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2013/2014 Mt. High Photos


2013 / 2014 Photos


Nov. 17, 2014:   NWSCC Ski Fair

Nov. 14-16: Portland Ski Fever Show

Oct.  24:  Warren Miller dinner & movie

Sept.. 27: Seafood Party

Sept.  13: Salmon Headwaters Cleanup

Aug. 21-24: Rafting trip

Aug. 16: Picnic and bike ride

Aug.  2:  History bike tour

July 19:   Bike to Dike ride

July 13:   Row River - Dorena Lake bike

June 28:  Champoeg Park bike ride

June 21:  Mt. High Highway Cleanup

June 18:  NWSCC 35th anniversary

June 12-15, 2014: FWSA Convention

June  1: Silver Falls Hike

May 21:  Mt. High Social & Elections

April - May: Timberline adventures

April 18: PACRAT "Rat Attack" party

March 21-23: Leavenworth trip

March 8:  Chocolate Party

March 1:  Ski the Glade Trail Day

Feb. 21-23, 2014:  Mt. Bachelor trip

Jan.27 - Feb. 1, 2014: North Idaho trip

Nov. 20, 2013:  Kickoff Party

Nov.  18, 2013: Ski Fair





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Older Photos

Ski trips & Social events  Selected past trip and event photos.


2013 photos. Hwy. cleanup, MHSP Ski Swap - Kurt Krueger, FWSA Safety Person of the Year, Picnic & Bike ride, Tunnel Falls hike, Banks-Vernonia bike ride, History bike ride, Frosted Flakes girls poster, Hike to Ramona Falls, Timberline sidecountry Zig Zag, Pond skimming, Canada (Whitewater, Red. Mt.) Pizza Party, Utah trip (Powder Mt.),  Hoodoo day trip ,PACRAT Race 3 Skibowl, Cosmic tubing at Skibowl, Mt. Hood Skibowl day trip, Chocolate party, Idaho trip, Mt. Hood Meadows day trip, Mt. High Kickoff Party, Ski Fair

2012 photos. Hwy. cleanup, Barlow Road Ride, Rafting, Picnic, Cycle Oregon, Timberline canyons, Newton canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Pizza party, Meadows, ISHA, Bachelor Blast, Mystery trip to Shasta & Ashland, Movie night, Utah Powder Mt., Snowbasin, PACRAT race, Chocolate party, FWSA Jackson Hole, Anthony Lakes, Bib decorating, Washington park hike, Ski Fair, Ski Show. .

2011 photos. Hikes, Golf, Rafting, Cycle Oregon, Cycle Idaho, Highway cleanup, Seafood party, Chocolate party, Life Flight, Scotty & Mer'a wedding, Movie Night, Leavenworth trip, Crystal Mt. trip, Bib decorating party, Rat Attack party.

2010 photos. Hope on the Slopes, Fernie trip, Mystery trip to Willaemette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, Picnic, Rafting, Hikes, Highway cleanup, NWSCC 30th Anniversary, etc..

2009 photos, Seafood, Golf, Rafting, Ski pole rescue, Steve & Quinn's Wedding, Pond skimming, Heavenly, Crystal, Schweitzer, Bowling, Canada Safari. Hillcrest Race Night.

2008 photos Ski Fair, Timberline new lift inauguration, 5th Canadian Ski Safari, PACRAT races, Sunny South Oregon bus trip, Mystery trip to White Pass, 1st Heavenly/Tahoe trip, Rat Attack Awards party, Pizza Party, Rafting weekend, Seafood Spectacular at Blaise and Alice's, Salmon River canyon hike, Friend of the Forest cleanup at Meadows

2007 photos 4th Canada safari, Powder Mt., Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass, Ski the Glade Trail, Timberline new trails, Far West races at Bachelor, River Cruise.

2006 photos Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Timberline summer, Picnic & bike ride.

2005 photos 3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt., Crystal Mt.;

2004 photos 2nd Canada Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social;


See a 6-minute video highlighting almost everything the club has done in a single year. The video is now posted on our Videos page, under the title: "Mountain High Club 2011-2012".



NWSCC Ski Fair

Nov. 7, 2014  (Monday)

The annual Ski Fair is organized by the NW Ski Club Council.  It was held from 6:00 - 9:30 pm at the Conference Center next to the Airport Holiday inn on Columbia Blvd. This is a non-commercial event, organized by skiers for skiers. Each local ski club had a free booth here.  The theme was "Winter Wonderland", and our club was proclaimed the winner, as the most well decorated booth.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped set it up and staff it throughout the evening.  Several new people joined the club this evening, and a lot of existing club members came to renew their membership and sign up for ski trips and/or for PACRAT racing.

We also held a drawing for a year of free club membership and the winner's name was drawn from the box at the end of the evening.  The winner is Al Hilliker, a new member!  Congratulations, Al.  Make the most of it!


These volunteers helped set up out Mountain High booth and staffed it for the evening:

Standing:   Kurt Krueger, Emilio Trampuz, Terry Swan

   Sitting:  Jan Siverts-Smith (Zippy),  Karen Michels


Kurt Krueger and Karen Michels

Jan Siverts-Smith and Larry Bennett wit the moose.


Our booth had lots of snowflakes, some of them with tiny light bulbs. We also had a moose with skis, a display of very old short skis and old boots, and 3 pictures.

The central picture was a fireplace with some wine.


Santa was in a corner, warming himself by the fire.

Let's get in the spirit!

The slopes of Mt. Hood (near the Magic Mile) were displayed behind a frosted window frame.


Bruce Kuper set up and staffed the PACRAT booth

Bruce ran a video and slide presentation


Bruce Kuper unveils the new Mt. High racing banner

Debbie Thomas and Karen Michels


Terry Swan talks to Debbie Geiger in the background

Terry S.,  Debbie T.,  Karen M.,  and Debbie G.


Debbi Geiger and Terry Swan


In addition to the club booths, other organizations that had booths were the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, Hope on the Slopes, the Oregon Cancer Ski Out, and others.


Ski areas that were present donated various items, such as lift tickets and lodging packages, which were auctioned off in a silent auction.


Some ski areas, such as Mt. Bachelor, offered special deals on lift tickets.




Portland Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Nov. 14-16, 2014  (Friday-Sunday)

It appeared that this year's show was somewhat less well attended and with somewhat fewer exhibitors.  The latter was probably because the Seattle Show was held on the same weekend, so ski resorts had to decide whether to attend the Portland or the Seattle show. The NW Ski Club Council booth was well decorated and there were flyers from various local ski clubs on the table.  A lot of volunteers from different ski clubs helped to staf the booth in 3 hour shifts.

Mary Olhausen and Karen Michels at the NWSCC booth

Mary Olhausen, Emilio Trampuz, Karen Michels


Jan Siverts-Smith (aka. Zippy) distributed invitations to

the PACRAT Membership Pizza Party

Bruce Kuper distributed invitations to the

PACRAT Membership Pizza Party


Pat Savage, Bruce Kuper, Jan Siverts-Smith

all helped distribute PACRAT invitations

Jan warmed her hands on the fake but ery realistic looking flame at the CMH Heli-Skiing booth






In the picture on the left are some more Mountain High volunteers staffing the NWSCC booth at the Portland Ski Show.  They are:


Moniquea Degan, Nancy Pratt, Jan Siverts-Smith, and Bruce Kuper



Warren Miller Movie and a dinner

Oct. 24, 2014  (Friday)

This dinner and a movie event has been a tradition in our club for the past 10 or 20 years.  It's a great way to get the new ski season started. Sandra Smith organized the event.  She purchased 66 movie tickets, and about 30 people came to the pre-movie dinner.  Our usual venue for the dinner, the Silver Spoon Bistro (formerly known as the Trees Restaurant, and earlier as "Madison on 5th") went out of business unexpectedly, so we had to find an alternate loaction at the last minute.  We ended up going going to Pastini Pastaria, where the service was fast and efficient. Some of us enjoyed visiting with members of the Bergfreunde club who were also there, in a different section of the restaurant.  Later, the Warren Miller movie "No Turning Back" was full of death defying stunts and incredible steeps, as usual. It's all part of the tradition!  One of the new aspects of skiing covered this year was "Speed Riding" or "Spreed Flying", or "3D Skiing", combining parasailing and skiing.

Dave & Colleen Myers and two future members

Good food, good company.


Wait!  We still haven't swallowed!!!

Scott, Mer'a, Moniquea, and Nancy



The food was great! Now, if we can just stay awake for the movie!

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall



Mt. High Seafood Party

Sept. 27, 2014  (Saturday)

Approximately 50 people attended our annual Seafood Party. This year, for the first time, it was held at the Community Center in Willsonville, just 2 minutes from the I-5 freeway.  Good company and good food.  The food came in 3 waves: first the appetizers, then the main course, and then dessert.  Most people brought something to share, and it was perfect!

The community center's entrance

These are just the appetizers!


Lisa and Harry Scribner, and Mary Olhausen

Debbi Kor and Linda McGavin serving up the salmon



Linda brings out some more shellfish


Debbi made some announcements

She introduced some people.


Just some of the participants.

Randy Lew spoke about FWSA events and trips


Mary Olhausen spoke about the NWSCC, Ski Fair, etc.


Somebody brought up this interesting question regarding Genetically modified food labeling that we will all be voting on in November.



Salmon Headwaters Cleanup

Sept. 13, 2014  (Saturday)

Over 30 people from all walks of life participated in this 4th annual cleanup of the Salmon Headwaters near Timberline's parking lot.  We met at the lower parking lot, the first one you come across, where Mt. Hood climbers usually park. We had a slow start, but got going by about 10:30 am, and we worked till about 1 pm.  We split up into two groups. One group was taken up to Silcox hut to help cleanup that area. The rest of us went into the first little canyon below the parking lot, where a lot of stuff gets blown into by the wind.


See a short 2-minute video / slide-show summarizing the whole event at: http://youtu.be/BAOTSxGJ6PE


This was not a Mountain High activity.  It was organized by the Snowrider Project.  See their Facebook Page.  But a couple of our members, Laura Whitehorn and Emilio Trampuz, participated.  This is just one of several charitable projects in which our members are involved, including Hope on the Slopes, the Oregon Cancer Ski Out, Ski to Defeat ALS, and others. On top of that our club also organizes a cleanup of 2 miles of Highway 26 just west of Government Camp (mileposts 51-53) twice a year.

Gathering in the parking lot in the morning.

Laura Whitehorn, with her garbage bag already half full


A volunteer cleaning up the canyon

A quick break to take in the view


The last part was all uphill, through the rocks.

Look what I found!


We filled up lots of bags. This is his second one

You need gloves for this job.


See a short 2-minute video / slide-show summarizing the whole event at:





Rafting weekend on the Deschutes River

Aug 21-24, 2014.

About 40 people attended this long weekend of rafting and frolicking in the sun on the Deschutes River at Maupin, Oregon.  On Saturday evening, a BBQ dinner was included. Gordon Lusk, the event organizer, did most of the cooking.
After dinner, Bruce Kuper showed his pictures and videos taken during the trip. This was projected onto an improvised large screen and it attracted a lot of attention from other campers at Maupin City Park.

Our campground in Maupin City Park

Photo: Bruce Kuper


Our campground in Maupin City Park

Photo: Bruce Kuper  


Photo: Bruce Kuper

Photo: Bruce Kuper


Photo: Bruce Kuper

Photo: Bruce Kuper


Photo: Bruce Kuper

Photo: Bruce Kuper


Photo: Bruce Kuper

Photo: Bruce Kuper


Bill Leeper rowing,  Terry and Bradley Swan having loads of fun in the rapids.



Mt. High Picnic & bike ride

August 16, 2014  (Saturday)

It was a wonderful, sunny day.  Warm, but not too hot. The pre-picnic bike ride along the Willamette River from Sellwood bridge to the Steel Bridge and back was attended by 17 people.  Larry Bennett led the way.

Approximately 30 people showed up for the picnic, and lots of them brought fresh fruit and desserts. Yummy!  Thanks everyone!  We'll do it again next year!  See short video of the picnic and bike ride at: http://youtu.be/iQcFLZV1ooo.

Our group of cyclists, assembling near Sellwood bridge.

Photo: Bruce McGavin


Larry Bennett leading our bikers up the Willamette River.   


Colleen and Dave Myers

Larry Bennett and John Davis at the head of the group.


Returning along the east bank of the river.

John Davis and Jan Siverts Smith grill the sausages.


Edie Martinelli, Debbi Kor, and Janice Jessn 

Ginger, Gordy, and their dog named River.


Great spot in the shade of cool trees   

Good company


Edie, Steve, and Debbi

Bill Leeper and Nancy Pratt


Steve Royce, Wendy Rust, Chuck Westergren, Debbi Kor, and Edie Martinelli

Photo: Emilio Trampuz


Bill Leepr stands in line for grilled sausages, served by Jan Siverts Smith

Photo: Emilio Trampuz


See short video of the picnic and bike ride at: http://youtu.be/iQcFLZV1ooo



History Bike Tour

Timberline to Rhododendron

August 2, 2014  (Saturday)

There were 22 participants n thhis bike ride through the history of Oregon.  We rode on all the 3 historically significant roads on Mt. Hood, each representing a period of Oregon's history.

1. Barlow Road was part of the Oregon trail. Pioneers followed it to Oregon City.  (1845 - 1923)

2. Mt. Hood Loop Highway, the first real road around Mt. Hood (1923 - 1959)

3. Highway 26, the modern day highway that replaced the old Mt. Hood Loop Highway (1959 - today).


We all joined together for the middle part of this ride, from Government Camp over Laurel Hill to Kiwanis Camp Road. That was the historical part of the tour.  But, in addition to this, for the first few miles (from Timberline) and the last few miles (before Rhododendron), we split up into two groups.  Mountain bikers, led by Lisa Miller, followed a relatively narrow mountain bike trail, the Timberline to Town tail, while the road bikers, led by Emilio Trampuz, followed a paved road all the way (starting with West Leg Road, and ending with Road 39 which parallels highway 26. Everyone also experienced at least a portion of the Pioneer Bridle Trail.


Everybody had a good time.  The weather was perfect.  Warm but not too hot, and we spent a lot of time in the shade of trees.. We ended the tour with a lunch at the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron.

We assembled between the Jeff Flood and the Magic Mile lifts, which is where the Timberline to Town trails starts.


Assembling in Rhdodendron.   

Photo: Chuck Westergren

The mountain bike trial had some rough spots.

   Photo: Chuck Westergren


Lisa Miller led the mountain bikers. Photo: Chuck Westergren

The road bikers found fresh Huckleberries right along West Leg Road , and alos at the Glaciier View Snopark.

.   Photo: Chuck Westergren


Timberline to Town MTB trail.   Photo: Chuck Westergren

Barlow Road sign, west of Govy.   Photo: Chuck Westergren


Barlow Road sign west of Govy. Here it connects the Pioneer Bridle Trail and the old Mt. Hood highway.

Photo: Chuck Westergren

A couple of fallen trees on Barlow Road.  From the day it was built in 1845, the "road" required constant maintenance, removing fallen branches and trees.

Photo: Chuck Westergren


Getting started on Barlow Road (part of the Oregon Trail) west of Government Camp.  


Old Mt. Hood highway, west of Govy .

Photo: Chuck Westergren

Old highway was torn to pieces in 2012 (or early 2013), as part of its "decommissioning" by the Forest Service. 

Photo: Chuck Westergren


Fortunately, after hearing complaints, the Forest Service cleared a pedestrian path along the side of the torn highway. Only about 100 yards. of the road was torn.

Photo: Chuck Westergren

Highway 26 cut its way right across the path of the old highway (and of Barlow Road).   Photo: Chuck Westergren


Widening of highway 26 has destroyed the ramp we used to follow down from here..  . Photo:  Chuck Westergren

If we had a pedestrian bridge across highway 26 here, we could continue riding the old highway on the other side.   Photo: Chuck Westergren


Instead, we have to backtrack for about 1.5 miles.

Photo:  Chuck Westergren

The old highway is really overgrown in places.  

Photo: Chuck Westergren


We crossed Hwy. 26 a little below the Mirror Lake trailhead, and continued riding on the old highway (to the left of this picture).      Photo:  Chuck Westergren

On the edge of the old highway, looking down on Hwy. 26 and back toward where we came from.  

Photo: Chuck Westergren


The old highway on Laurel Hill. :  Photo: Chuck Westergren

We got off the old highway and onto Barlow Road (the original wagon route.    Photo: Chuck Westergren


The steepest part of the Oregon Traill, the chute on Laurel Hill.  Te pioneers lowered there wagons using ropes, or dragging a tree behind the wagon. Photo: Chuck Westergren

Looking down the steep chute. Did the pioneers rally come down this way?  It's amazing! .

Photo: Chuck Westergren


Back to the old Mt. Hood highway on Laurel Hill..

Photo: Chuck Westergren

A tunnel built for riding horses under the old highway.   Photo: Chuck Westergren


We split up againThe mountain bikers went down the Pioneer Bridle trail. 

Photo: Chuck Westergren

Part of the Pioneer Bridle Trail paralleling highway 26 on the south side of it. .   Photo: Chuck Westergren


Scotty on the Pioneer Bridle Trail. Photo: Chuck Westergren

Scotty and Mer'a on the Pioneer Bridle Trail.

Photo: Chuck Westergren


At the end of this bicycle tour, we treated ourselves to a nice lunch at the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron.



Bike to Dike Ride

July 19, 2014  (Saturday)

22 miles, 2 lakes, 1 park, 1 dike.   This fun ride was attended by about a dozen of us.  We started from Linneman Station in Gresham - right next to the Springwater trail, but we immediately took of to the north and north-east, without ever touching the Springwater trail.


We rode by Fairview lake (private) and through the Blue Lake park (public), and then along a dike behind Troutdale airport. Back in Gresham, we ended the ride with a lunch at the Cedarville Inn, where the food was excellent.

Jackie Bonillo leading the pack.   Dick Bonillo bringing up the rear.


Ann Gormley,  Jerry Ignatowski, ... and others

Chris Brooks, Patrizia, and Dick Bonillo


Fairview Lake behind us

Enjoying the view


At the northwest end of Blue Lake

Reading the interpretive sign


Nature in all its beauty

Blue Lake has a pubic beach


Patty Ignatowski and a whole bunch of Mountain High people



Row River / Dorena Lake Bike Ride

July 13, 2014  (Sunday)

Another fun bike ride in perfect weather!  But why only 4 people showed up?  It's probably another example of people being paralyzed by the weather forecast, which said it would be a very hot day, with temperatures in the 90s.


In reality, it was pleasantly cool.  Early in the morning, the temperature in Salem was only 61ºF.  By the time we reached Eugene, it had warmed up to 62º, but Cottage Grove is at the foothills of some cool hills, so the temperature went down to 60ºF. The hilltops were covered in a cool mist.  As the day progressed, the sun came out, and it did warm up to a comfortable 73ºF. At the end of the ride, by the time we had lunch at a picnic table in the shade of trees at the trailhead, it had warmed up to about 78º.   So much for a hot day!  It was as pleasant as it could be!  Don't let yourself be dissuaded by the weather forecast next time!


Those of us who showed up had a great bike ride.  The rails to trails bike path was perfectly paved.  The views of Dorena Lake were magnificent.  And we also saw 2 or 3 covered bridges.  Karen and Terry saw more of them after lunch, but Patricia and Emilio decided to head home.  Note that the trail has been officially designated as a "Scenic bikeway".

Karen, Patrizia, and Terry near the trailhead

A shady spot provided some rest and shelter from a short little drizzle of rain


Terry Swan and Emilio Trampuz

One of the covered bridges along the way.


Terry Swan and Karen Michels at the end of the trail

Terry and Karen at Dorena Lake


Karen Michels, Terry Swan, Emilio Trampuz at the end of the Row River bike trail.

Notice that it is officially a "Scenic Bikeway".


Emilio Trampuz, Terry Swan, and Karen Michels at Dorena Lake.

Notice the nice flowers.




Champoeg Park Bike Ride

June 28, 2014  (Saturday)

What a fun bike ride this was!  Too bad only 2 people showed up.  Why?  There could be two possible explanations:

a)  The weather.  Sure, it rained or drizzled in Portland from time to time. But, that was not a problem at all. The microscopic drizzle did not affect us at all. It was so insignificant, we barely noticed it.  Also, much of the ride was under the tree canopy, so we were protected from any moisture from above.  On top of that, the drizzle stopped and then we had some sunshine!  It was perfect.  Not too hot.  Just right!

b)   Could it be that people thought this would be a boring straight ride like in the old days?  If you rode your bike between Champoeg Park and Butteville some 20 years ago, the path was indeed straight and somewhat boring.  But that old path has been retired and returned to nature a long time ago.  It was replaced by this wonderful new paved trail that meanders through the forest in very interesting ways, passes very close to the Willamette River, and is a delight to ride.  If you missed it this time, don't miss it next time!

Karen, waiting for Emilio to set up his camera.

Karen on the meandering forest trail.


The trail starts here.  It's 4 miles to Butteville.  And you haven't lived until you tasted the berry pies and/or the ice-creams in the Butteville store.

Sign explaining the history of Champoeg Park and why it was named that.  In the 1850s, there was a town here, a commercial and shipping center, but it was destroyed by a major flood in 1861.




Mt. High Highway Cleanup

June 21, 2014  (Saturday)

Eleven people showed up for the twice-a-year highway cleanup.  This was our Spring cleaning.  We will have another one in the Fall, most likely in October.  We spent two hours picking up garbage along our 2 adopted miles of Highway 26 just west of Government Camp, between mileposts 51 and 53.  Afe that, we had lunch at the Taco Shoppe. Excellent burritos!  Did you know that all Mt. High members can get  $3 off any burrito.  Just identify yourself as a Mountain High members by showing your membership card.  See more member benfits on our Membership page.

Emilio took a picture of the group, with Chuck on the left.

Then Chuck took a picture with Emilio in the middle.


Debbi Kor starting the cleanup on the eastern end.

Lonny Schiller found a plastic hanger.


Lonny about to bag the plastic hanger.

The group at the Taco Shoppe


Patty and Peter Gallati joined the club last November, and here they are in the thick of the action!

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

Next time you drive to Mt. Hood, check out this sign!



NWSCC 35th Anniversary

June 18, 2014  (Wednesday)

The NW Ski Club Council is celebrating its 35th anniversary, so a cake was brought to the regular meeting, where the main focus was on recapping the Far West Convention, and holding elections for both the NWSCC and for the PACRAT Board.  

The cake was very tasty!!!

Debbi Kor cutting the cake





Far West Ski Association


June 12-15, 2014  (Sunday)

The annual FWSA Convention was held in Bend, Oregon this year, at the Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center. It was hosted by the Northwest Ski Club Council (NWSCC).   It was a busy long weekend (Thursday - Sunday) with lots of activities, starting with a Pub Crawl (hosted and led by Debbi Kor and the Mountain High Club). There was also hiking, golf, a shopping and dining excursion through Bend, and a Pool/River party.   This was followed by more serious work, such as the Silent Auction, the Travel Expo, the Educational seminars, a Public Affairs discussion, awards for Man and Woman of the Year, Safety Person of the Year, Club and Council Communications awards, and more.


Among the special guests were Billy Kidd (1964 Olympic silver medalist), Jess McMillan (Freeskiing World Tour Champion), Greg Coulter (Boots and More Performance), Curtis Norsen (Mt. Bachelor Patrol Diector and Risk Manager), John Gifford (President, Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association), Jordan Schweitzer (Mt. Bachelor Ski Team and FWSA Scholarship recipient), John Allen (Forest Supervisor, Deschutes National Forest), Matthew Drake (Mt. Hood Meadows CEO and National Ski & Snowboard Association Director for the Pacific Northwest),  Dave Ludwig (Hope on the Slopes Founder), and Ben Jacklett (Journalist, founder of ShredHood.org web site). At the Convention, Ben Jacklett won the Bill Berry Award for journalistic coverage of skiing and snowboarding, in the Hard News category.

Pat Savage at the Pub Crawl on Thursday night

Photographer: Bruce Kuper

Bergfreunde club members at the Pub Crawl

Photographer: Bruce Kuper


Show of hands:  Who has the most fun?  Stevie Viaene.

Photographer: Bruce Kuper

Pub Crawl was one of the first Convention events

Photographer: Bruce Kuper


Which way now? This way? Or that way?

Photographer: Bruce Kuper

Pat Savage directing traffic.

Photographer: Bruce Kuper


Mountain High members at the Pub Crawl

Photographer: Bruce Kuper

Debbi Kor organized and led the Pub Crawl

Photographer: Bruce Kuper


Travel Expo. Saturday monring. Silver Star table.

Photographer: Emilio Trampuz

Billy Kidd (1964 Olympic medalist) and Emilio Trampuz


Harry Davis, Billy Kidd, and Emilio Trampuz

(Emilio thanking for the Western Ski Heritage award)

Harry Davis, Billy Kidd, Emilio Trampuz


Billy Kidd congratulates Emilio for winning the

Western Ski Heritage award

Billy Kidd, Sigrid Noak, and Debbi Kor


Greg Coulter and Steve Coxen

Ben Jacklet (ShredHood.org) and

Linda Scott (FWSA President).

Ben won the Bill Berry Award for journalistic coverage of skiing and snowboarding, in the Hard News category.


Ben Jacklett and Mary Olhausen (NWSCC President)

Linda McGavin, Nancy Pratt, Stevie Viaene


Bob Ellis awarding Emilio Trampuz the

J. Stanley Mullin award for

"outstanding contribution to the sport off skiing"

Mountain High members: Stevie Viaene, Nancy Pratt, Emilio Trampuz, Debbi Kor, and Linda McGavin

holding three 1st prizes - for Outstanding Club, and for Newsletter and web site.


One more look at our 3 prizes!

Stevie, Nancy, Emilio, Debbi, and Linda.

The Northwest Ski Club Council won a $100 check to be given to a favorite charity.  This is in recognition for the Council's involvement with local chairties.

See more Convention photos in the following Photobucket Album:




Mt. High

Silver Falls Hike

June 1, 2014  (Sunday)

Chris Brooks led this hike and 21 people attended. We hiked to 9 of the 10 waterfalls at the Silver Falls State Park. It was very good. Perfect hiking weather, warm but not too hot.  Great views of the waterfalls. We took lots of pictures. Chris treated us to some snacks both before we started on the hike as well as at the tail end.


Group picture at the start.  Not everyone made it into this picture.

Photo by Bruce McGavin (with camera on automatic delayed exposure on a tripod)


Chris Brooks serves some breakfast items.

Chris giving us the lowdown.


The trail led us behind the South Falls waterfall.


South Falls from above.

Tracy Petersen and Bruce McGavin


Bruce McGavin and Chas Westergren

The group taking a short break to regroup


Linda, Patty, Ann, Tracy, Marie, Karen, Yon

Ann and Chas


Yon Sheldon and Marie McLean

Chris Brooks, Chas Westergren, Bruce McGavin


Chris Brooks

Bruce McGavin,  Chris Brooks


Picnic at the end of the hike

One last view of South Falls.



Mt. High

Quarterly Social & Annual Elections

May 21, 2014  (Wednesday)

Approximately 50 - 60 people attended our quarterly social event at the Acapulco Restaurant, not far from Mall 205.


Debbi Kor was elected our club's President, replacing Kurt Krueger, who has served as President for the past 3 years. Debbi has been actively involved with our club for many, many years, mostly in the capacity of Social Activities Director, and NWSCC representative or liaison. She has also led Mt. High ski trips. She started the Highway Cleanup project for our club adopting 2 miles of Highway 26 near Government Camp.

For many years, she has also been active in the NWSCC (as Director of Special Events), and in the FWSA (as VP of Marketing). At the upcoming FWSA Convention, she will be leading the Pub Crawl event.


Diane and Patty

Linda and Mike


Kurt Krueger

Only Cal Eddy and Debbi Kor noticed the camera!


Kurt Krueger (now past President)

Nancy Pratt demonstrates her piccolo




Timberline Side-country Adventures

April - May, 2014 

Almost every Saturday (and an occasional other day of the week)  during April and May, Emilio organized guided adventures in and around the Timberline ski area. Depending on which lifts were open and what the snow and the weather were like, each day was somewhat different.  Sometimes we skied down to Government Camp, following either the Alpine, Glade, or Blossom trails.  When the upper lifts were open (Palmer and Magic Mile) we explored portions of Zig Zag canyon, Little Zig Zag and Sand canyons, as well as a lot of the trees and meadows in between. When the snow, weather and lifts were not cooperating, we skied on groomed trails all over Timberline, always looking for some new way to ski it, some undiscovered corner.

A bunch of us on a sunny Sunday, May 25, at the top of the Palmer lift.

Jan Moore, Scott Stepan, Dan Lane, Mike Barmache, Emilio Trampuz, Bob Burns, Phil Mant.

Photo by Kurt Wilke



On the ridge between the 2 branches of Zig Zag canyon, with Mississippi Head in the background.

Mike Barmache, Wendy Rust, and Jan Moore.


Did you know that a World War II bomber crashed into Mississippi Head in 1949 ?    A propeller can still be found if you hike to Mississippi Head in the summer.

Sometimes people go too far in the wrong direction and have to climb back up.  West side of Zig Zag canyon. This guy was not a member of our group.

Photo by George Yun


Bill Hughes and Emilio (in front) heading back toward the lifts after dipping into Zig Zag canyon.

Photo by Kurt Wilke

Back near the lifts again.

John Yoo, Emilio, Bob Burns, Kurt Wilke, Blll Hughes.

Photo from Kurt Wilke's camera


Safety sign in Sand canyon

in 2009

Safety sign in Sand canyon

in 2014


A group of 7 of us on a sunny Sunday, April 13

John Yoo, Elaine Bock, Kenny Brundidge, Scott Stepan, Emilio Trampuz, and John Orefice

Photo by Kurt Wilke

Emilio and Kenny at the site of the old Timberline cabin, a bit west of the Kruser trail, slightly out of bounds. This was the start of the original Blossom trail (the advanced tree run to Government Camp).

Photo by Kurt Wilke


Emilio next to one of many yellow ribbons marking the safety boundary, where you need to start traversing left to get back to the ski lifts.

    Yellow = Back to the ski lifts.

    Red/Pink = Back to Government Camp

Photo by Emilio

Emilio near an arrow pointing the way back to the ski lifts. Yellow arrow marks the "Yellow" boundary.  The "Red" boundary is farther down the hill, marking the place where you need to turn left to connect with the Glade trail and return safely to Government Camp.

Photo by Kenny Brundidge


Emilio and John Yoo next to the yellow "To Lifts" arrow.

Photo by Kenny Brundidge

Emilio and Kenny next to the yellow "To Lifts" arrow.

Photo by John Yoo


Emilio at the yellow arrow marker pointing to the lifts.

Photo by John Yoo

The Kruser trail, the longest trail at Timberline,

marking the west boundary of the ski area.

Photo by Emilio


Emilio pointing at the first official sign marking the Alpine trail, proving that the Alpine trail began at Timberline Lodge, and not at the bottom of the Stormin' Norman lift, where most people used to get on it.

Photo by Kurt Wilke

Alpine Trail after leaving the Timberline ski area,

with a view of Mt. Hood Skibowl.


One of many Glade Trail markers

One of the many Blossom Trail markers.  The Blossom trail runs through the trees and was always considered a trail for advanced skiers only.


Red boundary, your last chance to get back to Government Camp

 Turn left here to get back to the Glade trail,

which will lead you back to Government Camp.


MORE INFO:  See more info about all of Timberline's trails and canyons and the history of the area in the following article on Timberline side-country with pictures.


VIDEOS:  Kenny Brundidge used his helmet-mounted camcorder pointing behind him to record these videos during our recent Timberline adventures:

 1.  The Bone Zone: http://youtu.be/qAu8mL6jdX8

 2.  The Glade trail:  http://youtu.be/OXTRb3EIs3c 



PACRAT "Rat Attack" Awards Party

April 18, 2014  (Friday)

The Mountain High club fielded 13 teams in the PACRAT racing league this season.  Everyone enjoyed racing, sharing the camaraderie and the after race events and parties.  After participating in 5 races this season (2 of them held on the same day), the end of season Awards party was held at the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202.  Awards were given to the top 10 teams.  Also, the two racers (a man and a woman) who improved their own handicap the most during the season were named:

Queen Rat -- Pat Barry  (Lab Rats team)  and

King Rat  --  Frank Hadella (Rattitudes team)

This was the 30th annual "Rat Attack" party!  The theme of the party was "The Great Ratsby".


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Sylvia Kearns and Greg Dilger

Photo by Bruce Kuper

Diane Hicks and Andy Hobart

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Frosted Flakes team

Photo by Bruce Kuper

Bruce Kuper (our Racing Director)

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


Photo by Bruce Kuper

Photo by Bruce Kuper


See these and more of Bruce Kuper's Rat Attack photos at:


These Facebook photos are higher resolution and can be easily downloaded. Simply right click on them and select "Save As"


See the PACRAT Racing multimedia show created by Bruce Kuper and shown at the Rat Attack:





Leavenworth bus trip

(Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass)

March 21-23, 2014

Leavenworth is always a good trip destination.  The Bavarian-style town itself is interesting to experience, and it provides easy access to two nearby ski areas: Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass. We had a full bus, with 50 people, plus a few others drove up in their own cars. Bill Maltby drove up from Spokane, Nancy Cottle drove from Yakima, and John and Jewel Andrew drove from Renton (WA).

We had sunny weather on both days. We skied at Mission Ridge on Saturday.  We started the day with a group photo at the wing of the World War 2 bomber that crashed there on a training mission in 1949.  The groomed snow was perfect, but the ungroomed seemed a bit too icy, so we didn't plan on skiing it, ... but then the snow softened up a bit and several individuals decided to try traversing above the Bomber cliffs and skiing through one of the openings among the cliffs.

Saturday night, back in Leavenworth, we had dinner at King Ludwig's, with a live band and dancing, and traditional Bavarian food. 

After dinner, several of us visited with John and Jewel Andrew, who showed us a map of North America with pins indicating all the 525+ ski areas they had skied at so far.  They also showed us a complete set of quilts, made by Jewel, on which they have affixed pins and patches from all the ski areas they had visited.

At Stevens Pass, the lift tickets were free for anyone who had a Fusion Pass (a season pass for Timberline and Skibowl), which about 20 of us had.  At the end of the day, on the drive back home, we stopped for dinner at the Old Country Inn in Bellevue, WA.  It was a buffet with lots of choices, and everyone was satisfied.   Great trip!


Group photo at the location of the bomber's wing at Mission Ridge.


Sandra Volk at the Bomber cliffs

Emilio Trampuz at the Bomber cliffs


Sandra Volk skiing under the Bomber cliffs, after passing through the opening in the middle.


Emilio on the bus with Rich Horner's hat. Photo: Rich Horner

Dancing at King Ludwig's


Jewel and John Andrew dancing

John Andrew and Kurt Krueger


The young athlete our club is sponsoring this year: Cai Yamamoto and his father Calvin joined us for dinner.

Let's wish Cai all the best in his future ski races.


Jewel Andrew, Cindy & Bruce Ellison and Chris Moon, with John Andrew in the middle, examining the quilts.

Holding up the quilts: Jewel Andrew, Cindy Ellison, John Andrew, Kurt Krueger, Chris Moon, Bruce Ellison.


Jackie Lane looks at the North American ski areas map


Chris, Kurt, Scott Kelly, Jackie Lane, John & Jewel, Linda McGavin, Chuck Westergren and Bruce McGavin.


Group photo at the top of Stevens Pass


.Kurt Kruger, Nancy Cottle, Lisa & Harry Scribner.

Patty Ignatowski had the best dress!


Nancy Erz and Nancy Cottle at Stevens Pass

Nancy Erz at Stevens Pass


Karen Michels, Kurt Krueger, Harry Scribner, and Chuck Westergren at Stevens Pass

Photo: Jackie McLean

Stevens Pass

Photo: Jackie McLean




Chocolate Party

March 8, 2014

Barbara Bousom brought the spoon candy and won most chocolaty. Lana Rulien brought the torte and won for most creative. Chuck Westergren brought the gingerbread cookies which were second runner-up for creative along with the chocolate bacon. Dave Myers brought the strawberries and won for most healthy.


Chuck Westergren brought two entries to the Chocolate Party – his winning gingerbread cookies and a bouquet of “roses”. He really got creative for this entry. Chuck cooked bacon, dipped it in chocolate, and then rolled it up to create rosebuds. He bought a bouquet of silk red roses and he removed the center petals and replaced them with the chocolate bacon roses. We didn’t get a good photo of them but you had to look twice to realize what they were. They really looked like roses and were a tasty experience too!


Photo: Harry Scribner

Photo: Harry Scribner


Photo: Harry Scribner

Photo: Harry Scribner


Dave Myers: Most healthy: Chocolate strawbrries

Photo: Harry Scribner

Lana Rulien: Most creative torte

Photo: Harry Scribner


Chuck Westergren: Gingerbread cookies

Photo: Harry Scribner

Barbara & Bill Bousum: Most Chocolaty spoon candy

Photo: Harry Scribner



Ski the Glade Trail Day

March 1, 2014

Approximately 60 or 70 people participated in this once-a-year opportunity to ski the historic Glade Trail the entire length from Timberline to Government Camp (about 3 miles).  Among our current and/or former members, or people you might know and recognize, were Lisa Miller, Richard Rizk, Yon Sheldon, and Emilio Trampuz. Also present were Dave Crockatt and Buzz Bowman (the famous ski patroller who has a trail named after him at Timberline).


The entire Glade trail was groomed for the occasion (the only day of the year they fully groom it), but  it also snowed almost all day, and with each passing hour, the slopes had a softer, more carpeted feeling.  Breakfast, lunch, and an apres ski party were included in the event. 


This event benefits the Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center. The Museum's curator, Lloyd Musser greeted us, supervised the whole event, and distributed lots of door prizes at the end.  Everyone had a great time.  Some of us also took the opportunity to ski portions of the Blossom trail, a marked but ungroomed trail through the trees more or less paralleling the Glade Trail. 

Lloyd Musser, Curator, Mt. Hood Museum.

Lloyd Musser and Cheryl at registration


Waiting for the bus in front of the Mt. Hood Museum

We had the Glade Trail to ourselves!


Emilio Trampuz, Dale Crockatt, Buzz Bowman

Tom Carter and Lisa Miller


Emilio fooling around.   Photo: Lisa Miller

Tom Carter at Timberline Lodge    Photo: Lisa Miller


Group photo
.    Photo: Lisa Miller

Lloyd Musser     Photo: Emilio Trampuz

OK, True confession. This photo was taken

at the Glade Trail Day back in 2007.


Group photo
.  Just some of us.     Photo: Lisa Miller



Mt. Bachelor trip

February 21-23, 2014

This weekend ski trip was attended by 34 people. The bus was lively.  The slopes were sunny, .. and the summit chair was open!   The weather was absolutely beautiful as far as having a lot of sunshine, and we had some excellent skiers along. On Sunday, Bruce McGavn and Bruce McCracken hiked up from the Summit chair and skied the Cirque.Linda tried to do it too, but the wind was blowing so hard on the hike that it kept blowing her backwards, so she gave up. However, the snow was awesome, just like sugar going down. We had found that type of snow on the groomed runs along the Summit chair, and skied it all afternoon.

The bus was smaller, but had a perfect place for the large cooler right in the middle of the bus. People would sit on it (see the 3 women); or Gerry or Kay were often sitting on it, just getting up when people needed something from inside.

It was a good trip.

Sitting on the cooler on the bus
.   Photo: Bruce McGavin

John Davis on Mt. Bachelor     Photo: Bruce McGavin


Gerry and Patty Ignatowski
.    Photo: Bruce McGavin

Those who ski hard, sleep hard!.     Photo: Bruce McGavin.



North Idaho trip

January 27 - February 1, 2014

This 5 nights /5 days ski trip was attended by 34 people. We had a large 56 passenger bus, so there was plenty of room to move around and socialize on the bus, but since some people had lots of luggage and more than one pair of skis, the luggage compartment was completely full.


We skied and stayed at Schweitzer Mt. for 3 days and nights, enjoying the ski-in/ski-out on-mountain village.  Then we moved to Kellogg, Idaho, and stayed in the GuestHouse Inn near the base of the Silver Mt. gondola. The next day, we skied at Lookout Pass on the Idaho-Montana border. We skied all 3 sides of the mountain (Idaho, Montana, and the North side). There was lots of fresh snow on the ground, but the skies started clearing out ans we saw some blue sky.


We had great luck with the snow.  The first day at Schweitzer, we had packed powder.  Then it started snowing, both day and night.  We had 3 powder days in a row. Finally, on the last day, when we skied at Silver Mt., the skies had cleared and we had perfect sunshine.


On the second night at Schweitzer Mt., right after a pizza dinner, we had a music night.  Three of our club members had brought their instruments with them on the trip: Richard Horner, Carl Schnoor, and John Davis.


There was entertainment on the bus, as usual.  Several short videos were shown, some serious and some funny, including a video on each of the three ski areas, a safety message, a cartoon about a frozen logger, a video demonstrating that skis were never "straight", etc. We also showed a longer, full featured film, one of the first ski films ever produced. It was in German with English sub-titles. It is called "White Ecstasy" ("Der Weisse Rausch").  It was filmed in 1931, starring Hannes Schneider (yes, the famous ski instructor) and Leni Reinfenstahl.  Interestingly, in later years, Hannes and Leni went in opposite directions.  Hannes was imprisoned by the Hitler regime, while Leni went on to produce propaganda films for the Nazis.


Several meals were included on the trip, including a Chinese lunch, a Pizza night, a steak house family restaurant, and finally an American style buffet dinner in Kennewick, WA, on the drive back home.

Everyone had a great time.  Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Emilio, the trip leader.    Photo by Rich Horner.

Emilio wearing Rich's hat.     Photo by Rich Horner.


Marie McLean, Emilio Trampuz, Nancy Erz on the bus

John Orefice at Schweitzer. Mt.


When you look into John's eyes,

you can see the whole world!


Photo by Bruce McGavin


Linda McGavin in powder.

Photo by Bruce McGavin

Scott Stepan also has the whole world in his goggles!

Photo by Bruce McGavin


Music at the lodge:  John Davis & Carl Schnoor

Music night at the lodge:  Rich Horner


George Yun and Stevie Viaene loved it!

Carl Schnoor plays the mandolin


John Davis sings a song he composed himself

Larry Bennett, Lisa Scribner, Karen Michels, George & Stevie


Nancy Pratt sang her heart out!

Rich Horner and Nancy Pratt


Nancy Erz, John and Sylvia Orefice, Kurt Wilke

Schweitzer Mt. -- Little Blue Ridge trail

Hey, Emilio was there too!

Schweitzer Mt. Little Blue Ridge trail.


Nancy Erz at the ski area boundary, at Schweitzer Mt.

On the Little Blue Ridge trail, the longest on the mountain

Nancy Pratt next to an engine manufactured by "Pratt & Puckett", in the barn at the bottom of the Stella lift.


Sylvia Kearns in Schweitzer's barn at the bottom of the 6 passenger Stella lift. The ghost of Phineus Schweitzer haunts this place.

The fog-o-meter was one of Schweitzer's inventions. It shows a scale from None, Mild, Heavy, and Super Fog. On display in a dark corner of the barn.


Bruce McGavin & Kay Kinyon at Lookout Pass

Photo by Bruce McGavin

Bruce doctored this photo very well.

The real name of the run is "Niagara"

Sylvia and John in fresh powder at Lookout Pass.



Emilio, Sylvia and John cut these fresh tracks at Lookout Pass.

Sylvia ventured into the trees

at Lookout Pass (Montana side).


Sylvia & John deciding whether to go "This Way" or

"That Way" at Lookout Pass

Mer'a tried snowboarding at Lookout Pass


Mer'a mastered snowboarding at Lookout Pass

Silver Mountain.

greeted us with blue skies and sunshine.


Silver Mountain (east side)

Silver Mt. antenna on the far end of the west side.


Sally Niedermeyer, Nancy Pratt, Karen Michels, Stevie Viaene on the west side of Silver Mountain

The ladies at Silver Mountain


A view of the west side of Silver Mountain

as seen from Chair 5.

Silver Mountain gondola.

The terrain under the gondola is skiable part of the way.


Skiable terrain under the Silver Mountain gondola

Yes, it was a fun trip!


About half of the whole group is here (17 out of 34 people) at the top of the Stella lift at Schweitzer Mt.

Who are some of these masked people?  It wasn't really all that cold!

Photo by Lana Rulien


More Idaho photos and higher resolution versions of these photos are posted in our Photobucket album

Here's the link to it:  http://s1080.photobucket.com/user/mthigh/library/2014 North Idaho trip



Kickoff Party

November 20, 2013 (Wednesday). 

Approximately 125 people showed up, probably the most at any Kickoff Party so far.  There were plenty of chairs and tables so that everyone could get a seat.  There as enough food for everyone.  And everyone got a ticket for a drink. People renewed their membership, or joined the club for the first time. Lots of people signed up for ski trips, and for PACRAT racing.  Among the new members, there were several interested in racing.


Everyone who paid their membership dues received a membership card and a club business card (with a small inclinometer printed on the back). Also, 46 inclinometer stickers were sold, at 50 cents a piece.  The stickers were specifically designed to fit on a ski pole.


Several people made varius club announcements.  Bruce Kuper showed a video presentation of PACRAT racing.

Julie Moore, Bruce Kuper, Terry Swan & Lana Rulien

at the registration desk

Terry White, Alice Dagilaitis, Terry Best, and Patty Ignatowski at a dining table.


Debbi Kor addresses the members.

Mary Olhausen showing the latest NW Skiers' Directory


Bruce Kuper talks about PACRAT racing

and gets several new people to sign up.

Patty, Mary, Linda, and Jaxine

with Bullcrinkle, the moose.



Ski Fair

November 18, 2013 (Monday). 

The Ski Fair was held at the Convention Center adjacent to the PDX Airport Holiday Inn on Columbia Blvd.. This is a NW Ski Club Council event, organized by skiers for skiers, with each ski club having its own both.


Thanks to Jaxine Harris, our booth was much better decorated than in previous years.  The theme of the evening was "Convention Paradise", reflecting the theme of the next Far West Ski Association Convention to be held in Bend in June 2014, where the theme will be ""Volcanic Paradise".  So, Jaxine decorated our booth with a volcano, a Christmas tree, and lots of animals, with Bullcrinkle the moose (our club's mascot) a black bear, a beaver, a crow and a bluebird. 


Among the helpers in our booth were Kurt Krueger, Chuck Westergren, Terry Swan, Debbie Thomas and Emilio Trampuz.  On the NW Ski Club Council level, Mary Olhausen, Linda McGavin and Debbi Kor put the whole event together, including a Silent Auction, where many items and some trips could be won for very low prices.

Bruce Kuper and Jan Siverts-Smith were there too and also helped out, but they also had the PACRAT Racing booth to take care of as well.  NOTE: All of the above mentioned people are Mountain High members!  Thanks to everyone who helped set up and staff the booths, and also thanks to all who came and visited!


Lots of new people showed up, as well as existing club members who renewed their membership, signed up for trips, or racing, or both.  Also, this year, for the first time, we made a simple inclinometer available to our club members, in two versions:  a pocket sized version printed on the back of a Mt. High business card, and also a slightly larger version printed on stickers that can be applied to a ski pole.  These inclinometers will make it easier for each person to determine the kind of slope angle one prefers to ski.  It also warns you of the avalanche danger zone between 30 and 45 degrees, which is where most avalanches happen.

Jaxine Harris works on the volcano.

Terry Swan asks: "How does this look, Jaxine?"


Jaxine sits in Bullcrinkle's lap.


Bullcrinkle the moose is already in paradise!


Bear has fallen off the wagon. Blame it on the pub crawl.

Volcanic paradise is the theme. Our moose is fishing and enjoying a margarita.


Jaxine inspects the volcano. Check out the smoke!

Crow has a lot to crow about!


Jaxine makes a final inspection

A beaver and a bluebird telling us how happy the are.

Everybody to Bend for the FWSA Convention!


 The whole booth, including the volcano and the moose.

Emilio, Bruce, Jaxine, Terry, Kurt, and Chuck.


Samy Fouts paying her club dues. Terry Swan and Debbie Thomas staffing the booth.

Terry and Debbie dealing with visitors to the booth.


Rick Hermann writing a check.

Wanna sign up for a trip too?


Jan Siverts-Smith, Joe Schuberg and a Big White representative at the Cascade Ski Club booth.

Two lovely Mt. Hood Skibowl representatives. The one on the right is Cara Fischer.


Susan Anderson and a friend checking out the NWSCC / FWSA booth

Colleen Hankins dressed as a "Rat" (PACRAT) in the PACRAT booth


Terry Swan, Jaxine Harris and Debbie Thomas

Terry, Jaxine and Debbie, and the volcano!


Randy Lew (FWSA President) talks to Dave Ludwig at the Hope on the Slopes booth.

Randy Lew (FWSA President), Dave Ludwig (Hope on the Slopes founder) and Dan Lane (Mountain High club)..


Emilio trying out a paddle-board on loan from the Next Adventure booth, which was right next to ours.

Linda McGavin and Linda Coxen at the NW Ski Club council booth (the headquarters of the Ski Fair).


See larger versions of these and more Ski Fair photos in our Photobucket album:





See more photos (and/or order prints or CDs) in our Snapfish and Photobucket Photo Albums

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Also, see a lot more about our club activities on our Videos page.


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