interpretive trail sign on the Hiawatha trail.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


A viewpoint on the Hiawatha trail


Mike Barmache and Lynne

A chipmunk came to ask for food  (Emilio's photo)


The same chipmunk caught with Bruce's camera.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Bruce McGavin offered some food and the chipmunk briefly posed for a photo!   (Emilio's photo)


Eating from Bruce's hand.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


One of several trestles we first saw in a distance and later biked over.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Entering one of several dark tunnels.  You really need strong lights!   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


There's light at the end of the tunnel.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Emilio and Linda exiting one of the tunnels.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Nancy and Terry overlooking a railroad trestle (on which we rode later in the day).


Jacke Bailey, Nancy Erz, and Lynne, reading about the man who died here.

He perished when he panicked and jumped off of an evacuating train when the forest fire came too close.


The "Gandy Dancer" was buried here, by the side of the Hiawatha trail.


Karen Michels (our trip leader) and Nancy Erz on the Hiawatha trail


Moniquea, Lynne, Karen, Nancy, and Linda, just before another in a series of tunnels


Moniquea and Terry crossing one of the many railroad trestles along the Hiawatha trail


crossing one of the many railroad trestles along the Hiawatha trail


Jackie, Nancy, and Bruce crossing a trestle.


Bruce crossing a trestle on the Route of the Hiawatha


On the CDA Trail:   Lynne and Nancy pausing by one of the many interpretive signs along the Coeur d'Alene river.


Lynne and Emilio by the Coeur d'Alene river


We found shelter from the rain at the Cedar Grove

Lynne found these antlers at Cedar Grove


Lynne Phelps & Emilio Trampuz   (Photo: Nancy Erz)

Moose tracks!   (Photo: Nancy Erz)


One of several deer we saw

The deer eyed us cautiously.


A deer caught running away.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Moose early in the morning.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)

An osprey nest   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Sunset near Harrison.   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Sunset over Lake Coeur d'Alene, as seen from the Lakeview Lodge in Harrison.   (Photo: Nancy Erz)


Harrison park     (Photo: Nancy Erz)


Beautiful flowers

Terry and Jackie, straight out of the Snorting Elk


Lake Coeur d'Alene, west of Harrison   (Photo: Nancy Erz)


Welcome to Harrison   (Photo: Nancy Erz)


Linda McGavin crossing the Chatcolet bridge   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Chatcolet bridge   (Photo: Bruce McGavin)

Mike Barmache on Chatcolet bridge (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Linda McGavin and Lisa Bonillo by Lake Coeur d'Alene.    (Photo: Bruce McGavin)


Some of us (Lynne, Nancy, Emilio) stopped for a short ride along the Sacagawea Heritage trail in Kennewick, WA


Lynne Phelps and Emilio Trampuz by the statue of Sacagawea in Kennewick, WA.   (Photo: Nancy Erz)


Statue of Scagawea and her baby





Timberline Adventures in May 2017

May 7 and May 17, 2016 (Saturday and Tuesday). 

Several people skied at Timberline during May, sometimes dipping into the canyons, sometimes not, but always seeking terrain west of Palmer, where fewer people have skied and untouched snow can still be found.


Emilio Trampuz, Tom Rodrigues, and Linda McGavin somewhere west of Palmer

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Linda McGavin, Emilio Trampuz, Tom Rodrigues, west of the Palmer lift

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Tom Rodrigues, Linda McGavin, Bruce McGavin,
 west of the Magic Mile.  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Tom Rodrigues, Linda McGavin, Bruce McGavin,
 west of the Magic Mile.   (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Tom Rodrigues and Linda McGavin, west of Palmer.   Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Bruce McGavin above Zig Zag canyon.  
(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Bruce McGavin above Zig Zag canyon.  
(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Jon Waldum with Mississippi Head in the background.     (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Emilio Trampuz pointing at Little Zig Zag canyon.  
(Photo by Jon Waldum)


Emilio Trampuz on ridge between the two branches of Zig Zag canyon with Mt. Jefferson in the background

(Photo by Jon Waldum)


Tom Rodrigues on a ridge between the two branches of Zig Zag canyon

with Mississippi Head in the background

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)  Shot on May 7, 2016





Zig Zag canyon

April 30, 2016 (Saturday). 

Palmer chairlift opened for the season on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.  This makes it easy to make brief excursions to Zig Zag canyon.   Zig Zag has two branches, which merge into one lower down on the mountain.  We dipped into both of them for a few turns. 


One the way back to the chairlifts, we had a decision to make when we reached Little Zig Zag canyon.  If we ignored Little Zig Zag and kept traversing easyward, we would get to the bottom of the Palmer lift and could then do it all over again.  But if we skied into Little Zig Zag canyon, we would end up at the bottom of the Magic Mile lift (as long as we exited the canyon before tree-line.  We did the latter.


But then we did some more. After exiting Little Zig Zag canyon, we traversed further east.  We skipped both branches of Sand canyon, because Sand canyon would take us down to Government Camp, and there is not enough snow all the way down any more this late in the season.  But just before hitting the top of the Kruser trail, we came across one more meadow or shallow canyon, which has no name, except that in the summer it is where the Mountaineer trail goes.  Also, a lone dead tree trunk in a flat spot indicates the location of the former Timberline Cabin (which was built long before Timberline Lodge was built).  We skied that meadow, with good snow conditions, and ended up in the forest below it, which we traversed, crossed the Kruser tail, and kept traversing through the forest until we got to the bottom of the Stormin' Norman chair.  That last traverse would have been unnecessary if the JEff Flood lift was open, but Jeff Flood is now closed for the season.


The snow in the canyons was excellent.  But it was even better along the east rim of Little Zig Zag canyon, where we found perfect spring corn snow.  We tried to radio other Mountain High members who did not ski with us into the canyons, to let them know where the best snow is, but nobody responded.  Maybe they didn't have their radios turned on.

Mike Barcmache on a ridge separating the two branches of Zig Zag canyon, looking into the eastern branch.

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


Above Zig Zag canyon, lwith Illumination Rock on the left.

Lisa Miller, Bruce McGavin, Linda McGavin

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Above Zig Zag canyon, lwith Illumination Rock on the left.

Lisa Miller, Bruce McGavin, Linda McGavin

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Emilio above Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


Alan and Beth Paraskeva after exiting Little Zig Zag canyon (the white strip behind them)

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


Bruce McGavin and Lisa Miller above Mississippi Head (the big cliff in the background)

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Bruce McGavin above Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Linda McGavin)


Lisa Miller and Alan Paraskeva

(Photo by Btuce McGavin)

Lisa Miller

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Lisa, Alan, Emilio, Beth, Mike, Linda

Yes, some of the snow was in the form of wind-blown "waves", but also much of it was smooth.

(Photo by Btuce McGavin)




Little Zig Zag canyon

April 10, 2016 (Sunday). 

Within the past month (mid-March to Mid-April), we have skied from Timberline to Government Camp several times on 3 different days.  We followed the Alpine and Glade trails, and also the Blossom trail once.


This time, we skied down into Little Zig Zag canyon deeper than ever before, following the outermost safety boundary west of Timberline.  This is the farthest you can possibly go west and still be able to ski down to Government Camp. This is a newly discovered route, made possible only after Emilio thoroughly scouted it out, hiking and skiing there over a number of years..


We started with a short warm-up run into Little Zig Zag canyon, exiting it before reaching tree-line so we could get back to the lifts and do it again.  Our group consisted of 9 people on that first run.  The snow was reasonably good, but a bit frozen and hard early in the morning.  We then took a couple of other groomed runs at Timberline before returning to Little Zig Zag canyon.  This second time, about an hour later, the snow had softened up just right and it was perfect.  Not everyone wanted to ski all the way to Government Camp, so our group shrank to just 6 people. 


We had a blast skiing down Little Zig Zag canyon, and then a little bit of skiing through the openings in the forest on skier's left of the canyon. But, in the end, we had to climb a bit to cross Sand canyon and then traverse a bit to reach the Glade trail.  From then on, it was just coasting downhill to Govy.  Just before the end of the Glade trail, we ran into a patch where the snow had completely melted to the ground and we had to remove our skis and walk across that patch.


It was fun, but it might have been the last time skiing to Govy this year. From now till the end of May, we will focus more on the higher slopes west of the Magic Mile and Palmer lifts.  That includes skiing into Zig Zag and Little Zig Zag canyons. Come join us every Saturday from April 23 to May 28.

Geting ready for the first dip into Little Zig Zag canyon.

Karen Michels, Sylvia Kearns, Marie McLean, Lisa Miller, Emilio Trampuz, Kay Kinyon, Linda McGavin, George Yun.

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


A warm-up run on Pucci and later on Uncle Jon's Band

George Yun, Kurt Wilke, Linda McGavin, Kay Kinyon, Emilio Trampuz    (Photo by Lisa Miller)


Warm-up run, on Pucci Main run, just below Timberline Lodge.

Emilio, Kurt W., Linda, Kay, George.    (Photo by Lisa Miller)


Emilio pointing at the canyon entrance

(Photo by Linda McGavin)

Emilio, Linda, Lisa, Kay, George

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Our first (shorter) run into Little Zig Zag canyon

George, Karen, Kay (behind Karen), Linda, Emilio, Kurt W., Marie, Sylvia

    (Photo by Lisa Miller)


Pause for a photo opportunity, with Mt. Hood in the background.
  (Photo by Linda McGavin)


Looking down Little Zig Zag canyon.   Mt. Hood Skibowl is visible in the distance.

Kay (at the left edge), Emilio, Linda McG, Kurt Wilke.   (Photo by Lisa Miller)


Orange arrow and ribbons indicate the place to exit Little Zig Zag canyon.

George Yun pretending he fell into a tree well, and Emilio "rescuing" him.

In the background, Linda, Kay, and Kurt W.    (Photo by Lisa Miller)


George Yun attacking the steep canyon wall.
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


George Yun descending the steep canyon wall.
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Linda McGavin, followed by Kay Kinyon.
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Kurt Wilke, followed by Lisa Miller - who is getting some air.
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Kurt Wilke, followed by Lisa Miller.
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Emilio, Kurt and John
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Near the end of the Glade trail.  The melted snow reminds us the season is close to the end.

Lisa, Linda, Kay, Kurt, George.    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


We will continue to do these "Timberline Adventures" almost every Saturday through the rest of April and May.

Come join us!  Meet us at 9 am near the ski check just outside the Day lodge at Timberline,

or at 8 am when the lifts start operating an hour earlier.



Crystal Mt. trip

March 18 - 20, 2016 (Friday - Sunday). 

Our last bus trip of the season.  36 people participated. The weather was good on Saturday and early Sunday, but around lunch time, it started snowing.  IT was wet snow which gradually turned to rain, so we decided to leave the ski area early, by 1:00 pm, which brought us back to Portland 3 hours earlier than originally planned.  Most of us got home before dark.


A special treat was that John Andrew and his son Jack, who live in Renton, WA, came to ski with us on Saturday.  John Andrew is on a mission to ski all of North American ski areas. We wrote about him in Lift Lines about a year or two ago, and John and his wife Jewel have formally joined our club.  John says he is "proud to be a card carrying member of the Mountain HIgh Snowsport Club. 


There are over 700 ski areas in all of the United States and Canada, and John has skied 528 so far.  An article about him appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 21, 2016.  See it here.


John is now 84 years old and skied on groomed terrain.  His son Jack went into ungroomed snow with several of our club members.  He knows the mountain well and Kay Kinyon said he was impressed by Jack's knowledge, his skill as a skier, and his great ability to inform and guide people.


Julie Yang, Jackie Bailey, and Debbie Geiger waited for us at a Safeway in Vancouver. (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Unloading the bus on arrival Saturday morning.
    (Photo by John Andrew)


Kurt Krueger,   Emilio Trampuz, Kay Kinyon, Jack Andrew  
   (Photo by John Andrew)


Kurt Krueger,  John Andrew, Kay Kinyon, Jack Andrew.
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Karl Kunkle, Kurt Krueger,  Emilio Trampuz, Kay Kinyon, John Andrew, Jack Andrew.. 


Emilio, Kurt and John
    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Kurt Krueger and John Andrew


Emilio Trampuz, John Andrew, an Kurt Krueger   


John Andrew
  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


John Andrew
  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


John Andrew

John Andrew.


John Andrew
  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Lunch: Buzz Lindahl, Jack Andrew, Bruce McGavin,  Kay Kinyon.   (Photo by Linda McGavin)


Crystal - mid-mountain: Chinook Express and Rainier Express.   
   (Photo by Dave Myers)


Colleen Myers and Debbie Geiger   
   (Photo by Dave Myers)


Debbie Geiger and Colleen Myers when it started snowing on Sunday/   
   (Photo by Dave Myers)


Lunch at the Campbell Lodge.
    (Photo by Emilio)

Bruce, Dick, Buzz, Debbie


Bruce, Dick, Buzz, Debbie

Buzz, Debbie, Terry, Scott


Kurt Krueger & John Andrew    (Photo: Emilio Trampuz)

Kurt Krueger & John Andrew    (Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


JJ Nelson, Cher Hinerman, and John Andrew
  (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


John Andrew & Ron Neve    (Photo: Emilio Trampuz)

John Andrew & Ron Neve    (Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Aaron Finger at Crystal Mt..    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Kurt Krueger at Crystal Mt..    (Photo by Emilio Trampuz)




Day at Timberline

Glade Trail & Alpine Trail

March 6, 2016 (Sunday). 

What a fantastic day!  It was warm and rainy the day before (Saturday), but Sunday turned out cold and powdery, with a soft "carpet" of fresh powder covering everything.  The snow was dry.  Conditions were perfect.  We skied down the Glade Trail all the way to Government Camp, where we took the Mt. Hood Express bus back to Timberline (for just $2).


Then we skied all over Timberline and found some good powder there.  Finally, at the end of the day, Walt and Emilio decided to try to Alpine Trail.  We were a bit worried that the snow at lower elevations might turn heavy and wet, but it didn't. Everything was perfectly skiable and bvery enjoyable.   Even the usual long flat run out near the end of the Alpine Trail turned out not to be so flat, mainly because there simply wasn't enough snow to cover and smooth out all dips in the terrain. We skied through the ""flats" faster than ever before, because there was a more or less steady incline. Perfect ending to a perfect day! 

Walt Blomberhg, Moniquea Degan, Gebbie Geiger, Kurt Wilke, and Gary Olsen (sorry about cutting you off, Gary)
at the start of the day at Timberline


Emilio Trampuz, Moniquea Degan, Gary Olsen, Walt Blomberg on the Glade Trail    (Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Glade trail with a fresh layer of powder and only 2 sets of tracks before us.    (Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Kurt Wilke on the Glade Trail.    (Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Gary Olsen and Debbie Geiger on Glade Trail


Debbie, Walt, and Emilio

on the Glade Trail.

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Debbie Geiger walking from the end of the Glade Trail to the Mt. Hood Express bus in Government Camp.

  (Photo by Kurt Wilke)


March 12, 2016 (Saturday).  -  Alpine & Blossom trails

Another great day.  There was more fresh snow on the ground, but it was a bit heavier in places. Interestingly, the snow got easier to ski the closer we came to Government Camp. In some places, at lower elevations, the snow was wetter, even soaked in rain, but that just made it slicker and easier to ski on.   Only Lisa Miller showed up.  Where were the others?

We skied all 3 ways from Timberline to Government Camp:  the Alpine, Blossom, and Glade trails, in addition to skiing all over Timberline.  For uphill transportation, we used the Mt. Hood Express bus (just $2 a ride) as well as our own cars.





Lisa Miller on the Alpine Trail.

(Photos by Emilio Trampuz)



Emilio on Alpine Trail

  (Photo by Lisa Miller)

Emilio on the Blossom Trail

  (Photo by Lisa Miller)




Montana trip

February 21 - 27, 2016. 

We visited 3 ski areas in southwest Montana:  the Montana Snowbowl (near Missoula), Discovery ski area (near Philipsburg) and Lost Trail Powder Mountain (near Hamilton).  There were 25 trip participants.  We didn't get fresh powder, but we had 5 days of sunshine instead.  And we managed to find some good powder on north-facing slopes and in the trees, where the snow was sheltered from the sun.


The Discovery ski area won the most votes for favorite among the three, but Lost Trail was a close second, and the Montana Snowbowl also won several votes.


At Discovery, we felt especially welcome.  Their sales manager Kris Smith, greeted us upon arrival in Philipsburg, where she had arranged for a beer and cheese pairing at the Philipsburg Brewing Company.  Discovery's owner, Ciche Pitcher, offered us a tour of some of the hidden gems on the mountain.  This included some tree skiing in a hidden corner that we might not have found on our own.  The tour also included a visit to Russell's trail, labeled as a triple black diamond.  Only 8 of us went there, in the hopes that we might actually ski the triple-black run, but in the end most of us decided to ski around it.  Only Ciche himself and Bruce McGavin actually skied the triple black, a steep and relatively narrow wooded area.

Montana Snowbowl day lodge  (Photo: Karen Michels)


Montana Snowbowl view from the top.   (Photo: Karen Michels)


Montana Snowbowl - top of the highest chairlift    (Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Montana Snowbowl - group photo.    (Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Montana Snowbowl - Bill Hughes, Linda & Bruce McGavin, Paula Minear, Scott Kelley.    (Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Linda & Bruce McGavin

Bill Hughes and Kay Kinyon


Emilio     (Photo:
Tom Rodrigues)

Linda McGavin making announcements on the bus.

Or was she telling a joke?

(Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Hat was provided by Rich Horner


Kay Kinyon telling a joke

Walt Stanton and Kris Mazurkiewicz


Discovery ski area.

Pat Barry, Russ Stanton, Ken Krietz, Ron Neve, Walt Stanton, Paula Minear

(Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Discovery ski area.

Ron Neve, Paula Minear, Phil Mant (on snowboard), Pat Barry, Walt Stanton, Ken Krietz, Russ Stanton

(Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Ron Neve, Paula Minear, Pat Barry

Ron Neve


Paula Minear

Discovery ski area


The Inn at Philipsburg, our bus, and Discovery

Ken Krietz, Paula Minear, Pat Barry


At "Tommy Knockers" in Philipsburg

At "Tommy Knockers" in Philipsburg


At "Tommy Knockers" in Philipsburg


At "Tommy Knockers" in Philipsburg

Kurt Krueger and Colleen Myers at Discovery


Ten intrepid skiers visit "Russell" run at Discovery - a triple black diamond!

Russ Stanton, John Davis, Scott Andersen, Tom Rodrigues, Kay Kinyon, Bruce McGavin, Linda MCGavin,

Scott Kelley, Kurt Krueger, Emilio Trampuz


Bruce McGavin, Ciche Pitcher, and John Davis looking over the edge at the Russell slope


Bruce McGavin on Russell's

Ciche Pitcher on Russell's


Ciche Pitcher (Discovery's owner) points out some interesting spots on the mountain.


Ciche Pitcher (Discovery's owner)
shows some more good places to ski.



Double-black slopes on Discovery's back side.

"Good Finger" on the right.

Our small group in the middle.

(Photo: John A. Davis)

Tree on "Winning Ridge" at Discovery

(Photo: Rich Horner)

Lunch break on the deck at Discovery

Paula, Pat, Steve Drimmel, Tom Rodrigues

(Photo: Rich Horner)


Emilio, Ron Neve, Scott Kelley at Tommy Knockers

in Philipsburg.   (Photo: Pat Barry)

Philipsburg Brewing Co. - beer & cheese pairing

Ron, Kurt, Rich (behind map), Steve  (Photo: Colleen Myers)


Group photo at Lost Trail Powder Mountain  (on the Idaho side).   
(Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


Group photo at Lost Trail Powder Mountain  (on the Idaho side)


Lost Trail Powder Mountain:    Phil Mant and Emilio Trampuz near the day lodge.


Phil Mant at Lost Trail, enjoying the trees.


Paula Minear participating in human slalom at Lost Trail.   Pat, Ken, and Russ in the background.)


John Davis at Lost Trail  
(Photo: Bruce McGavin)

Emilio Trampuz at Lost Trail,

on the far right of the trail map,

on the Montana side


Packing the bus at Lost Trail

Moniquea Degan in the foreground

Karen Michels carrying her skis back to the bus

at Lost Trail Powder Mountain


Pat Barry and Paula Minear

Colleen & Dave Myers


Scott Andersen and Moniquea Degan

Kay, Ron, Kurt, Bill, Russ


Kerry Wilson, our bus driver

Kay & Tom at Higherground Brewery, Hamilton MT


Lunch at Lost Trail - Kay, Tom, Phil, Bruce.

(Photo: Rich Horner)

Powder at Lost Trail Powder Mt.

(Photo: Rich Horner)


Rich Horner   
(Photo: Rich Horner)

Ice sculptures at Lost Trail.  (Photo: Rich Horner)


Steve Drimmel in powder.  (Photo: Rich Horner)

Steve Drimmel and Linda McGavin

(Photo: Rich Horner)


Kurt Krueger, Linda & Bruce McGavin, Kay Kinyon, Steve Drimmel, Tom Rodrigues at Lost Trail

(Photo: Rich Horner)


Kay, Kurt, and Bruce at Lost Trail

(Photo: Rich Horner)

Loading the bus one last time.

Good-bye to Lost Trail


Karen Michels getting off the bus at Skalkaho Steakhouse.  Our last dinner in Montana.


Sklakaho Steakhouse - entertaining family business


Skalkaho Steakhouse.  This used to be the family's living room, now a restaurant


Skalkaho Steakhouse.  The word "Skalkaho" means "Many Trails" in the Salish language.  
(Photo: Emilio Trampuz)


See more Montana photos in our Photobucket album at:





Chocolate Party

February 13, 2016. 

Our annual Chocolate party is usually held around Valentine's Day.  We enjoy some appetizers, some wine, followed by the chocolate desserts.  People bring their own home-made chocolate desserts, and prizes are given for the most choclaty (the most decadent),  the most creative, and the lightest and healthiest dessert.

This year, the party was hosted by Lisa and Harry Scribner.  Everybody had a sweet time!

Lisa Scribner and Joanne Lindberg

Lisa Scribner, Mark Creevey, and Dick Foss


Lisa Scribner and Karen Michels

Just some of the appetizers (after half were already gone)


Dinae Adkin and Bob Raemer

Debbi Kor and Mary Olhausen



Chris Moon, Joanne Lindberg, Debbi Kor, and Linda McGavin


Dbbi Kor announces the winners


Lisa Scribner and Kurt Krueger

Linda McGavin


Joanne Lindberg

Chris Moon and Lisa Scribner



Mt. High Ski Day at Mt. Hood Skibowl

February 13, 2016. 

Very few people showed up at Mt. Hood Skibowl on this day, but those who did had a great time.  We had some sunshine and some fresh snow.  After skiing, some of us went to the Chocolate party.

John Davis, Kurt Wilke, and Emilio Trampuz on the Multorpor side of Skibowl   (Photo: John Davis)


Kurt Wilke at Mt. Hood Skibowl


John Davis and Kurt Wilke at Skibowl

Emilio, John, and Kurt W. at Skibowl




Canada trip (Silver Star & Sun Peaks)

January 24-30, 2016. 

This turned out to be a multi-club trip.  IT was originally planned as a joint Bergfreunde and Mt. High trip, but it also attracted individuals form several other clubs, including Cascade, Cascade Prime Timers, Mt. Hood Ski Kats, Altair, and Schnee Vogeli.  A total of 38 people joined us on this adventure to British Columbia.  We spent 3 days and nights at Silver Star and 2 days and 3 nights at Sun Peaks.

Starting the day at Silver Star


Our first day at Silver Star was sunny

A small part of our group at Silver Star   (Photo: Lisa Miller)


This was less than half of our group, near the top of the Powder Gulch express (on Silver Star's back side)




Jackie Bailey and Terry Swan with a buried snowman

(Photo:  Kurt Wilke)

Emilio in the middle of the Three Wise Men trail,
an ungroomed black on the back side of
Silver Star


Apres ski party in one of our condos at Silver Star


Karen Michels and Bob Burns

Sign in the Out-of-Bounds cafe at Silver Star


Eight intrepid skiers at the top of challenging Alder Point (at Silver Star)


Visiting the "Sniffle Station" at Silver Star - Kurt Wilke and Jackie Bailey


On Australia Day, Silver Star was suddenly full of Aussies. Or kangaroos! Complete with babies in their pouches.


Some of our ladies at Sun Peaks   (Photo: Karen Michels)


Many of us participated in a fondue dinner and then skied back down to the village in the dark.  (Photo: Karen Michels)


 Terry Swan & Itsuko Day   (Photo: Karen Michels)

Walt Blomberg at the fondue dinner


Mt. High Pizza sign at Sun Peaks

(Photo: Lisa Miller)

At the fondue party

(Photo: M.)




Tom Wier and Cheryl Groth

(Photo: Rich Horner)



Part of our large group skiing at Sun Peaks   (Photo: M)


The village at Sun Peaks   (Photo: M)


Sandra and Robert at Sun Peaks   (Photo: M)


Sunset at Sun Peaks. We are on our way to the Fondue dinner at the top of the mountain.   (Photo: M)




Snow at Sun Peaks   (Photo: M)




Cheryl Groth at Sun Peaks   (Photo: Rich Horner)


Sun Peaks  (Photo: Rich Horner)

Marie McLean on Mt. Morrisey  (Photo: Rich Horner)


Marie McLean and Rich Horner on Mt. Morrisey at Sun Peaks  (Photo: Rich Horner)


Karen, Rich, Marie, and Jackie on Mt. Morrisey at Sun Peaks

with a view of Mt. Tod and Sundance in the background


Marie, Rich, and Karen on Mt. Morrisey  (Sun Peaks)    - (Photo: Rich Horner)




Stevie Viaene at Sun Peaks   (Photo: Rich Horner)

Hot tub at Silver Star (Chilcoot Lodge)

(Photo:  Stevie Viaene)


A group of us on the "Ca M'a Fait Plaisir" ("This gives me pleasure") trail at Sun Peaks


Kurt Wilke and Lisa Miller photographic decorated Christmas trees at Sun Peaks




Lunch at the Spaghetti Factory in Abbotsford, BC, on the drive back to Oregon.







January 10, 2016 (Sunday).  - At Mt. Hood Skibowl.



  This is what PACRAT racing is like

 fun, fun, fun!





Working hard in ski boots!


Geoeff Mihalko says:

If you think it's hard to walk in ski boots,

try doing it with a full keg!!

Thank you, David Lederfine for your generous donation!


David Lederfine replies:

 It's my pleasure. .. I love being a part of such a spirited group...



Awesome Ales is a proud sponsor of

PACRAT racing.



Phlox Point Cabin

January 2016. 

During early January at Timberline, several of us warmed ourselves in the newly opened Phlox Point cabin, which serves tacos, beer, and hot chocolate. It has both indoor and outdoor seating.  Some of us visited there on Thursday, January 7th, and then again on Saturday, January 16.

The forecast for Saturday was for windy with gusts up to 50 mph, but instead, it was almost totally calm, with some light snow from time to time.

Both indoor and outdoor seating.

Debbie Geiger, Gary Olsen, Kurt Wilke


There is a warm fireplace both inside and outside.

Debbie Geiger, Gary Olsen, Emilio Trampuz



Both indoor and outdoor seating.

In some past years, there was so much snow that most of the cabin was covered by snow and people had to enter it through the small door at the top of the outside ladder.

Look for this sign soon after you get off of West Leg Road and onto Walt's Baby


There is a warm fireplace inside.



Christmas Ships Parade

December 15, 2015 (Tuesday). 

21 people gathered at Joe's Crab Shack in Vancouver to watch the Christmas Ships parade. Everyone had a good time at this relaxed social event.











Early season skiing

Several days listed here. Keep scrolling down!

NOTE:     This is a very strong El Niño season.   We got lots of good snow!

It looks like a strong El Niño is better for the Northwest than a weak El Niño,

which typically brings dryer and warmer weather.

December 6, 2015 (Sunday). 

First day on the slopes this season.  With only about 25" of snow on the ground (about 2 or 3" of fresh snow on top), only Bruno's, Pucci, and Stormin' Norman lifts were open.  But it was plenty to get some exercise, breathe the fresh mountain air, and get our ski legs back in shape. Amazingly, the parking lot was absolutely full! Lots of people decided to make this their first day on the snow.  The day started off windy and snowy, but then the wind quieted, the snow stopped, and the sun came out!  Wow!  Good day!

Karen Michels at Timberline


December 13, 2015 (Sunday). 

Saturday was stormy and brought 14 inches of snow to Timberline.  We showed up on Sunday morning, and the storm had died down. There was an inch or two of fresh snow on the ground on top of the earlier snow that had been groomed overnight. The snow was powdery. The skiing was excellent.  All the lifts below the lodge were open, including Molly's express and the Jeff Flood Express.  The winter season is now in full swing. 

There is so much snow on the mountain that Emilio's car got stuck in deep snow when parking for just 5 minutes in front of the Mt. Hood Museum in Government Camp.  He had to dig his car out with a shovel.

Kurt Wilke and Marie McLean

Kurt Wilke, Marie McLean, and Emilio Trampuz


Marie McLean, Emilio    (Photo: Kurt W.)

Kurt Wilke, Marie McLean, Emilio    (Photo: Kurt W.)


Kurt Wilke, Marie McLean, and Emilio Trampuz





George Yun went to Whistler

and spent a week skiing there.

See below.



December 25, 2015 (Friday). 

Finally, a sunny day, after weeks of snow storms!  Perfect Christmas day!  Great snow!  What's not to like?  Where is everyone else?  We've been announcing this in our club's Forums, on the TRIPS page on our web site, as well as through emails sent to the whole club.  And yet, only 3 people showed up at any of the December dates announced so far!  Come join us!!!!  We'll do it again on Monday (Dec. 28), and then again on Friday (January 1).

Emilio Trampuz,  Karen Michels, and Kurt Wilke on the Wy'East and West Run trails.   (Photo: Kurt Wilke)


Emilio and Karen on Christmas Day on the Wy'east and West Run trails.    (Photo: Kurt Wilke)



December 28, 2015 (Monday) at Mt. Hood Skibowl

A somewhat foggy but calm day at Mt. Hood Skibowl.  Present were Kurt Wilke, Marie McLean, Karen Michels, and Emilio Trampuz.  We also ran into Janis Allen and skied a few runs with her.

Emilio at lunch-time next to the Skibow-East lodge.    (Photo: Kurt Wilke)


Emilio, Marie, Kurt and Karen at lunch-time next to the Skibowl-East lodge.



First half of December 2015.   George at Whistler.

George Yun spent a week skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb.  He posted the following pictures in the Mid-Week skiing Forum.   He said: "Skied 7 days straight, partied at Dublin's until closing, got up and skied POW until 2pm, home at midnight and now I'm at work sucking caffeine by the jug ...the best early season skiing EVER!"

George Yun skiing at Whistler

George Yun skiing at Whistler


George Yun skiing at Whistler

George Yun feeding the birds at Whistler



Mountain High display cabinet at the Mt. Hood Museum


October 2015.  (See November updates below.)


The Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center in Government Camp has offered us a space for a display cabinet for our club.  We accepted the offer.


Bruce Kuper found the cabinet, purchased it, and worked to add locks and glass shelves to it.


Several of our Board members then started working on finding items to display in it.  So far, we have several contributions from Debbi Kor, Linda McGavin, Kurt Krueger, and Emilio Trampuz.  It's still a work in progress and we sill be adding to the cabinet over the next few months.


A sign inside the cabinet explains a bit of the club's history. It tells how the Mountain High club was the result of the merging of the Plaza and EdgeSet ski clubs.


In addition to our history, we are also displaying some items that have to do with current club activities. For example, we have posted a Ski Fair flyer and a flyer for the upcoming Mountain High Kickoff Party.


We are also planning to add a digital photo frame that will automatically play back a continuous loop of photos and/or videos about our club.


Come check it out next time you are in Government Camp.  The Museum is located just a couple of houses up the main road from Huckleberry Inn.  It's on the other side of the road from Huckleberry Inn, and it is right next door to The Taco Shoppe.


Admission to the Museum is free. 



Our display cabinet was updated by Debbi Kor in November 2015.

Also, Bruce Kuper fixed some of the shelves and the electric wiring and lighting.

Here is our display case on the right, and the Skiyente Ski Club's case on the left.

(Photographer: Bruce Kuper)


Upper shelves


Lower shelves


The updated display case.

We will continue to update it from time to time.

Come check it out.

(Photographer: Bruce Kuper)


Close up view of the top most shelf.

Remember that the Mountain High club is a product of the merger between the Plaza Ski Club and

the EdgeSet Ski Club, which occurred in the year 2000.    (Photographer: Bruce Kuper)




Mt. High 2015/16 Season Kickoff Party

November 12, 2015 (Thursday). 

Our annual season Kickoff party was held, as usual, at Gra Gables Estate in Milwaukie.  This year, we had only about 75 people show up, which is fewer than normal.  Still, it was a great event.  People renewed their memberships, signed up for trips and for PACRAT racing.  There were door prizes, free food, and good company.  We showed two short videos, one about PACRAT racing and one about our club in general.


Karen Michels & Nancy Erz staffed the registration table

Sylvia Kearns, current NWSCC President


Andy Hobart & Bruce Kuper talk about PACRAT racing

Andy Hobart & Bruce Kuper.


Just a small part of the audience

Debbi Kor & Sylvia Kearns give door prize to Ron Neve.


Samy Fouts also won a door prize

Scott Stepan examines his door prize.


Debbi Kor makes announcements

Food was served bufffet style



NWSCC Ski Fair

November 9, 2015 (Monday). 

The annual Ski Fair, usually held the day after the Portland Ski Fever & Snowvboard Show closes, brought together local ski clubs and local ski areas.  The booth decorating theme was "Let It Snow", and our Mountain High booth won the title of best decorated booth.  We heard that the judging was close, but what tipped the scales in our favor were the cookies and hot apple cider we were serving to everyone who visited our booth.

Our booth was decorated by Karen Michels, Emilio Trampuz and Kurt Krueger.

A little later, Debbi Kor brought her home-made cookies, and Edie Martinelli brought the apple cider.

A little later, Debbie Thomas (a.k.a. "Black Diamond Debi") also helped to staff the booth.


A detail of our booth decoration


Mary Olhausen - main organizer of the Ski Fair

Linda McGavin organized the Silent Auction.


Tanis Black, sales representative for Silver Star

Sylvia Kearns, NWSCC President


Sylvia Kearns greets the exhibitors

Silent Auction


Sally Niedemeyer and John Reinhard

Chris Ciardi and Sandra Smith



Silent auction


Linda McGavin and Tonya Voss




Sun Valley booth


Bergfreunde Club booth


PACRAT Racing booth

Sheri Parshall


Dale Parshall and Russ Stanton

PACRAT booth


Sue Rimkeit, Cascade Prime Timers Club

Ben Jacklet,  Shred Hood founder and ediitor


Big White booth

Skiyente Ski Club booth


Lisa Warzyn

Timberline booth


Goal Zero booth

Sylvia Kearns makes announcements


How many of these people can you identify?

Andy Hobart and Lisa Warzyn


Amanda Moran and Andy Hobart draw the prizes

Door prizes


Andy Hobart and Sheri Parshall

Andy Hobart and Sheri Parshall


Sheri Parshall hands out prize to Shawn Storey

Shawn has her hands and mouth full!!!!


Sheri Parshall and Shawn Storey

Bob Lawrence wins a raffle prize


Andy Hobart congratulates Bob Lawrence

Mt. Hood Ski Patrol booth


Schnee Vogeli Ski Club booth

Jan Siverts Smith


John Hanson and Karen Norton at the Skibowl booth

Mountain High club booth was busy


Karen Michels, Debbie Thomas, and Kurt Krueger staffed our booth.


Karen Michels, Debbie Thomas, and Kurt Krueger in the Mountain High booth.


Emilio Trampuz and Debbi Kor

Notice the hot apple cider and the box of cookies on the right side of the table.




Warren Miller: dinner and a movie night

October 23, 2015 (Friday). 

Over 50 of our members came to see the movie, and about 35 came to the pre-movie dinner at the Hop City Tavern in the Hilton Hotel building, just a block away from the movie theater. It was a good time to socialize.

Dinner and drinks at the Hop City Tavern

(Photo by John Davis)


Dinner and drinks at the Hop City Tavern.  Two rows of tables were reserved for us.

(Photo by John Davis)


Three rows of seats att the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall were reserved for us.   
(Photo by John Davis)


Moniquea at the theater.

(Photo by John Davis)


See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish and Photobucket Photo Albums

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Photobucket doesn't require signing in to view the photos.

Also, see a lot more about our club activities on our Videos page.


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