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2012/2013 Mt. High Photos

2012 / 2013 Photos


Oct. 26: Highway cleanup

Oct. 4: MHSP Ski Swap - Kurt Krueger

June 7:  FWSA Safety Person of the Year

Aug. 24 (Sat.): Picnic & Bike ride

Aug. 3 (Sun.): Tunnel Falls hike

July 27 (Sat.): Banks-Vernonia bike ride

July 13 (Sat.): History bike ride

Spring 2013: Frosted Flakes girls poster

June 8 (Sat.): Hike to Ramona Falls

April-May:Timberline sidecountry Zig Zag

April 2013: Pond skimming

Mar. 23-30: Canada (Whitewater, Red. Mt.)

Mar. 7 (Thur.):  Pizza Party

Feb. 22-Mar.1:  Utah trip (Powder Mt.)

Feb. 16 (Sat.): Hoodoo day trip

Feb. 10 (sun.): PACRAT Race 3 Skibowl

Feb.   8 (Fri):  Cosmic tubing at Skibowl

Jan. 26 (Sat.): Mt. Hood Skibowl day trip

Jan. 26 (Sat.): Chocolate party

Jan. 18-21, 2013: Idaho trip

Jan. 12, 2013: Mt. Hood Meadows day trip

Nov. 15, 2012: Mt. High Kickoff Party

Nov.   5, 2012: Ski Fair





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More photos


Photo Albums,

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Snapfish - where you can also order prints, mugs, CDs, etc..

Photobucket - where you can find a mix of still images & short videos.

Click on the words "Photo Albums" above to visit either of these.


Older Photos

Ski trips & Social events  Selected past trip and event photos.


2012 photos. Hwy. cleanup, Barlow Road Ride, Rafting, Picnic, Cycle Oregon, Timberline canyons, Newton canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Pizza party, Meadows, ISHA, Bachelor Blast, Mystery trip to Shasta & Ashland, Movie night, Utah Powder Mt., Snowbasin, PACRAT race, Chocolate party, FWSA Jackson Hole, Anthony Lakes, Bib decorating, Washington park hike, Ski Fair, Ski Show. .

2011 photos. Hikes, Golf, Rafting, Cycle Oregon, Cycle Idaho, Highway cleanup, Seafood party, Chocolate party, Life Flight, Scotty & Mer'a wedding, Movie Night, Leavenworth trip, Crystal Mt. trip, Bib decorating party, Rat Attack party.

2010 photos. Hope on the Slopes, Fernie trip, Mystery trip to Willaemette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, Picnic, Rafting, Hikes, Highway cleanup, NWSCC 30th Anniversary, etc..

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.

2008 photos Ski Fair, Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack Awards party, Pizza Party, Rafting weekend, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows

2007 photos 4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.

2006 photos Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic & bike ride.

2005 photos 3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt., Crystal Mt.;

2004 photos 2nd Canada Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social;


See a 6-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done this year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High Club 2011-2012".


Highway cleanup

October 26, 2013.  (Saturday) - 13 people participated.

On a nice, sunny October day, we assembled at Skibowl's parking lot.  Unfortunately, we forgot to take a group picture there, so all we have is a few photos taken later. We split up into groups of 3 or 4, and each group covered just half a mile, on our 2-mile stretch of Highway 26, just west of Government Camp, from milepost 51 to 53. We picked up 26 bags of trash thrown away by people tavelling the highway.  After two hours of work, we assembled for lunch at Charlie's Mountainview Pub.

Mike Boyd and Kay Kinyon at milepost 51

(Photo by Debbi Null)

Diane Zhitlovsky, Gareth Price, and Mike Henness

not far from milepost 52.5


A Toyota was here! Lost its grill.

This was one of the more interesting objects we found this time.



Mt. Hood Ski Patrol Ski Swap

October 4, 2013. 

We don't have any pictures of the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol Ski Swap itself, held at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.  But in the days preceding the ski swap, our Mountain High club president, Kurt Kreueger, put in a lot of time and effort to set up all the computers needed for the ski swap to function smoothly.  He set up about 20 computers, linked into a network, some functioning as point-of-sale terminals, consignment sale and snowpark sale terminals, door prize entry kiosk, a central server, a backup server, and more. The computers in the picture are only some of them.



FWSA Safety Person of the Year

June 7, 2013. 

At the Far West Ski Association Convention, held in , Gordon Lusk (aka. "Gordy") won the Safety Person of the Year award, mainly for his contribution to safety at PACRAT races.  By the way, Gordy was also our club President for a couple of years not too long ago. See more info about him and other winners on the Awards page at:  http://www.mthigh.org/Awards.htm
The award is a week-long vacation in Aspen/Snowmass, including airfare. You too can win this award by doing something positive for safety on the slopes.  Contact Debbi Kor, or Linda McGavin, or Emilio Trampuz to find out where to send your application, or search for it on the FWSA web site, www.fwsa.org .

Gordon Lusk receiving the Safety award from Mary Manning (Aspen Sales) and Richard Lubin (FWSA VP Safety)



Mt. High Picnic & bike ride

August 24, 2013.  (Saturday)

Our annual picnic at Sellwood park was attended by about 40+ people.  Of those, about 20 participated in the bike ride along the Willamette River before the picnic. We started from the park below the Sellwood bridge, crossed the bridge, and followed the riverfront all the way to the Steel Bridge. Then we crossed back to the east side and followed the paved bicycle trail all the way back to Sellwood park.

Lots of wild geese along riverfront park and beyond

Larry Bennett, Walt Blomberg, Dick Bonillo, John Davis, Jackie Lane, ... and others.


Walt Blomberg, Lonnie Shchiller, Jackie Lane

Anne Gormley


Bob Lawrnece, Linda McGavin, ...

Larry Bennett and Jackie Lane


John Davis on an electric powered bike

and Bob Lawrence

Sally Niedermeyer


Sally Niedermeyer

Linda McGavin


Roz Montgomery

Jeannie Nyquist


Chuck Westergren

The whole group at the Steel Bridge


Jeannie Nyquist, Lisa Scribner, Marv Wakefield

We had spicy and regular sausages on the grill


Lunch is being served!

(Photo by Bruce Kuper)

Picnic is now well under way!

(Photo by Bruce Kuper)


A squirrel came to visit

(Photo by Bruce Kuper)

Close-up of the squirrel

(Photo by Bruce Kuper)


The "babes" table!

Roz Montgomery and Gordy Lusk


Jackie & Dick Bonillo, Terry White, Jack Milner, and Larry Bennett

Barbara Bousum, Janice Jessen, Marv Wakefield, and Linda McGavin


Notice the Mountain High club sign

Lisa Scribner and Chuck Westergren



Tunnel Falls hike

August 3, 2013.  (Sunday)

This was the third hike of the season, organized by Chris Brooks.

The Eagle Creek Trail cuts into a ledge of solid basalt to pass behind plunging Tunnel Falls six miles from the trailhead. See Bruce Kuper's video as he walks through the tunnel, with Chris Brooks in front of him.

Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Tunnel Falls hike

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


See more photos from both Bruce Kuper and Bruce McGavin in our Photobucket album


See Bruce Kuper's video as he walks through the tunnel, with Chris Brooks in front of him.



Banks - Vernonia bike ride

July 27, 2013.  (Saturday) - 15 people participated.

We had perfect weather on this ride. Sunny, but not too hot, and most of the ride was in the shade of trees.  It was 21 miles one way from Banks to Vernonia.  A few people joined us at the Buxton trailhead, and they had 14 miles each way. In Vernonia, we had a pleasant lunch, sitting at shaded outdoors tables at the Black Bear Coffe Company & Pub. All the photos were taken on the return trip (after lunch).

Group photo at the Black Bear in Vernonia

just after lunch

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Jackie and Dick Bonillo in the lead.

Michele and Richard are on the left of the picture.


Jackie and Dick Bonillo in the lead, on the way back.

Linda and Bruce McGavin


Ann Gormley

Did everybody notice this sign?  Steep grade!


Group photo near the top of the hill, before a long descent


Back at the Buxton trailhead

By this time, everyone had scattered, and only Emilio, Michele, and Dick were there. 

And Jackie too, of course. She is the one who took this photo.




History bike ride

Barlow Pass to Rhododendron

See a series of 11 videos on YouTube. Search for "Mt. Hood History" or

use these links to get started:  Video #1: Introduction - http://youtu.be/OnumfGgrw4k

Video #11: Barlow Road Tollgate & summary - http://youtu.be/64PASykedTU


July 13, 2013.  (Saturday) - 20 people participated.

Three periods in Oregon's history intertwine through the three main roads around the south end of Mount Hood:

1.  Barlow Road, which was always more of a trail than a real road. (1845 - 1924)

2.  Mt. Hood Loop Highway - a serpentine road that is now mostly abandoned or destroyed, but a few segments remains, such as the 2.5 miles of paved road between Barlow Pass and the Pioneer Woman's Grave, and also the 3 miles that is now known as Kiwanis' Camp Road (or also as Road 39). This highway was in use from 1924 - 1958.

3.  Highways 26 and 35 replaced the old Mt. Hood Loop highway in the late 1950s.


On this bicycle tour, we rode on all 3 of these highways, stopping at historic places, such as Barlow Pass, the Pioneer Woman's Grave, Summit Meadow and the Pioneer Cemetery there, Government Camp and the Mt. Hood Museum, the old highway west of Government Camp, Laurel Hill and the third of 5 steep chutes used by the original Oregon settlers, Pioneer Bridal Trail, Kiwanis Camp Road, and the tollgate replica near Rhododendron (which was the fifth and last location of the toll gate during the 70 years that toll was being collected on the Barlow Road.


We ended the tour with a lunch at the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron.

Thanks to the 7 photographers who have sent us their pictures:  Bruce McGavin, Chuck Westergren, Dan Lane, John Davis, Kristine Canham, Kurt Wilke, and Lisa Miller.  Also, a big thanks to the 3 people who took videos:  Lisa Miller, Scott Stepan, and Kurt Wilke.

Gathering at the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

At the Map turn on Highway 26

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Emilio at the Map turn, with Mt. Hood in the background

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

Emilio telling people about the Barlow Road

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


Group photo at Barlow Pass, elevation 4,155 feet.

(Photo by Chuck Westergren)

First of several signs posted on trees, identifying the original Barlow Road. This one is just a few feet downhill from the Barlow Pass parking lot.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


The first 100 - 200 yards westward from Barlow Pass looks quite nice and is easy to bicycle on.

(Photo by Chuck Westergren)

Pretty soon, the trails narrows, gets bumpier, and it is often easier to dismount and walk your bike.

Here's Linda McGavin.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Linda McGavin and Colleen Myers near another trail sign, confirming that we are on Barlow Road.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Lisa Miller takes picture of the trail sign

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Linda McGavin and Colleen Myer at the trail sign

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

The trail sign, not far from the Pioneer Woman's Grave

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


Kurt Wilke on Barlow Road, not far from Barlow Pass

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Kurt Wilke at a bridge over a stream

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Emilio Trampuz and Dan Lane exiting the forest and about to rejoin the paved old Mt. Hood Loop highway at the Pioneer Woman's grave

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Dan Lane and Lisa Miller exiting the forest and about to rejoin the paved old Mt. Hood Loop highway at the Pioneer Woman's grave

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Linda McGavin and Dave Myers

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Chuck Westergren

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Re-grouping at the Trillium Lake parking lot (at Hwy. 26)

(Photo by Chuck Westergren)

Emilio introduces Michele Gunness as a "pioneer settler woman" who will read s a portion of her diary.

(Photo by Dan Lane)


Another sign showing the original Barlow Road route.

This one is about 40 - 50 yards from the Trillium Lake parking lot (the one next to Highway 26).

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

Mer'a and Scott Stepan and Chuck Westergren (slightly behind) approaching Summit Meadow

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Summit Meadow & Pioneer Cemetery sign

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Summit Meadow (aka "Summit Prairie")

The pioneers rested here.

The grass was not so good for the cattle, but better grass was found about a mile frther, closer to Trillium Lake.

(Photo by John Davis)


Dan Lane at Summit Meadows

(Photo by Dan Lane)

Kristine Canham and Raj Savara at Summit Meadow

(Photo by Kristine Canham)


Emilio Trampuz listens to Lisa Miller reading from a pioneer woman's diary.

(Photo by Dan Lane)

Baby Barcley grave at Summit Meadow

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Baby Barclay grave closeup

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Resting in the shade at te Pioneer Cemetery at Summit Meadow (aka "Summit Prairie")

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


The Pioneer Cemetery at Summit Meadows

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

Baby Morgan's grave marker, placed there about 110 years after the baby was buried there.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Lisa Ratzlaff on uphill trail toward Government Camp

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Kristine Canham and Diane Domina

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Kristine Canham and Diane Domina

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Dan Lane

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Scott Stepan

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Mer'a Stepan

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Roz Montgomery

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

Kristine Canham and

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


Dan Lane, Diane Domina, & Kristine Canham (in back)

(Photo by John Davis)

Mer'a and Scott Stepan

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Michele Gunness at the start of the 100 yards of destroyed Mt. Hood Loop highway, just 2 miles west of Government Camp.

(Photo by Kristine Canham)

Kristine Canham and Lisa Ratzlaff

(Photo by Kristine Canham)


Lisa Ratzlaff on the sad remnants of the old highway

(Photo by Kristine Canham)

Lisa Ratzlaff, Michele Gunness, Emilio Trampuz and John Davis at the ridge above the modern Highway 26

(Photo by Kristine Canham)


Emilio Trampuz on the old highway, just beyond the upturned portion of it.

(Photo by Kristine Canham)

Lisa Ratzlaff on the old highway,

west of Government Camp

(Photo by Kristine Canham)


Emilio pointing at the steep chute on Laurel Hill

(Photo by Kristine Canham)

At the end of Kiwanis Camp Road

This is at the trailhead of the Little Zig Zag River Falls

(Photo by John Davis)


Those with mountain bikes took the Pioneer Bridle Trail

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Colleen Mysers near the end of the Pioneer Bridle Trail

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Scott and Mer'a Stepan

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Mer'a Stepan

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Chuck Westergren

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Roz Montgomery (in front), and Colleen Myers

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Dave Myers and Linda McGavin

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Sign explaining the maple trees at the tollgate

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Roz Montgomery at the tollgate

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Chuck Westergren arrives at the tollgate

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Dave Myers arrives at the tollgate replica

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Excellent meal at the Still Creek Inn

in Rhododendron

(Photo by John Davis)


See larger versions of these photos, plus more in our Photobucket album at:

http://s1080.photobucket.com/user/mthigh/library/Barlow Trail History bike ride 2013


See a series of 11 history videos on YouTube.   Search for "Mt. Hood History" or

use these links to get started:  Video #1: Introduction - http://youtu.be/OnumfGgrw4k

Video #11: Barlow Road Tollgate & summary - http://youtu.be/64PASykedTU



"Frosted Flakes" girls

Spring 2013. 

On Easter weekend (end of March), the ladies on the "Frosted Flakes" PACRAT team got together to recreate a vintage ski poster from half a century ago, showing several young ladies in bikini tops carrying their skis and big smiles on their faces. The original photo was used to promote skiing at Vail, Colorado.


The Frosted Flakes team is a fun and energetic team.  It's a mixed group of 10 people (both men and women) who not only participate in PACRAT racing but also attend social events, go on ski trips with the club, and every so often regale us with something special.  For example, they printed team T-shirts that say: "Frosted Flakes - Each one is unique".


And this time they came up with this classic photo. Move over vintage poster girls of the previous century!  Make room for these 21st century girls!  Go Frosted Flakes!


Frosted Flakes girls:

Pat Savage, Nancy Pratt, Jan Siverts-Smith, Moniquea Degan, and Stevie Viaene.

    (Photo by Bruce Kuper - also a Frosted Flake)



Ramona Falls Hike

June 8, 2013.  (Saturday)

Chris Brooks, our Woman of the Year, led a hike to Ramona Falls, a relatively easy 7 mile round trip hike from a trailhead not far from Lolo Pass Road.  After crossing the Sandy river, we came to a sport were two options are offered. IT was a hot day, so we took the trail to the left, which took us along a creek and through a cool and shady forest all the way to Ramona Falls.  After a rest and a picnic lunch there, we returned following the right side trail, which was somewhat straigher and shorter, following the north bank of the Sandy river.

The falls are magical. Everyone should see them!  Pity that only 8 people experienced this.

Chris will lead at least two other hikes this summer, in the first weekends of July and August.

Bruce McGavin, Jan Siverts-Smith, Michel Gunness, Chris Brooks, Tim Van Horn,

Roxanne, Emilio Trampuz, Bruce Kuper at Ramona Falls.    (Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Chris Brooks leads the group.

Jan Siverts-Smith and Tim Van Horn


Roxanne and Chris and the whole group

Let's put the photographer (Emilio) in the picture too!


Roxanne and Chris hiking.

Bruce Kuper, Michele Gunness and Bruce McGavin


Bruce McGavin takes a picture of Rhododendron

Close-up of Rhododendron flower


A brief rest stop along the way.

Chris Brooks at another rest stop


Chris Brooks points the way.

Chris and Roxanne


A Trillium plant

Bruce McGavin take a photo of Ramona Falls.


See more photos of the Ramona Falls hike, from Bruce Kuper, Bruce McGavin, and Emilio

in our Photobucket album at


The first group of pictures and about 3 short videos are from Bruce Kuper.

Tehn, when the hike photos start from the beginning of the hike (crossing the Sandy River bridge), those are from Emilio.



Timberline side-country

(Alpine, Glade and Blossom trails, Zig Zag, Little Zig Zag & Sand canyons )

April - May, 2013. 

Spring skiing at Timberline is normally excellent, especially when you venture a little bit out of bounds, either west of the Palmer chairlift or south toward Government Camp. And Timberline's Spring Pass - valid all of March, April and May - costs only $109. This year, we were not so lucky with the weather and snow conditions. The first half of May was unseasonably hot and the snow never re-froze during the night.  Thus, we did not get any real corn snow. Still, we skied every Saturday during most of April and May. The best days were:  one of the first weekends in April, when we skied the Alpine trail to Government Camp, and the last weekend in May, when we did multiple laps of upper Zig Zag canyon.

Dave Misitano, Emilio Trampuz, Bob Burns, and Ron Neve just below Timberline lodge

Scott Stepan, Emilio Trampuz, and Kurt Wilke

with Mississippi Head in the background.


Scott Stepan in Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)

Emilio Trampuz in Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Kurt Wilke)


Emilio Trampuz above entrance to Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Jayne Kreitzberg)

Emilio Trampuz above the entrnace to Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Jayne Kreitzberg)


Emilio Trampuz near the top of the Palmer chairlift

(Photo by John Yoo)


John Yoo near the top of Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

Bob Burns in Zig Zag canyon

(Photo by Lisa Miller)


Scotty, Jayne, Dave, Jeanne, Dan, John, Bob, Ron, Emilio, Lisa in front of Mississippi Head

(Photo by Lisa Miller)

Scotty, Jayne, Dave, Jeanne, Dan, John, Lisa, Ron, Bob

in front of Mississippi Head.

Zig Zag canyon.

(Photo by Emilio Trampuz)


Our group entering the east branch of Zig Zag canyon.

John Yoo (in the cowboy hat)


Lisa Miller in the east branch of Zig Zag canyon

Dave Misitano

(with Illumination Rock in the left background)


Kurt Wilke

Scotty Stepan


Dave Misitano entering Zig Zag canyon

Scotty is waiting at the top.

Scott Stepan entering Zig Zag canyon.

Sandra Kaufman and Robert Brockmeyer on the left.


Robert and Sandra watching Scotty ski into Zig Zag canyon.

Robert and Sandra watching Scotty ski into Zig Zag canyon.


Scotty in Zig Zag canyon

Sandra Kaufman in Zig Zag canyon


Sandra Kaufman in Zig Zag canyon

Sandra Kaufman in Zig Zag canyon


Sandra Kaufman in Zig Zag canyon

Robert Brockmeyer in Zig Zag canyon.



Pond skimming at Skibowl and Meadows

April, 2013.  

Bruce Kuper participated in the pond skimming contests at both Mt. Hood Skibowl and Mt. Hood Meadows. 


At Skibowl, he received first prize for best costume.  He was dressed as Thor., the Nordic god with a magical hammer.


Bruce Kuper as Thor by a campfire


Bruce Kuper at Mt. Hood Skibowl

receiving first prize for best costume.

Bruce Kuper as Thor



Canada trip

(Whitewater, Red Mt., and 49 Degrees North)

March 23-30, 2013.   (Whole week)

We called this trip by two nick-names:  "The Powder Highway trip", and "Red, White, and You".

25 people carpooled to Canada.  First, we stayed in the town of Nelson and skied at Whitewater for 3 days.  This was followed by a day of rest, when many of us took a side trip to soak in the mineral waters of Ainsworth Hot Springs. After that we moved to the town of Rossland and skied at Red Mt. for 2 days.  At Red Mt, they are in the process of opening up Grey Mt. for skiing, a whole new hill that is now only accessible by a snowcat ride, but a new chairlift will be installed in time for next winter.

On the way back home, 6 of us stopped for an additional day of skiing at 49 Degrees North, where we found probably the best snow of the whole week, on an ungroomed trail called Tombstone. We also rang Ullr's bell and skied Cy's Glades (a.k.a. the 7 Deadly Sins).

Loren Black, Kurt Krueger, Kurt Wilke at Whitewater

Bob Burns, Wally Taylor and Bill Maltby at Whitewater


Much of the group (not all) at Whitewater

Kurt Wilke at the top of Buckshot ("Experts only")


Kurt K, Bob, Loren, Foxie, Ken, and Emilio at Whitewater

Emilio Trampuz in front of Ymir Peak at Whitewater


Bob Burns, Kurt Wilke, Kurt Krueger in front of Ymir Peak.

Bob Burns, Kurt Wilke, and Emilio Trampuz


A ski patroller in red showed up at the top,

Whitewater chairlift.  Ymir peak in the background.


Loren, Kurt K., Larry, Luis, Kathy, Emilio, Jim, Bill, Cal, and Kurt W.

at Whitewater, with Ymir peak in the background (the sharp peak on the right).


Day of Rest, Ainsworth Hot Springs

Kurt Krueger and Bob Burns in the caves

at Ainsworth Hot Springs

Kurt and Emilio

at Ainsworth Hot Springs


Bob, Kurt and Emilio in the caves at Ainsworth

Linda McGavin in the hot pool at Ainsworth Hot Springs


Warm pool on the left, hot pool on the right.

Big chunk of ice fell off the roof at Casa Alpina, Rossland


Kay Kinyon and Kurt Krueger relaxing with a drink

at Casa Alpina, Rossland.

Luis Martinez, Kathy Johnson and Patty Ignatowski

at Casa Alpina, Rossland.


Bruce McGavin and  Jim Crawford

Jim Crawford, Gerry Ignatowski, and Cal Eddy (sitting)


A bunch of us relaxing on a sunny afternoon

at Casa Alpina, in Rossland, B.C..

A bunch of us relaxing on a sunny afternoon

at Casa Alpina, in Rossland, B.C..


Red Mountain

Gloves getting warmed and dried over a stove

in Paradise Lodge at Red Mt.




On left:  The entrance to Paradise Lodge.

Or is that Paradise itself?


Loren Black, Foxie PRoctor, Bob Burns, Kurt Wilke

at Red Mountain (actually Granite Mt.)

Emilio Trampuz near the top of Red Mt.

with a view of the town of Rossland below.


Bob Burns and Emilio Trampuz at the top of Grey Mt.

Emilio Trampuz at the top of Grey Mt.


Emilio Trampuz at the top of Grey Mt. (part of Red. Mt.)

Nordlig Motel in Chewellah, WA the evening we arrived.


49 Degrees North

49 North:  Kurt Krueger, Bob Burns, Kurt Wilke

The Powder room at 49 Degrees North


Kurt K., Foxie, Ken, Bob, Kurt W. at the topf of

Cy's Glades - a.k.a. "the 7 Deadly Sins"

Foxie and Bob resting at the bottom of Cy's Glades.


A look at Cy's Glades, looking up from the pick-up road.

A little girl rings Ullr's bell for good luck at 49 North.



Pizza Party - Quarterly Social

March 7, 2013.  (Thursday)

Several times a year, the club pays for some food and merriment, to provide a venue for socializing. This takes the form of a pizza party, or a seafood party, or a chocolate party.  This time, it was pizza at our usual place: the Round Table Pizza on Barbur Blvd, near the intersection with Capitol Hwy.  As usual, everyone who attended had fun, and the pizza was good!

Our club president, Kurt Krueger.

Emilio showed a video


Conversation was lively!

Elaine Bock, Sally Niedermeyer, and Terry Swan.


Kurt Krueger (our Prez) made a few announcements.


Did we say the pizza was mmm, mmm, good?!



Utah trip

(Powder Mt., Snowbasin, The Canyons, Sundance)

February 22 - March 1, 2013.   (Whole week)

Approximately 20 people participated.  This was our second annual trip to Eden, Utah, led by Gordon Lusk.  We did the same thing last winter. We stayed in condos above the town of Eden, just 10 minutes from Powder Mountain. The foucs was largely on skiing at Powder Mt. but on at least one or two days during the week, people made side trips to other ski areas, such as Snowbasin, Sundance, and the Canyons.

Kenny Brundidge had a mishap at The Canons when he ventured into a rocky and very steep area called "The Abyss". He ran into some ice and tried to get out there by hiking back up, but he lost his balance and tumbled over the rocks onto a still very steep snowy slope below.  He survived the tumbel with only a few bruises, but he is grateful to Jim and Walt for sticking with him through the ordeal and picking up the spilled contents of his wallet that scattered all over the slope.  Thanks to Kenny for the photos of that spill.

Also thanks to Pete and Ann Gormley and Linda and Bruce McGavin for more of the photos.

A ski patroller in red showed up at the top, above the rocks. Photo taken by Kenny Brundidge.

Kenny Brundidge taking a photo of himself right after the fall on "The Abyss" at The Canyons, Utah.


Kenny having fun in the powder!

Jim Caldwell and Walt Blomberg

who got rich gathering the contents of Kenny;s wallet


Jim Caldwell in action in the powder.

(Photo by Kenny Brundidge)

The group after dinner at the Gray Cliff Lodge

(Photo by Kenny Brundidge)


Ann Gormley enjoying the powder at Powder Mt.

(Photo by Pete Troy)

Ann Gormley enjoying the powder at Powder Mt.

(Photo by Pete Troy)


Ann Gormley enjoying the powder at Powder Mt.

(Photo by Pete Troy)

Ann Gormley lays down fresh tracks at Powder Mt.

(Photo by Pete Troy)


Socializing at the condo in Eden, Utah.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Socializing at the condo in Eden, Utah.

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)


Ann Gormley and Pete Troy

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)

Ken Brown and Foxie Proctor

(Photo by Bruce McGavin)



Hoodoo day trip

February 16, 2013.   (Saturday)

This was one of our 5 "Show Me Something New" day trips this winter. We had 25 people on a 57 passenger bus, so everyone had plenty of room to spread out.  We served a variety of breakfast foods (muffins, donuts, fresh fruit, and tea and coffee) on the bus.  This trip was organized jointly by Sandra Smith and Emilio Trampuz.

A week before the trip, Emilio had fallen on asphalt in his own driveway and had three hairline fractures in his humerus (upper arm) bone, so he travelled and skied with his arm in a sling.

All the photos from this trip are from Dave Meyer and Nancy Erz.

Emilio (arm in sling) and Bob Burns telling a joke.

(Photo by Dave Meyers)

Tracy Petersen on the bus to Hoodoo.

(Photo by Dave Meyers)


Diane Domina and Wendy Childs in the back seat

and Nancy Erz in the fornt seat.  (photo by Dave Meyers)

Emilio Trampuz   (photo by Dave Meyers)


Hoodoo ski area.   (Photo by Nancy Erz)

Signs near the top of Hoodoo.  (Photo by Nancy Erz)


Colleen Meyers at the top of Hoodoo.  (Photo by Nancy Erz)

View from the bus on the drive home: (Photo by Nancy Erz)




PACRAT Race #3 - Skibowl

February 10, 2013.   (Sunday)

This was the third PACRAT race this year.  Held on the Dog Leg trail at Mt. Hood Skibowl on a beautiful sunny day.

Gary Olsen on a warm-up run

Doug Pilcher on a warm-up run


Near the starting gate.

Greg Dilger controlling the traffic:

"Racers ready? ... 3, 2, 1, GO!"


Two parallel courses: one blue, one red.

Applying that special secret sauce.


David Papworth

Unknown racer - not wearing his bib!!!


Peter Dodd.

Jeff Kingsbury


Chris Coleman

Dexter Hill


Head to head duel

Kay Kinyon


Thomas Hildick

Kyle Taylor


A fast dude.

Another fast dude..


Ryan Jamison

John Yoo and Gary Olsen


Doug Pilcher, Gary Olsen, John Yoo

Doug Pilcher, Gary Olsen, Emilio Trampuz, John Yoo


Troy Hall.

Bruce Kuper

Photographer, racer, Mt. High man of the year, and

soon to become our Mt. High Racing Director.




Cosmic Tubing at Mt. Hood Skibowl

February 8, 2013.   (Friday)

Mt. Hood Skibowl has invested over a million dollars in renovating the Mutltorpor lodge recently, to preserve the building and its ssignificance surronding the historic Jump Hill from 1928.  The length of the historic Mltorpor Jump Hill was 70 meters, which has now become the name of hhte lodge's restaurant: "70 meter Bar & Grill".   Check out both the cafeteria on the ground floor and the bar on the second floor.  It looks really great!


Cosmic tubing has become quite an attraction at Skibowl East.  It will operate year round, using a plastic carpet in the summer.  But winter-time cosmic tubing is a special treat.  You have to see it to believe it. The multitude of ever changing colors, the music, and all the happy faces on the hill makes for a very special atmosphere.


In addition to cosmic tubing, you should try the zip line, which will zip you above the cosmic tubing area and back toward the lodge again. What an experrience! See what Spyderman feels like when he zooms from building to building!  It's an unforgettable experience!


Just above the cosmic tubing, there is regular alpine skiing throughout the day and evening, till 10 pm. Remember, Mt. Hood Skibowl continues as America's largest night ski area.with 34 night lit runs.

The entrance to the magic carpet, the gateway to the cosmic tubing area.

Colors keep changing! It's only 6 pm and the corwds haven't arrived yet. Expect more people by 7 pm.


Grab an inner tube and let's go!
Lights around the Multorpor chairlift in the background.

Karen Norton (Marketing and Corporate Sales) and
Cara Fischer (Special Events Coordinator) at Skibowl


After riding the magic carpet, it's just a few steps to the launching area

At a signal, the race is on!


There are 2-seaters too!

And off they go!


Laser lights bathe the area in multiple colors

Get ready for another run!


More poeple keep coming!

Skibowl's gateway to cosmic magic!


There are even 4-seaters!  Get on board! Let's party!

Alas!  It's time to say good-bye to the magic land!

Come experience the magic yourself!


Mt. Hood Skibowl Day trip

January 26, 2013.   (Saturday)

This was our second day trip to Mt. Hood this season, and also the second in the series of "Show Me Something New" challenges.  Again, only about 5 people showed up, but we also met up with others on the mountain. Again, everyone was able to find something new to ski. We found both some new groomers, as well as some new ungroomed slopes to ski, and that was even without venturing into the Outback!!!  There's more at Skibowl than you might think!

We were too busy skiing to take photos this time, but among the new trails we skied were:

1. Daddy Killer (not named on the map)

2. Roundhouse (an easy green trail)

3. Stumpgarden (an ungroomed, moguled slope)

4. Fire hydrant (a groomed blue trail)

5. Upper Surprise (ungroomed black diamond slope)

6.  Un-named trail under the lower bowl lift, might be a green slope except that is is ungroomed.


There was something new for all ability levels!!!  See if you can find these on your own!

Fireplace in the Warming Hut at Skibowl


John Davis, Robert Brockheimer Sandra Kaufman, Emilio Trampuz at the historic Warming hut at Skibowl

Martha, Sandra, Jeannie, Emilio, John, Robert, and Henry Bendinelli at the warming hut at Skibowl



Chocolate Party

January 26, 2013.   (Saturday)

After skiing new discoveries at Mt. Hood Skibowl, some people went home, while others went to the Chocolate Party. Just like with the Crab Feed a couple of weeks earlier (see photos lower down on this page), the Chocolate Party was better attended than the skiing earlier in the day.  As usual, prizes were given to people who brought in the most chocolaty, the most creative, and the lightest chocolate dessert.

Kurt Krueger, Debbi Kor, Mary Olhausen

Scott Kelley, Barbara Bousum, and a new member


Thanks to Terry and Brad Swan for offering their living room for the Chocolate party.

Dave Myers won one of the prizes for his dessert.


Terry Swan chats up a newcomer to the club

Terry Swan and two newcomers to the club.



Idaho trip

January 18-21, 2013. 

This was a 4 day trip, with skiing at 3 different ski areas.  There were 39 of us on the bus. We stayed in the town of McCall, Idaho and skied at nearby Tamarack and Brundage Mt. On the way back home, we stopped for one more night in Baker City, Oregon and skied at Anthony Lakes on Monday (which was Martin Luther King Day). We had perfectly sunny days throughout the trip.  Thanks to all who sent in photos from the trip.  The photographers are named under each photo.  If there is no name, then the photos are from Emilio's camera.

Kay Kinyon, telling a joke on the bus

Colleen Myers telling her joke on the bus


Stevie Viaene telling a joke (or a sad story?)

Bob Burns tells a joke


Dave Myers tells a joke

Nancy Pratt tells a joke (or a haunting story?)


Moniquea Degan. Where does the tattoo stop and the dress begin?

Sandra Kaufman
reading the latest issue of "Lift Lines"


Sandra Kaufman and Robert Brockmeyer

That's an article where Emilio says:
Don't be like me!"

Tamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin


Stevie Viaene at
Tamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin

Tamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin


Tamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin

Tamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin


Tamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin

Patty Ignatowski atTamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin


Linda McGavin at
Tamarack.   Photo by Bruce McGavin

Bob Burns, John Elliott, Emilio Trampuz, & Kurt Wilke
at Tamarack.   Photo by Kurt Wilke


Tamarack.   Photo by Kurt Wilke

Itsuko Day at Tamarack.   Photo by Kurt Wilke


Tamarack.   Photo by Kurt Wilke

Emilio Trampuz at Tamarack.   Photo by Kurt Wilke


Tamarack.   Photo by Nancy Erz

Tamarack.   Photo by Nancy Erz


Tamarack.   Photo by Nancy Erz

Robert, Emilio & Sandra at Tamarack. Photo by Rich Horner


Most of us (but not all) at the top of Tamarack

Ron Jones, Itsuko Day, Kurt Wilke, Bob Burns at Tamarack


Nancy Erz, Karen Michels, Kurt Wilke, Jan Siverts-Smith, and Bob Burns at Tamarack

Kurt Wilke, Itsuko Day, Bob Burns, Ron Jones, Jan Siverts-Smith at Tamarack


Bruce McGavin, John Elliott, Linda McGavin

Kay Kinyon, Bruce McGavin, John Elliott, Linda McGavin, Stevie Viaene at Tamarack


Jan Siverts-Smith, Ron Jones, Itsuko Day, Kurt Wilke, and Bob Burns at Tamarack

Scott Kelley, Kurt Krueger, Wally Taylor
at Tamarack


Jan, Bob, Emilio, Marie, Ron, and Itsuko at Brundage Mt.
Photo by Kurt WIlke

The trophy tree at Brundage Mt.
Photo by Kurt WIlke


Jan Siverts-Smith at
Brundage Mt.
Photo by Kurt WIlke

The "yurt" at Brundage Mt.
Photo by Nancy Erz


Dave & Colleen Myers, and Marie McLean
at Brundage Mt.    Photo by Nancy Erz

The bears next to the "yurt" at Brundage Mt.
Photo by Nancy Erz


Kurt Wilke & Ron Jones at Brundage Mt.

Bob, Itsuko, Kurt, and Ron at Brundage Mt.


Brundage Mt.
Photo by Bruce McGavin

Anthony Lakes
Photo by Kurt WIlke


Emilio fell at
Anthony Lakes
Photo by Kurt WIlke

Emilio at Anthony Lakes
Photo by Lisa Miller


Lisa Miller at Anthony Lakes

Lisa Miller at Anthony Lakes


Bob Burns, Lisa Miller, Kevin Bastin, Kurt Wilke, Ron Jones, Itsuko Day, at Anthony Lakes

Bob Burns, Lisa Miller, Kevin Bastin, Kurt Wilke, Ron Jones, Itsuko Day, at Anthony Lakes


See more Idaho trip photos in our Photobucket Album at

http://s1080.beta.photobucket.com/user/mthigh/library/2013 Idaho trip



Mt. Hood Meadows Day trip + Crab Feed

January 12, 2013 (Saturday). 

This year, we are trying something new.  A series of 5 day trips focused on the theme: "Show Me Something New". The challenge is to try to find some new trail or some part of a ski area that we haven't skied yet, even though we probably visited the ski area for many years. Only 5 people came to this first such event.  As you see by the show of hands, everyone in the group managed to ski something new that day.

At the end of the day, we joined the Schnee Vogeli club's Crab Feed dinner at the Huckleberry Inn, in Govt. Camp.

Kristine, Bob, Lainye, Kristin, John

John Yoo and Bob Burns ventured into FRIGHT trees


Bob Burns and Emilio at the entrance to FRIGHT trees

Bob, John, and Emilio entering FRIGHT trees


The gully under the Shooting Star lift was new to all of us.

This gully is a natural half-pipe of sorts.  Lots of fun.


The upper part of the gully next to the Shooting Star lift.

Raise your hand if you skied something new today!


Our intrepid group of five.

Lainye Heiles


Lainye Heiles

Lainye Heiles


Lainye Heiles

Lainye Heiles


Bob Burns

Bob Burns attempts to crash into photographer!


Kristin Brown

John Yoo


Lainye Heiles telemarking in ungroomed snow

Lainye Heiles telemarking in ungroomed snow


Lainye Heiles telemarking in ungroomed snow

Lainye Heiles


Ski patrol cabin at the top of the Mt. Hood Express lift

Ski patrol cabin at the top of the Mt. Hood Express lift


Crab Feed at Huckleberry Inn, Government Camp

After skiing, we were all invited to join the Schnee Bogeli club in their annual Crab Feed event. It was a dinner at Huckleberry Inn in Government Camp.  There was a choice beteween a crab dinner or a steak dinner. The back room at Huckleberry Inn was fillled to capacity. Members of several local ski clubs showed up, including Schnee Vogeli, Skiyyente, and Mountain High.

Robert, Sandra, Emilio, Kristin, and Lainye

Mer'a and Scott Stepan


Beth Paraskeva and Connie Potter

John and Sylvia Orefice, and Diane Hicks



Mt. High Kickoff Party

November 15, 2012 (Thursday). 

Our annual Kickoff Party is where most people renew their membership and sign up for trips. Over 100 people were present.  There was free food (paid for by the club), and a no host bar.

Loren Black, a PACRAT racer on the Mt. Hoodlums team holding up a PACRAT racing flyer.

Loren Black (Mt. Hoodlums) and Beth Paraskeva (Slack Rats team)


Emilio manned the information booth

We had a signup table.


A place to sit down and fill ut your membership form.

Debbi Kor, our hostess, greeting everyone.


Chuck Westergren & Loren Black  (both Mt. Hoodlums)

Debbi Kor


Randy Lew (FWSA President) addresses the crowd

The Gray Gables Estate hall was well filled.


Terry Swan accepting John Yoo's membership renewal.

Randy Lew addresses the group.


John Hanson of the Ski Chalet was our guest speaker

Bruce Ellison & Barb Pressentin talk about racing


Bruce Ellison & Barb Pressentin talk about racing

Mary Olhausen (NWSCC President)


Mary Olhausen (NWSCC President)

Mary Olhausen (NWSCC President)



Ski Fair

November 5, 2012 (Monday). 

The Ski Fair was held at the Convention Center adjacent to the PDX Airport Holiday Inn on Columbia Blvd.. This is a NW Ski Club Council event, organized by skiers for skiers, with each ski club having its own both.


As usual, our Mt. High booth was one of the most well attended booths. Lots of new people showed up, as well as existing club members who renewed their membership, signed up for trips, or racing, or both.


The theme of the Ski Fair was "Ski History", and our club put together an interesting exhibit of historic photos and some historical artifacts, including an old rope-tow grabber, and a really old pair of foldable ski goggles made of canvas. The two items were brought by Nancy Pratt.  We even dressed in some old ski clothes!  Unfortunately, our history exhibit was not noticed by the judges.  But, you be your own judge.

Terry Swan took staffed our booth all evening.

People signing up at our booth.


Our history exhibit

Canvas and plastic goggles + old ski sweater

Rope tow grabber. Skiers used to carry this metal piece, which they attached to the rope tow for the uphill ride.


Terry White and Larry Bennett view our old photos

Kurt Krueger and David Schor


Gordon Lusk staffed the PACRAT booth

Rick Saul at the Mt. Ashland booth.  Rick is in charge of implementing the new Mt. Ashland expansion.


Henry Bendinelli staffed the Mt. Hood Ski Kats booth, along with Sally Plympton.  Patty & Gerry Ignatowski visitng the Ski Kats booth.

Henry Bendinelli, Sally Plympton, Patty & Gerry Ignatowski


Henry Bendinelli, Sally Plumpton, and Patty Ignatowski

The Mt. Hood Ski Kats club booth


"This is My Hood" T-shirts were on sale.

Terry Swan and Jan Siverts Smith in vintage clothing.


The Cascade Ski Club booth

Dave Ludwig (founder of Hope on the Slopes) talks to Mt. Hood Skibowl's ski patroller Paul Podett.


Chris Brooks (our club Secretary) talks to Dan Lane at the Hope on the Slopes booth

Chris Brooks (our club Secretary) talks to Dan Lane at the Hope on the Slopes booth


Randy Lew (FWSA President) talks to Dave Ludwig at the Hope on the Slopes booth.

Randy Lew (FWSA President), Dave Ludwig (Hope on the Slopes founder) and Dan Lane (Mountain High club)..



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