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2014/2015 Mt. High Photos


2014 / 2015 Photos


Oct.-Nov.2015:  Mt. High Display Cabinet

Nov. 12, 2015:   Kickoff Party

Nov.   9, 2015:   Ski Fair

Oct. 23, 2015:    Warren Miller night

Oct. 21, 2015:    NWSCC meeting

Oct. 17, 2015:    Highway Cleanup

Oct. 04, 2015:    Timothy Lake bike ride

Oct. 03, 2015:    Seafood Party  

Sept. 19. 2015: Trllium Lake bike ride

Aug. 22, 2015:   Picnic (40th anniversary)

June 27, 2015:  Naked bike ride

April 17, 2015:   Rat Attack

March 15, 215:  PACRAT race

Mar. 1-6, 2015:  Whitefish trip (& Fernie)

Feb. 26, 2015:   Pizza Party

Feb. 14, 2015:   Chocolate Party

Feb. 8-10,2015: Montana fam trip

Nov. 20, 2014:   Kickoff Party

Nov. 17, 2014:   NWSCC Ski Fair

Nov. 14-16, 2014: Ski Fever Show

Oct. 24, 2014: Warren Miller dinner + movie





For an overview of one full year of the club's activities,

click on the 2014 Photos in the column on the right.


See how to post photos/videos to our web site, on the Articles page under "Technology".

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Snapfish - where you can also order prints, mugs, CDs, etc..

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Older Photos

Ski trips & Social events  Selected past trip and event photos.


2014 photos. Ski Fair, Ski Show, Warren Miller, Seafood, Salmon Headwaters Cleanup, Rafting, Picnic, History bike tour, Bike to Dike, ride, Row River - Dorena Lake, Champoeg, Hy. cleanup, NWSCC 35th anniversary, FWSA Convention in Bend, Silver Falls hike, Timberline adventures, Rat Attack, Chocolate party, Ski the Glade Trail Day, Mt. Bachelor bus trip, North Idaho trip (Schweitzer, Lookout Pass, Silver Mt.) Kickoff party.

2013 photos. Hwy. cleanup, MHSP Ski Swap - Kurt Krueger, FWSA Safety Person of the Year, Picnic & Bike ride, Tunnel Falls hike, Banks-Vernonia bike ride, History bike ride, Frosted Flakes girls poster, Ramona Falls hikr, Timberline sidecountry Zig Zag, Pond skimming, Canada (Whitewater, Red. Mt.) Pizza Party, Utah trip (Powder Mt.),  Hoodoo day trip ,PACRAT Race 3 Skibowl, Cosmic tubing, Skibowl day trip, Chocolate party, Idaho trip, Mt. Hood Meadows day trip, Mt. High Kickoff Party, Ski Fair

2012 photos. Hwy. cleanup, Barlow Road Ride, Rafting, Picnic, Cycle Oregon, Timberline canyons, Newton canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Pizza party, Meadows, ISHA, Bachelor Blast, Mystery trip to Shasta & Ashland, Movie night, Utah Powder Mt., Snowbasin, PACRAT race, Chocolate party, FWSA Jackson Hole, Anthony Lakes, Bib decorating, Washington park hike, Ski Fair, Ski Show. .

2011 photos. Hikes, Golf, Rafting, Cycle Oregon, Cycle Idaho, Highway cleanup, Seafood party, Chocolate party, Life Flight, Scotty & Mer'a wedding, Movie Night, Leavenworth trip, Crystal Mt., Bib decorating party, Rat Attack.

2010 photos. Hope on the Slopes, Fernie trip, Mystery trip to Willamette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, Picnic, Rafting, Hikes, Highway cleanup, NWSCC 30th Anniversary, etc..

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.

2008 photos Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack, Pizza Party, Rafting, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows

2007 photos 4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.

2006 photos Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic

2005 photos 3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt., Crystal Mt.;

2004 photos 2nd Canada Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social;


See a 6-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done in a single year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High Club 2011-2012".


Mountain High display cabinet at the Mt. Hood Museum


October 2015.  (See November updates below.)


The Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center in Government Camp has offered us a space for a display cabinet for our club.  We accepted the offer.


Bruce Kuper found the cabinet, purchased it, and worked to add locks and glass shelves to it.


Several of our Board members then started working on finding items to display in it.  So far, we have several contributions from Debbi Kor, Linda McGavin, Kurt Krueger, and Emilio Trampuz.  It's still a work in progress and we sill be adding to the cabinet over the next few months.


A sign inside the cabinet explains a bit of the club's history. It tells how the Mountain High club was the result of the merging of the Plaza and EdgeSet ski clubs.


In addition to our history, we are also displaying some items that have to do with current club activities. For example, we have posted a Ski Fair flyer and a flyer for the upcoming Mountain High Kickoff Party.


We are also planning to add a digital photo frame that will automatically play back a continuous loop of photos and/or videos about our club.


Come check it out next time you are in Government Camp.  The Museum is located just a couple of houses up the main road from Huckleberry Inn.  It's on the other side of the road from Huckleberry Inn, and it is right next door to The Taco Shoppe.


Admission to the Museum is free. 



Our display cabinet was updated by Debbi Kor in November 2015.

Also, Bruce Kuper fixed some of the shelves and the electric wiring and lighting.

Here is our display case on the right, and the Skiyente Ski Club's case on the left.

(Photographer: Bruce Kuper)


Upper shelves


Lower shelves


The updated display case.

We will continue to update it from time to time.

Come check it out.

(Photographer: Bruce Kuper)


Close up view of the top most shelf.

Remember that the Mountain High club is a product of the merger between the Plaza Ski Club and

the EdgeSet Ski Club, which occurred in the year 2000.    (Photographer: Bruce Kuper)




Mt. High 2015/16 Season Kickoff Party

November 12, 2015 (Thursday). 

Our annual season Kickoff party was held, as usual, at Gra Gables Estate in Milwaukie.  This year, we had only about 75 people show up, which is fewer than normal.  Still, it was a great event.  People renewed their membeships, signed up for trips and for PACRAT racing.  There were door prizes, free food, and good company.  We showed two short videos, one about PACRAT ravcng and one about our club in general.


Kare Michels & Nancy Erz staffed the registration table

Sylvia Kearns, current NWSCC President


Andy Hobart & Bruce Kuper talk about PACRAT racing

Andy Hobart & Bruce Kuper.


Just a small part of the audience

Debbi Kor & Sylvia Kearns give door prize to Ron Neve.


Samy Fouts also won a door prize

Scott Stepan examines his door prize.


Debbi Kor makes announcements

Food was served bufffet style



NWSCC Ski Fair

November 9, 2015 (Monday). 

The annual Ski Fair, usually held the day after the Portland Ski Fever & Snowvboard Show closes, brought together local ski clubs and local ski areas.  The booth decorating theme was "Let It Snow", and our Mountain High booth won the title of best decorated booth.  We heard that the judging was close, but what tipped the scales in our favor were the cookies and hot apple cider we were serving to everyone who visited our booth.

Our booth was decorated by Karen Michels, Emilio Trampuz and Kurt Krueger.

A little later, Debbi Kor brought her home-made cookies, and Edie Martinelli brought the apple cider.

A little later, Debbie Thomas (a.k.a. "Black Diamond Debi") also helped to staff the booth.


A detail of our booth decoration


Mary Olhausen - main organizer of the Ski Fair

Linda McGavin organized the Silent Auction.


Tanis Black, sales representative for Silver Star

Sylvia Kearns, NWSCC President


Sylvia Kearns greets the exhibitors

Silent Auction


Sally Niedemeyer and John Reinhard

Chris Ciardi and Sandra Smith



Silent auction


Linda McGavin and Tonya Voss




Sun Valley booth


Bergfreunde Club booth


PACRAT Racing booth

Sheri Parshall


Dale Parshall and Russ Stanton

PACRAT booth


Sue Rimkeit, Cascade Prime Timers Club

Ben Jacklet,  Shred Hood founder and ediitor


Big White booth

Skiyente Ski Club booth


Lisa Warzyn

Timberline booth


Goal Zero booth

Sylvia Kearns makes announcements


How many of these people can you identify?

Andy Hobart and Lisa Warzyn


Amanda Moran and Andy Hobart draw the prizes

Door prizes


Andy Hobart and Sheri Parshall

Andy Hobart and Sheri Parshall


Sheri Parshall hands out prize to Shawn Storey

Shawn has her hands and mouth full!!!!


Sheri Parshall and Shawn Storey

Bob Lawrence wins a raffle prize


Andy Hobart congratulates Bob Lawrence

Mt. Hood Ski Patrol booth


Schnee Vogeli Ski Club booth

Jan Siverts Smith


John Hanson and Karen Norton at the Skibowl booth

Mountain High club booth was busy


Karen Michels, Debbie Thomas, and Kurt Krueger staffed our booth.


Karen Michels, Debbie Thomas, and Kurt Krueger in the Mountain High booth.


Emilio Trampuz and Debbi Kor

Notice the hot apple cider and the box of cookies on the right side of the table.




Warren Miller: dinner and a movie night

October 23, 2015 (Friday). 

Over 50 of our members came to see the movie, and about 35 came to the pre-movie dinner at the Hop City Tavern in the Hilton Hotel building, just a block away from the movie theater. It was a good time to socialize.

Dinner and drinks at the Hop City Tavern

(Photo by John Davis)


Dinner and drinks at the Hop City Tavern.  Two rows of tables were reserved for us.

(Photo by John Davis)


Three rows of seats att the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall were reserved for us.   
(Photo by John Davis)


Moniquea at the theater.

(Photo by John Davis)




NW Ski Club Council Meeting

October 21, 2015 (Wednesday). 

Representatives from a number of local ski clubs showed up for the NWSCC meeting, which was held at Hillcrest Sports this time.  Thanks to the owner, Dexter Hill, for hosting this meeting.  The guest speaker was Michael Hayes from Brundage Mountain, Idaho.  We had pizza and cookies and soft drinks.

Chris Santella recieves the FWSA "Bill Berry Award" from Randy Lew.

Chris Santella is the author of the book "Fifty Places to Ski & Snowboard Before You Die"

In the right corner is Sylvia Kearns, NWSCC President.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Mary Olhausen and Michael Hayes (guest speaker from Brundage Mountain, Idaho)

Dexter Hill, owner of Hillcrest Sports

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)



Linda McGavin talked about the upcoming Northwest Snowsports Guide, which is the new name for the annual publication that used to be called NW Skiers' Directory. It will be published just in time for the Ski Fever & Snowboard Show and the Ski Fair.


Sylvia Kearns presents Bob Lawrence with a Mt. Hood Season Pass he won in the drawing.

Door prizes

Winners were picked by Jack Walker's daughter.




Highway Cleanup

October 17, 2015 (Saturday). 

We had only about 9 people for the highway cleanup, but it turned out just perfect, because part of our normal route didn't really need cleaning because of the blasting and highway improvement being done west of the Mirror Lake trailhead.   We found all kinds of items, including some quarters, lots or rubber pieces disintegrated from truck tires, lots of cans and bottles, and even a "POW" sign!  We wore reflective safety vests, and we filled up some 15 bags of trash.  The only thing missing, we thought, was a sign telling passing motorists that we are not convicts but skiers!

After the cleanup, we had lunch at The Taco Shoppe in Governent Camp.  A very pleasant affair with good food!

Lisa Miller and Jhn Davis (in the background) working near the Government Camp road sign.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Emilio found a metal bar.

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

Lisa Miller and John Davis

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)




John Davis and Lisa Miller

This POW sign will knock your socks off!


Debbi Kor and Walt Blomberg

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)



Timothy Lake bike ride

October 4, 2015 (Sunday). 

Only 9 people showed up for this ride. Maybe some thought that a 9 mile ride was too short, but it was a somewhat challenging ride and it kept us busy for about 3 hours.  Some parts of it were completely flat, especially right by the lake, but then there was also a series of gentle uphills and downhills that kept our muscles busy.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we had some great views of Timothy Lake and of Mt Hood.  Mt. Hood has never looked quite so dry and bare before.  We ended the day at the Taco Shoppe in Government Camp, where everyone found something interesting on the varied menu.

Bruce set his camera on a time delay at the start of our ride.

Karen, Linda, Margie, Mike, Bruce, Nancy, John, Chas, and Emilio.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


This camp robber bird stole our food, and briefly sat on Margie's head.  The bird had 2 other bold buddies.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Mt. Hood on October 3, 2015

Very dry and bare rock.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Our group at Timothy Lake, with Mt. Hood in the background.

Linda, Margie, Chas (kneeling), Mike, Bruce, Nancy, Karen, and John.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Bruce McGavin captured everyone in this photo:

Margie, Chas, Linda, Nancy, Bruce, Emilio, John, Karen, and Mike.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Chas holds the map while John demonstrates our route.

(Photo by Nancy Erz)

Emilio (above) and Nancy (below) at the dam

(Photos by Nancy and Emilio)


At the southern end of the lake

(Photo by Nancy Erz)

John and Mike at the southern end of the lake.

(Photo by Nancy Erz)


Margie, John, and Bruce at the lake.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Margie on the trail

(Photo by Nancy Erz)


At the turnoff to Meditation Point overlooking the lake.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Heading toward Meditation Point

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

We encountered a group of horseback riders.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Riders leaving in the direction from which we came.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Karen at the Little Crater Lake

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Mike testing the water at the Little Crater Lake

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Chas danced a little jig of joy.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)



Seafood Party

October 3, 2015 (Saturday). 

About 50 of our members gathered for our annual Seafood Party.  This one was hosted graciously by Greg Anderson in his home.  Lots of people contributed to the success of the party by bringing side dishes and desserts.  At the end of the party, Emilio showed two videos: previews of the upcoming Canada and Montana winter trips.

A very big thank you to Greg Anderson for inviting us into his beautiful home for our annual Seafood Extravaganza!   


It was a fun evening, with plenty of good food and good friends. We had a nice round number of 50 guests at our event. We were able to kick back and relax in a wonderful homey atmosphere, enjoy some time with our fellow club members, and consume some of the most delicious home made, tasty dishes from 3-bean salad, to coleslaw, to fresh fruits, yummy side dishes, and heavenly seafood, as well as some to-die-for tasty desserts.


Thank you to Gordy Lusk, our Grill Master, for some outrageously wonderful grilled salmon! To Ann Gormley and Pete Troy, for the tasty halibut enchiladas and baked halibut as well as the sushi platter, to Linda and Bruce McGavin for the delicious smoked salmon dip and to everyone for all your contributions and hard work in putting together another outstanding Mt. High event.


For those of you who were unable to attend, you might want to think about getting your reservations in early next year. This is an event not to be missed!!!

- Debbi  .

The seafood is served

(Photo by John Davis)


Gathering around the main dishes on the table

(Photo by John Davis)

Mer'a, Bill, Dick, Greg, Ann, and Pete

(Photo by John Davis)


Some sat outside, on the deck:  Kurt, Bill, Jackie, Itsuko

(Photo by John Davis)

Gordy and Greg

(Photo by John Davis)


Bruce and Sally

(Photo by John Davis)

And then there was dessert: Lisa, Jaxine, Linda, Debbi

(Photo by John Davis)


Sally, Lisa, Joanne, and Foxie

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)

Dig in, folks!

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)




Trillium Lake & Still Creek Rd. Bike ride

September 19, 2015 (Saturday). 

John Davis led 17 of us on a bike ride from Government Camp, past the Pioneer Cemetery at Summit Meadow, circling Trillium Lake, and then following Still Creek Road down to Rhoddodendron.  It was a wonderful sunny day, a bit chilly in the morning, but then it warmed up gradually.  The views of Mt. Hood were stunning. Everyone enjoyed the ride.  People also liked the food at the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron, where we had lunch.


At the end of the day, we talked about other upcoming events, such as the Seafood Party (Oct. 3) and the Timothy Lake bike ride (Oct. 4).  Also, we discussed this winter's club trips to  Canada,  Montana,  and to Crystal Mountain (WA).

We started the ride from the Mt. Hood Museum at Government Camp. Here we are next to the Summit ski area.


Pioneer Cemetery at Summit Meadow

(Photo by Nancy Erz)

Emilio talks about Perry Vickers

(Photo by Nancy Erz)


Pioneer Cemetery at Summit Meadows

(Photo by Nancy Erz)

Still Creek

(Photo by Nancy Erz)


A little south of the Pioneer Cemetery at Summit Meadow is the Trillium Lake bike trailhead.


View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

Observation deck at Trillium Lake


View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)

View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)


View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)

View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)


View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)

View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)


View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)

Connie and Nancy

(Photo by Connie Schulmerich)


Just a few of us posing for a picture.


View of Mt. Hood from Trillium Lake  - Jackie Bonillo, Scott Andersen, Dick Bonillo

(Photo by Nancy Erz)


Just getting started on Still Creek Road


Pausing for a rest and to regroup on Still Creek Road. 

Left to right:  Lisa, Jackie, and Dick Bonillo,  Tom Carter, Linda McGavin, John Davis, Karen Michels, Nancy Erz.


John Davis, Scott Andersen, Chas Westergren

Nancy, Connie, and others, looking at a salmon.


John Davis and Dick Bonillo looking at the salmon.

Linda McGavin, Tom Carter.  We saw several salmon.


Salmon.  Hard to capture on film.

Another shot of the salmon.


Connie watching salmon from the bridge

(Photo by Nancy Erz)

View of Mt. Hood from Summit Meadow

(Photo by Nancy Erz)



Picnic & Bike ride

Celebrating the club's 40th anniversary

August 22, 2015 (Saturday). 

Our club celebrated several milestones at a picnic on August 22, 2016 at Sellwood Park. 

   *  40 years since the Plaza ski club was formed in 1975.

   *  The Edgeset ski club was formed a bit earlier, in the early 1970s, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly when.

   *  15 years ago, in the year 2000, the two clubs merged into one:  Plaza/Edgeset ski club.

   *  12 years ago, in 2003, the joint Plaza Edgeset club was renamed: Mountain High Snowsport Club.

    * 10 years ago, in 2005, our first joint picnic and bike ride was held, and has become an annual tradition.

All former members were encouraged to come and enjoy a reunion!  Several past presidents of both the Plaza and Edgeset clubs attended, including:

     Edgeset past presidents:  Dan Gomez,  Walt Stanton,  Terry White.

     Plaza past presidents:       Dick Foss,  Blaise Dagilaitis,  Kurt Krueger.

     And, of course, the current Mountain High President, Debbi Kor was there too.

15 people participated in the pre-picnic bike ride, led by Larry Bennett (third from the left)


Jackie Bonillo, Linda McGavin, Alice Dagilaitis,

and Zoe (the pug in the basket)

Walt and Mark  (foreground),

Alice Dagilaitis and Marv Wakefield (background)

in front of the Mountain High club banner

at the picnic site in Sellwood Park


Debbi Kor - current Mt. High President

Debbi says: "Read my chest! Plaza logo pin + a moose"

Linda McGavin - co-founder of the Plaza Ski Club

Also a co-founder of the NW Ski Club Council


Dan Gomez - former Edgeset President

and Walt Stanton - former Edgeset President

Dick Foss

Former Plaza President


Debbi Kor and Kurt Krueger

Current and Past Mt. High club Presidents

Dick Foss - Former Plaza President


Anniversary cake, still wrapped in cellophane

The cake didn't last very long after it was unwrapped!


Greg Anderson, Debbi Kor, Alice Dagilaitis, Marv Wakefield, Blaise Dagilaitis



World Naked Bike Ride


June 27, 2015 (Saturday). 

Five of our club members joined a crowd of about 10,000 cyclists in the Portland Naked Bike Ride. They met at 7 pm at the Barley Mill Pub, 17th and SE Hawthorne . The ride started at 9 pm from Colonel Summers Park, (SE 20th & Belmont).  Technically, our members were not entirely naked. They wore swimsuits, leis, and helmets!


This event has been held annually in Portland since 2004, and it is just one of over 100 such rides around the world. It originated as a protest against society’s dependency on oil.  Today, especially in Portland, Oregon, many people ride to promote cycling not only as a viable mode of transportation, but a form which should be celebrated! More about WHY, see video at: http://pdxwnbr.org/why/


Five of our club members participated in the 2015 Portland Naked bike ride

Photo from John Davis.



PACRAT Rat Attack

Awards Party

April 17, 2015 (Friday). 

The final race results were announced at this annual end-of-season awards party and banquet..
First place was captured by our newest Mountain High team: On the Edge., whose team captain is Kathryn LePore. Second place went to the Cascade Ski Club with their Ragnar’s Rangers.

Third and fourth places went to Mountain High teams: Avalanche Express and Mt. Hoodlums.

Eighths place was captured by the Frosted Flakes team, which had the highest team participation (all racers attended all the races). In ninth place was the Rattittudes team. In other words, our club had 3 teams among the top 4 places, and 5 teams among the top 10.

The two individuals who had improved the most in a single season were named Queen and King Rat. The Queen was Megan Cassidy on the Oui Ski team (Skiyente club). The King was Ken Price on the Mixed Nuts team (Mountain High club).

Greg Dilger, Sally Niedermeyer, Barb Pressentin.

Photo: Richard Tichy

Andy Hobart, Sylvia Kearnd, Greg Dilger

Photo: Richard Tichy


The setting for this dinner party

Photo: Richard Tichy

The Frosted Flakes team with Stevie Viaene

Photo: Richard Tichy


King Rat: Ken Price with Greg Dilger

Photo: Richard Tichy

1st place: On the Edge team with Kathryn Le-Pore

Photo: Richard Tichy


See more photos on PACRAT’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PACRATRacing




Race 4 at Timberline

March 15, 2015 (Sunday). 

It was a foggy day at Timberline for our 4th racce of the season, but that didn't stop our racers from charging ahead. Everyone had a good time.  The apres ski party was held at Skibowl East.

The fog didn't stop these two racers from dueling it gate by gate!

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


The starting gates.

Photo from Bruce Kuper.

Just hang in there, one gate at a time!

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


Nice form

Photo from Bruce Kuper.

Another duel !

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


Some people race in tight lycra suits.
Others race with a backpack !

Photo from Bruce Kuper.

David Schor shows how it's done on a snowboard!

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


These two seem to be cruising, but in sync.
Photo from Bruce Kuper

It was lively in the lodge at Skibowl, after the race.

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


Let's zoom in for a closer look at these two!

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


After the race, we moved to Skibowl East for the party. Notice the lack of sow on the hill.

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


Après ski party at Skibowl

Photo from Bruce Kuper.


Our time-keepers hard at work in the timing cabin at the bottom of the race course.

Photo from Andy Hobart.


See more photos and videos, most of them from Bruce Kuper, at:



Whitefish Mountain trip

(and side trip to Fernie)

February 28 - March 6, 2015. 

33 people participated in this trip.  Everyone had a good time!

Montana had the best snow  this winter.  Whitefish even had better snow than Fernie (British Columbia).  We had 4 sunny days and some snow flurries (maybe a half inch) on one of the days. This trip had many options.  People could get a 3, 4, or 5 day pass at Whitefish Mountain (formerly known as Big Mountain).  Some people went cross  country skiing on one of the days. About 20 people went on a day trip to Fernie in Canada.  Three people had signed up for a day of snowcat skiing, which got cancelled because the ungroomed snow was too icy, so they got a voucher for another visit in the future.

Our trip leaders:  Sandra Smith and Emilio Trampuz skiing at Whitefish, Montana

Photo from Alex Smith.


Sandra Smith on the runout near the bottom
of the Hellfire trail. Nice trees!

Photo from Alex Smith.

Emilio Trampuz on the runout
near the bottom of the Hellfire trail

Photo from Alex Smith.


Finding Jesus was one of the challenges on this trip!  Almost everyone found this statue.
Sandra and Emilio thanked Jesus for the fresh snow, but miraculously, it stopped snowing right then!

Maybe they jinxed it. 

Photo from Alex Smith.


Walt Blomberg skiing down "The Chute" with a view of the town of Whitefish and Whitefish Lake.

Photo from Alex Smith.


Scott Kelly just completed the steep part of "Glory Hole"

Photo from Alex Smith.

Wendy mastered the "Glory Hole" bowl.

Photo from Alex Smith.


Big smile on Wendy's face!

Photo from Alex Smith.

Who are these masked guys? Was it really that cold?

Photo from Sandra Smith.


Kay Kinyon descending down a steep slope with a gorgeous view!

Photo from Alex Smith.


George Yun speeding down "The Chute"

Photo from Alex Smith.


George Yun tackling large moguls on a steep and icy slope

Photo from Sandra Smith.


Harry and Lisa Scribner found Jesus!

Photo from Emilio Trampuz.

Jim Groat, Wendy Rust, and Karen Michels

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Jim Groat, Wendy Rust, Karen Michels, and Emilio Trampuz

Photo from Emilio's camera, taken by someone friendly


After the steep entry, the rest of the Glory Hole basin is easy!

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


A group photo at the top of Whitefish Mountain

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Finding the big rock with a view of the town below was a more difficult part of the challenge

Emilio led the group there on the last day of the trip.

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


A group shot at the top of the Flower Point, where the new lift was added this year (2015)

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Skiing down the Inspiration trail.  Stopping for a breather and to enjoy the view.

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Fernie day trip

We had two guides at Fernie: a Ski host and a Sales representative (Christine)

Photo from Ted Stagnone


Our two guides, a Ski ambassdor and Christine (Sales Manager)

 with a view of the town of Fernie in the valley below.

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


Just some of our people at Fernie:  Kenny, Kay, Walt, George, and ... hmm, who was the man in the checkered jacket?

Photo from Emilio Trampuz


See more Whitefish and Fernie photos from Alex Smith in full resolution, at: http://1drv.ms/1MgFEd3

See a video (including some human slalom) from this trip at: http://youtu.be/xvvGrTsVUws



Pizza Party

February 26, 2015 (Thursday). 

One of our quarterly social events. This pizza party was helt at the Round Table Pizza on Barbur Blvd. (nea Capitol Highway.  Bruce Kuper showed a video about PACRAT racing.  Emilio showed a short video about the club in general and what we've been doing lately.  Debbi Kor distributed some door prizes. Several announcements were made. And the pizza was delicious, of course.  We even got a couple of new members (See picture below.)

Bruce sets up his video

Tina Zhong says hello to everyone after being introduced as a newcomer, and Bill King is filling out his membership form, having decided to join the club on the spot!


Debbi Kor distributing several door prizes

Debbi Kor




Chocolate Party

February 14, 2015 (Saturday). 

We gathered at the home of Janice Jessen and Marv Wakefield for our annual Chocolate party, usually held around Valentine's Day.  As usual, we played a Love themed game, led by Debbi Kor.  This one involved everyone, paired up in couples, to either hum a given love song or to pantomime it, just like in a game of charades. Everyone else had to try to guess which song that it. Kurt Krueger won that game.

In the chocolate dessert contest, 3 judges proclaimed the following 3 winners:

1.  The most Chocolatey (most decadent) dessert:   Kurt Krueger and Chris Moon.

2.  The Most Creative dessert:   Debbi Kor, with her Chocolate Ravioli.

3.  The Helathiest dessert (the Lightest):  Joanna Lindberg with her Tofu Moose.

Debbi Kor started us on a game to either hum or pantomime a love song!

Well, it has something to do with the heart!


Harry and Lisa:  A piano, a microphone?

Alice and Blaise Dagilaitis


Ken, Foxie, and Debbi.

Kurt Krueger and Chris Moon won the game by guessing correctly the greatest number of love songs.

They also won the prize for the Most Decadent dessert (the Most Chocolaty)


Debbi hands out the prizes

Joanne Lindberg receives her prize for

the Healthiest dessert: a Tofu Moose.


Joanne Lindberg examines her prize.

Patty Ignatowski and Lisa Scribner.




Montana "Fam" trip

Maverick Mt.,  Discovery Mt.,  Lost Trail, Montana Snowbowl

February 8 - 10, 2015

Kurt Krueger and Emilio Trampuz visited a couple of ski areas in southwest Montana to scout them out for future club trips.  It all started when Kris Smith from Discovery Mt. invited us on a "Fam" trip to get familiar with Discovery Mountain ski area, and possibly bring our club there in the near future. Kurt and Emilio were both impressed with Discovery Mountain and decided we really need to show it to our club members.


Emilio returned to Montana about a month later to check out the other two ski areas: Montana Snowbowl and Lost Trail Powder Mountain, which wee then included in our club trip itinerary planned for the end of February 2016.

Kurt Krueger skiing at Maverick ski area

Emilio on the "Widowmaker" trail at Maverick.


Kurt Krueger (Mt. High), Kris Smith (Discovery), talking to Lynn (owner of the Kaiser House in Philipsburg, MT)

Discovery Mountain, Montana

(Just part of the back side visible here)


Kurt Krueger and Emilio Trampuz, cutting up fresh powder at Discovery Mountain, Montana.


Discovery Mountain's ski host: Mark Switek

Mark and Kurt in the middle of a long trail at Discovery


Mark Switek - our host at Discovery Mt.

Kristine, Kurt, Mark, and Emilio at Discovery Mt.


The day lodge at Discovery Mountain, MT.

Looking down at the "Motherload" double-black


Te "Motherload" -just one of a dozen steep double-black slopes at Discovery Mt.


Montana Snowbowl, near Missoula, MT


Cozy fireplace in the day lodge at Montana Snowbowl

Emilio by the fireplace at Montana Snowbowl


Fresh tracks at the Lost Trail Powder Mt. on the Idaho/Montana border


On the slopes of Lost Trail Powder Mt., with a view of the main highway below.


Perfectly spaced trees at Lost Trail Powder Mountain


View from the top of Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Montana


View from the day lodge at Lost Trail


The day lodge at Lost Trail.  The perfectly spaced trees are far, far in the background, on the last visible hill.


Just part of the panorama visible from the day lodge at Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Montana.


We re organizing a trip to Montana in February 2016.

Click here for a short video preview of the Discovery Mountain and of Lost Trail Powder Mountain.



Kickoff Party

November 20, 2014 (Thursday). 

We filled up the Gray Gables Estate hall, as usual, with just enough participants so that everyone could get a seat at one of the many round tables.  There was enough food for everyone.  Everyone got a ticket for a nonalcoholic drink, but there was also a no-host bar available. People renewed their membership, or joined the club for the first time. Lots of people signed up for ski trips, and for PACRAT racing.  We also had a mini ski swap, door prizes, and more.


Several people made various club announcements.  Bruce Kuper and Andy Hobart talked about PACRAT racing. Barb Parshall introduced the Mt. Hood Passport, a brand new idea.  Randy Lew talked about FWSA programs. Emilio Trampuz, Linda McGavin, and Bob Burns talked about upcoming ski trips.  Karen Michels and Terry Swan handled all the signups.


Also, this year for the first time, several members responded to Debbi Kor's call for  for donations of ski jackets to be donated to the Sleep Country Foster Kid Program. Thanks to all who donated!

Emilio manned the information table, with trip flyers, etc.

Terry Best, Emilio, Patty Ignatowski, and Mera' Stepan.


Signup forms for membership, trip, racing.

Smiling are: Bruce Kuper and Nancy Pratt.

Signup table, stafed by Karen Michels and Terry Swan,

with Patty Ignatowski among the first "cutomers".


Here's you drink ticket and your raffle ticket

OK, time to go get that drink!


Terry Swan and the ever smiling Kay Kinyon!

How come he is always all smiles?

Karen, Terry, and Kay.

Oh, now we see why Kay is smiling!!! :-)


George Yun and Sally Niedermeyer at the signup table. 

Terry Swan says:  NEXT!!!

Debbi Kor introduces the Board:

Debbi, Terry White, Linda McGavin, Lisa Scribner,, Nancy Pratt and Bruce Kuper.  Emilio is behind the camera.


Debbi Kor addresses the members.

Randy Lew talks about Far West programs.


Bruce Kuper and Andy Hobart on PACRAT racing

Bruce Kuper and Andy Hobart


Bruce Kuper and Andy Hobart

Bruce Kuper and Andy Hobart


Barb Pressentin tells us about the Mt. Hood Passport.

Bob Burns talks about the Tahoe and Canada trips.


Bob Burns and a view of the elegant Gray Gables hall.


Attention Mountain High members!


The Kickoff Party was the last of 3 signup events we had in November.  From now in, if you want to sign up for something, like to renew your membership, or sign up for a trip , or join a race team, you will need to do it by mail, using our Dough Transmittal form.


Please do this soon, preferably by the end of November. We'd like to get the paperwork out of the way, so we can then focus on skiing! Besides, PACRAT teams are filling up, and the trips are getting pretty full too.



NWSCC Ski Fair

Nov. 17, 2014  (Monday)

The annual Ski Fair is organized by the NW Ski Club Council.  It was held from 6:00 - 9:30 pm at the Conference Center next to the Airport Holiday inn on Columbia Blvd. This is a non-commercial event, organized by skiers for skiers. Each local ski club had a free booth here.  The theme was "Winter Wonderland", and our club was proclaimed the winner, as the most well decorated booth.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped set it up and staff it throughout the evening.  Several new people joined the club this evening, and a lot of existing club members came to renew their membership and sign up for ski trips and/or for PACRAT racing.

We also held a drawing for a year of free club membership and the winner's name was drawn from the box at the end of the evening.  The winner is Elaine Hilliker, a new member!  Congratulations, Elaine.  Make the most of it!


These volunteers helped set up out Mountain High booth and staffed it for the evening:

Standing:   Kurt Krueger, Emilio Trampuz, Terry Swan

   Sitting:  Jan Siverts-Smith (Zippy),  Karen Michels


Kurt Krueger and Karen Michels

Jan Siverts-Smith and Larry Bennett wit the moose.


Our booth had lots of snowflakes, some of them with tiny light bulbs. We also had a moose with skis, a display of very old short skis and old boots, and 3 pictures.

The central picture was a fireplace with some wine.


Santa was in a corner, warming himself by the fire.

Let's get in the spirit!

The slopes of Mt. Hood (near the Magic Mile) were displayed behind a frosted window frame.


Bruce Kuper set up and staffed the PACRAT booth

Bruce ran a video and slide presentation


Bruce Kuper unveils the new Mt. High racing banner

Debbie Thomas and Karen Michels


Terry Swan talks to Debbie Geiger in the background

Terry S.,  Debbie T.,  Karen M.,  and Debbie G.


Debbi Geiger and Terry Swan


In addition to the club booths, other organizations that had booths were the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, Hope on the Slopes, the Oregon Cancer Ski Out, and others.


Ski areas that were present donated various items, such as lift tickets and lodging packages, which were auctioned off in a silent auction.


Some ski areas, such as Mt. Bachelor, offered special deals on lift tickets.




Portland Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Nov. 14-16, 2014  (Friday-Sunday)

It appeared that this year's show was somewhat less well attended and with somewhat fewer exhibitors.  The latter was probably because the Seattle Show was held on the same weekend, so ski resorts had to decide whether to attend the Portland or the Seattle show. The NW Ski Club Council booth was well decorated and there were flyers from various local ski clubs on the table.  A lot of volunteers from different ski clubs helped to staf the booth in 3 hour shifts.

Mary Olhausen and Karen Michels at the NWSCC booth

Mary Olhausen, Emilio Trampuz, Karen Michels


Jan Siverts-Smith (aka. Zippy) distributed invitations to

the PACRAT Membership Pizza Party

Bruce Kuper distributed invitations to the

PACRAT Membership Pizza Party


Pat Savage, Bruce Kuper, Jan Siverts-Smith

all helped distribute PACRAT invitations

Jan warmed her hands on the fake but ery realistic looking flame at the CMH Heli-Skiing booth






In the picture on the left are some more Mountain High volunteers staffing the NWSCC booth at the Portland Ski Show.  They are:


Moniquea Degan, Nancy Pratt, Jan Siverts-Smith, and Bruce Kuper



Warren Miller Movie and a dinner

Oct. 24, 2014  (Friday)

This dinner and a movie event has been a tradition in our club for the past 10 or 20 years.  It's a great way to get the new ski season started. Sandra Smith organized the event.  She purchased 66 movie tickets, and about 30 people came to the pre-movie dinner.  Our usual venue for the dinner, the Silver Spoon Bistro (formerly known as the Trees Restaurant, and earlier as "Madison on 5th") went out of business unexpectedly, so we had to find an alternate loaction at the last minute.  We ended up going going to Pastini Pastaria, where the service was fast and efficient. Some of us enjoyed visiting with members of the Bergfreunde club who were also there, in a different section of the restaurant.  Later, the Warren Miller movie "No Turning Back" was full of death defying stunts and incredible steeps, as usual. It's all part of the tradition!  One of the new aspects of skiing covered this year was "Speed Riding" or "Spreed Flying", or "3D Skiing", combining parasailing and skiing.

Dave & Colleen Myers and two future members

Good food, good company.


Wait!  We still haven't swallowed!!!

Scott, Mer'a, Moniquea, and Nancy



The food was great! Now, if we can just stay awake for the movie!

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall



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