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Mt. High Events

 Last updated: October 14, 2016
Latest news in the left column,
Click on underlined events in the Calendar on the right or
scroll down for details of upcoming events.

Weather forecast for Government Camp on the right.
See bottom of this page for ski area reports.




October Lift Lines  - Mt. High Newsletter


NWSCC Newsletter - NW Ski Club Council's newsletter.


FWSA News Flash - September issue. Far West Ski Association Newsletter. Trips, Racing, Ski news, and more.


Mt. Hood Meadows discount on 10-time pass

The regular price of the Mt. Hood Meadows 10-time pass is $399.  But you can save $50 and get it for just $349. Just follow this link:  www.skihood.com/go/1097563 . Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on "View Details".


La Nina will bring more snow to the Northwest in 2016/2017.  Both the Old Farmers Almanac and Meteorologists agree on this: a colder winter with more precipitation. Mt. Hood should receive 30% more snow than average.


Man and Woman of the Year.

Our 2016 man and woman of the year are: Steve Royce and Karen Michels. Congratulations!  See our Awards page for a list of past men and women of the year and other awards. Please send us your nominations for Man & Woman of the Year for 2017.


Steve Royce              Karen Michels


SKiFever Show 

Our club will have a booth at the SKiFever Show this year. The Ski Fair will not be held this year.  So, instead, we will focus our efforts on the Ski Fever Show. You can come to our booth there to renew your club membership and/or sign up for ski trips and PACRAT racing.. See what our typical booth looks like.!



We have updated out TRIPS page, which now lists all the upcoming trips for the upcoming 2016/2017 winter season.


New Photos  See the latest photos from the Mt. Hood History bike ride, the Idaho bike trip, as well as all the photos taken during this past year.  See what the club has been doing.


The GOOD OLD TIMES will soon be  moved

Photos from our whole past year will soon be moved from the Photos page to a new Photos 2016 page. Our Photos page will be cleared to make room for new photos for this coming season, starting with the SkiFever Show and the Kickoff Party.. Just keep scrolling down the photos page to see all our past events. 



Our club provides numerous activities in the following categories.   

a)  Day trips to Mt. Hood ski areas – currently on TRIPS page,

b)  Ski trips to other ski areas in the West  -- see TRIPS page.

c)  Recreational racing – RACING pages.

d)  Social events, parties, etc. – on the HOME page.

e)  Summer activities (Biking, Hiking, Rafting, Picnic, etc.) – usually on our HOME page.

To fully understand what our club does, please see a whole year of past photos on the PHOTOS page.


Skiing North America - An article about our club member John Andrew skiing all of North America has appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 20, 2016.  See here.


Let's go skiing!

Meet at McDonald's in Sandy 7:30 - 7:45 am.  We can carpool, or just drive up together. Some of us are going to Timberline or Skibowl. Others are going to Meadows. We can all meet at McDonald's. See details about our day trips on the TRIPS page. Hey, a day trip is a trip too!  If you have a 2-way radio, tune it to channel 6-19.


Bulletin Board

There are new items on our Bulletin Board. Check it out!


Season Passes compared.  Compare the cost and benefits of various lift ticket passes. This was first published on page 8 of the September issue of Lift Lines (#177). It is now on our Articles page.



Mt. High Cookbook

Calling all cooks, bakers, BBQ'ers, of Mt. High.

Debbi Kor is putting together a Club Cookbook for next year. If you're interested, send her your favorite recipes. She'll gather them, put them together, and see what we come up with.

Contact Debbi at: ijustwannarun1@comcast.net

Mt. High Entry into FWSA Outstanding Club contest

Kurt Krueger has completed a 10-page fully illustrated document that is our club's entry in the FWSA Outstanding Club contest. Winning clubs will be announced at the Far West Convention in San Diego, CA, in June 2015. Click on the headline or go to our Forms & Documents web page.



Powder Alliance.  13 resorts for the price of one!

Buy a Fusion Pass, which gives you unlimited all season access to both Timberline and Mt. Hood Skibowl, and you will also receive 30 free days at 11 other resorts in the West (3 tickets at each). See more at: www.powderalliance.com  an on the Facebook page:


Also, click here for a Map of Powder Alliance resorts.



50% discount at adidas 

Go to our Bulletin Board and print the special coupon for the adidas employee store, fill it out and get a 50% discount. Thanks to our member Elsebeth Frank for offerng this.

NOTE: This offer is not ongoing.  It comes and goes periodically.  When it becomes available again,  Mountain High club members who have opted to receive ALL emails will be informed by email.


Super Senior Specials

If you are 75 or older, you are a "super-senior, and you qualify for the following benefits. Here are just a few examples. There are more:

a)  Buy a SEASON PASS to Snowbasin, Utah for $39.

     (This pass does not come with Powder Alliance benefits.)

b)  Buy a season pass to Powder Mountain, UT, for only $20.

c)  Get a free season pass at Bogus Basin, ID.

d)  Ski free at Red Mountain, B.C.

Note that the November-December 2014 issue of Skiing History magazine includes a long list of all the places where you can ski for free. The age limit varies from 60 to 80, depending on the ski area. When you read this article online, click on Ctrl-+ key combination a few times to enlarge the page, to make it more readable.


New Video about our club 

See the new video about what our club has been up to lately. Included is a funny snow report about the upcoming Whitefish Mt. trip.


Express Rental & Service shop in Rhododendron

John Hanson (formerly of the Ski Chalet) is helping Skibowl with a new project in Rhododendron: an Express Rental & Service outlet with retail as well. He says:
"One of our target customers is the high school/ club racer looking to maintain a competitive advantage. Racers can drop their skis off after training nights and pick them up ready to go on race day. We are currently set up to do edge tunes and hot waxes."

Hours are:  Mon-Tue: 8-5,  Wed-Fri: 8-9pm,

                 Sat:  7-6pm   and   Sun: 8-6pm.

Next season, they plan to stock race accessories as well.
Stop by anytime. The location is  on the right hand side of Hwy 26 in Rhododendron across from the Village Market.

Phone 844-200-RENT (7368).


Mt. Hood Meadows tickets are available at a discounted price of just $64.  See our Bulletin Board for details.


Learn to Ski - Or Help Someone 

Our club now has a new page devoted just to beginner skiers, and we need volunteers who are willing to help newcomers to the sport. This is a win-win for everybody. By brining in new people to the slopes, the ski areas get more customers, our club gets more members, and the newcomers get their wings (their skis or boards)!


 Mt. Hood Express bus service

We have always encouraged carpooling from Sandy, and that is still an option. But, now you can take the new Mt. Hood Express bus instead. For only $2 (or just $1.50 if you prepay for 20 tickets), you can ride the bus from Sandy to Skibowl, Government Camp, or Timberline. Catch the bus right on Hwy. 26, at a park and ride bus stop half way between Champion Way and 362nd (which is the Fred Meyer traffic light in Sandy). Turn into Champion Way to park at the Information Center.  The most convenient bus starts at 7:45 am and arrives at Skibowl at 8:32 and at Timberline at 9 am. Click here for the complete schedule.



Membership renewal.  Please renew your club membership in the Fall (October, November). This is also the best time to sign up for a ski trip with the club. It is best to renew in person at the annual Ski Fair or at our annual Kickoff Party. If you do it by mail, simply print print the Dough Transmittal form and mail it in. You can find it on our Membership page and on the Forms & Docs page.



Join a PACRAT team 

Now is the time.  Teams are being formed right now, and many teams need a few new team-mates.


Camaraderie, fun, racing, après ski parties and more!


Check it all out on our Racing page and on the PACRATs web site.


Contact:  Racing@mthigh.org



Mt. High has a Facebook page  

Thanks to Bruce Kuper for setting up a Favebook Page for Mountain High. It is a Facebook group. Check it out, join the group, and start posting your messages, photos, questions, etc. See it at:




Member Benefits updated - 20% off at the Taco Shoppe  Thanks to Kevin Bastin, owner of the Taco Shoppe and a Mountain High club member, we have now been offered 20% off of any item on the menu (not just the burritos). The Taco Shoppe is located in Government Camp, across the street from the Huckleberry Inn (but a house or two up the road), or just downhill from the Mount Hood Museum. See details on our Membership Benefits page and on our Bulletin Board page.  Click here for see their full menu.


Trips calendar & Questionnaire -- MS Word  or PDF file

Check out the preliminary (draft) copy of the 2015 winter trips calendar, and then please fill out the questionnaire on page 2.  Let us know your trip preferences. This questionnaire will be distributed at our quarterly social, May 21, but you can also email it to us, either to info@mthigh.org or to Emilio2000@earthlink.net


Emilio's side-country article on Shred Hood

Check out a detailed description of Timberline's side-country options in an article written by Emilio and just published on ShredHood.org. It's a 5-page article, so click on the "Next" button at the bottom of each page. And don't be confused by the fact that each page begins with the same trail map, for easy reference.


ShredHood.org is a web site devoted to everything Mt. Hood. It contains the latest news, classifieds, racing, new school, old school, videos, slides, events, resources.
The web site was started by Ben Jacklet, a local journalist.
Check it out: http://shredhood.org/



Powder Alliance adventure blog

Emilio has left on a 4,000 miles road trip to ski as many Powder Alliance ski areas as possible. Lots of driving. But the skiing is free for anyone with a Fusion Pass. He will try to keep a diary marking his progress. Check out his “Ski Delights” blog at: http://skidelights.blogspot.com/





Ski pole Inclinometers -

Attach this simple device to your ski pole and use it to measure the slope steepness.














January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month

Introduce a new person to the sport by having them take a lesson from a certified ski instructor, and you could win a prize





Color code:  This color code is valid until you use the links. The viewed links will then change color, due to your browser's settings, but the dates will still remain the original color.

Blue: Mountain High club events   
Maroon: NWSCC, FWSA, or multi-club events
Black: General events



Oct.   1 (Sat.):   Mt. Hood Snow Sports Swap - Canceled

Oct.   8 (Sat):    Seafood Party

Oct.   9  (Sat.):  Bike ride - Columbia Gorge Discovery

Oct. 13 (Thur.): Hillcrest Race Night (2nd one)

Oct. 13 (Thur.): NWSCC Social & PACRAT 101

Oct. 15 (Sat.):   Highway Cleanup - POSTPONED

Oct. 15 (Sat.):   Lake Oswego Ski Swap

Oct. 21 - 22:      Snowvana at Memorial Coliseum

Oct. 21 (Fri.):    Warren Miller movie & dinner

Oct. 24 (Mon.): Mt. High Board meeting

Oct. 29 (Sat.):   Mt. High Highway Cleanup

Oct. 29 (Sat.):   History of Skiing - Mt. Hood Museum



Nov.  4- 6:  Portland Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Nov.  7 (Mon.):  Mt. High Kickoff Party

Nov. 11-13 (Sat-Sun): Ski Swap -Grant/Cleveland High

Nov. 12 (Sat.):    Pray for Snow party - Govt. Camp



Dec. 14 (Wed.):  NWSCC/PACRAT meeting
                            and race bibs pickup





Jan. 19 - 22:         Mystery trip  (Mt. High bus trip)

Jan. 28 - Feb. 4:  FWSA Ski Week - Breckenridge



Feb. 12 - 18:        Salt Lake City, Utah trip

Feb. 19 - 25:        Whistler/Blackcomb trip

Feb. 25 - Mar. 4:  Powder Alliance trip  (bus trip)



Mar. 12 - 19:  FWSA European Ski Week - St. Anton

Mar. 17 - 19:         Leavenworth trip  (bus trip)






See more event details in the next section below.




Club membership has steadily increased from 2002 - 2011, and has stabilized around 300 since then. Current membership as of September 2015 = 304.


Mt. High Board meetings 

Last Monday of the month, we meet at the Round Table Pizza  10070 SW Barbur Blvd., Portland (near the corner of Capitol Hwy.) to plan future club events, trips. Phone: (503) 245-2211.  If you would like to get a bit more involved with the club, please come and join us. This is a working and planning  meeting, but it's open to all. Social gathering: 6:00 pm, and the meeting starts at: 6:30 pm.


NWSCC meetings


Representatives of local ski clubs gather to coordinate activities, plan joint events and trips. Sometimes, there's a guest speaker. These meetings are open to all.

Time: Socializing starts at 6 pm. Meeting starts at 6:30 pm..

Dates: Meetings are held quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday in October, December, March and June.

Location: At various locations around the Portland metro area. See the NWSCC web site for details. 


Searching for the Perfect Ski Watch

Check out some of the features available on watches these days: Altimeter, Compass, Clinometer, Barometer, Stop-watch, and more. And water resistant to 200 meters. Sadly, not all in one watch. Read article.


Oregon Skiing & Boarding Blog

A blog set up by Drew Jackson, the weatherman at KPTV-12, writing about snow conditions from a skier's perspective. This has been added to both our Blogs and Links pages.


Vision for the 21st Century

A whole new vision of enhancing both safety and fun on the slopes. Read all about it (click on the "Vision" button. Get involved. Write to the ski areas. Write to ski magazines. Refer them to our website: www.mthigh.org/Vision.htm.


Trips Survey Results

Thanks to the 60 people who completed the online survey. See the results summarized in the July issue of "Lift Lines", or see the complete results here:


Mt Hood List - A great new site!

Go to MtHoodList.com to post your own message, to find a carpool to Mt. Hood, to find buddies for a Meadows 4x4,  or any other Mt. Hood related activity.


Check out this content on our site!

   a) Blogs eg.: David Schor's adventures

   b) Videos (our recent trips and racing)

   c) Skis for sale on our Bulletin Board!


Bruce's fall video

See Bruce Kuper's helmet-cam recording his fall and slide on the face of 7th Heaven at Stevens Pass. See Videos.


Send us your photos/stories!
What did you do this past winter? Where  did you ski? Where were you 20 or 30 years ago?  How did you learn to ski?  Any spectacular falls?  Any embarrassing moments? Send in your personal short stories or reminiscences.  Please add a photo of yourself or the people in your story. Digital photos are most welcome. Printed photos will be scanned in and returned to you.  Contact Emilio.


Free $kiing corner.

Free or half-priced lift tickets.


In the Forum, post your questions, requests, offers, or help provide answers.


Bulletin Board vs. Forum

For plain text announcements or questions, feel free to post your own message in the Forum.

For more elaborate, announcements, including graphics, photos, etc. please email them to us at info@mthigh.org and we'll post it on the Bulletin Board.


Also see the Oregon Challenge Diary  - a description of all the Oregon ski areas, and the combined experiences of all 3 successful challengers. Read about Warner Canyon, Oregon's best kept secret! And Spout Springs, and more. This will be permanently posted on our Articles page.


We Want You!

We know you have something to contribute to the club.  Organize a party, a hike. a game of cards, a visit to the theater, or just a TGIF. Take your favorite activity and invite other club members to join you. Just let us know what you could do for the club. Or, better yet, come to our monthly planning meeting, any last Monday of the month, at the Round Table Pizza.


2-way Radios on the slopes!

Connect with other club members on the slopes. Simply get on the radio channel 6-19, and call for Mountain High members. That is Channel 6, Privacy code 19. There is a permanent note about this on our TRIPS page.


Free Antivirus

Say goodbye to your paid antivirus. Avast! is totally free and performs even better in tests. Download it and try it yourself: http://www.avast.com/en-us/get/6SK2Jprm


Ski Areas page - new & improved

The best way to get info about ski areas. The improved version contains almost all the ski areas in the West, 161 of them. It's the easiest way to get info for a trip. Just click on whatever ski resort you want.


NW Ski Challenge

The Challenge continues each winter season. It is not a competition for the most ski areas visited.  Instead, everyone who visits at least 7 ski areas in the Northwest will be entered into a drawing for a prize.


New for this season is that in addition to Oregon, Washington and Idaho, you can now also ski at several ski areas in British Columbia, Alaska, and Mammoth Mt. (CA).  They all count!


Just save your lift tickets or receipts from the ski areas and mail them to the NWSCC:  The address is on the form. Click here for the Entry Form and Rules in Word or PDF.


Skiing the Northwest can be quite an adventure. See David Schor's blog: http://skiwashington.blogspot.com, and Emilio's journal on our "Articles" page, at:




Video about our club

Short 5 minute summary of what our club is al about. Must see!

See it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woXVvae4Iww



Web site & Newsletter

At the 2014 FWSA Convention in June, we won

1st place for Web site.

1st place for Newsletter.

1st place for Outstanding Club.

See more on our Awards page.



Proof that Straight skis were always Shaped.

Straight skis were never really straight. See proof in this video.




Safety Person of the Year

Gordon Lusk won the FWSA Award for Safety Person of the Year, for promoting safety at our PACRAT races.

He won a week of skiing at Aspen/Snowmass.




Boots & More Performance LLC

with Greg Coulter

Greg Coulter has left Hillcrest Sports to focus on Boots and More. He has been involved with the ski industry for 25+ years and has chosen to go his own direction.

Boots and More is service only.  Boot fitting, and ski & snowboard tuning and repair. It also sells insoles and liners as well as boot accessories.

The big difference between Greg Coulter and everyone else is that he will pick up and drop off the customers equipment.

Contact Greg via email; gcoulter40@gmail.com,  or phone 503-917-9360.

Visit the new Boots and More Facebook page and Like it. 



PACRAT Rat Attack photos & multimedia show

A few of the best photos from the 30th annual Awards Banquet known as the "Rat Attack" have been posted on our Photos page.


More of Bruce Kuper's Rat Attack photos can be found at:

Also, see the PACRAT Racing multimedia show created by Bruce Kuper and shown at the Rat Attack: http://youtu.be/6_-q8oodXYY 


 Mid-week Skiing

Ken BrundidgeKenny Brunidge has volunteered to coordinate the mid-week skiers

You can join the mid-week group and post a message in the mid-week forum whenever you plan to go up skiing and see if others can join you. More info on our "Trips" page.





Note: Trips and Racing events have their own pages.

The events listed below are events other than ski trips and races.

Mt. High members at Stevens Pass


Mt. High members on Mt. Hood



Our club provides numerous activities in the following categories.  Most of them have their own separate pages on our web site:


a)  Day trips to Mt. Hood ski areas  (both weekend and mid-week) – currently on TRIPS page, but might be moved to a Mt. Hood page or Meet-up page, or something like that.

b)  Ski trips to other ski areas in the West  -- see TRIPS page.

c)  Recreational racing – RACING pages.

d)  Social events, parties, etc. – on the HOME page.

e)  Summer activities (Biking, Hiking, Rafting, Picnic, etc.) – usually on our HOME page.


Our Home page is mainly a calendar of events and a place to post social events that don't have their own separate pages, such as Trips and Racing events do.


To get a better view of what our club does, please check the ABOUT US page and the PHOTOS page, which shows almost everything we did in the past year(s). Each season, we start to build a new Photos page, so if you are checking us out at the beginning of the season, check out one of the previous year's Photos page, which will be more complete.

Click image to enlarge it.


For more info see:


For questions, see the

Frequently Asked Questions

or email:



or contact our very own Kurt Krueger at:


This would have been the 9th annual MHSP

Mt. Hood Snow Sports Swap

Benefiting the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol


The Mt. Hood Ski Patrol is no longer holding this annual
Snow Sports Swap.

The last one happened in October 2015.


October 1, 2016  -- There will be no event and no Ski Swap.

Friday:     4 pm -9 pm

Saturday: 9 am -6 pm


Washington County Fairgrounds

873 NE 34th Avenue

Hillsboro, Oregon 97124.

Google map


To learn more about the patrol or to make a direct donation, please visit http://mthoodskipatrol.org


The Mt. Hood Ski Patrol is no longer holding this annual
Snow Sports Swap.





Wilsonville Senior Center


Click on the map to enlarge it.


Click here for

Google map



From the north     See MAP:

- Take Interstate 5 (I-5) SOUTH

- Take EXIT 283 (South Wilsonville exit).

- Turn left onto SW Wilsonville Rd. (EAST).

- Go through 2 traffic lights and after half a mile, turn LEFT.

- Look for building number 7965.

Mt. High

Seafood Spectacular 

(Just a party)


October 8, 2016 (Saturday) at 6:30 pm.

(If you want to help with the setup, please come at 5:30 pm.)


Our annual end-of-summer Seafood party is coming up. Pete Troy has been in Alaska all summer long and will be bringing home some excellent seafood for us to try.


We'll be getting together at the Wilsonville Senior Center, which is just a short distance off of I-5 at the South Wilsonville Exit. A map is attached. See below.


The cost to our members again this year will be $10 per person. Guests (non-members): $15.


For your $10, you'll have an incredible dinner of Pete and Ann’s incredible homemade sushi, Bruce McGavin’s fantastic smoked salmon spread; steamed mussels, clams, and salmon. Gordy will be putting his personal touch to the salmon to fix it just the way we like it! 


This is a BYOB event, and you can bring a side dish or dessert to share. We expect to have our usual crowd of 65-75 in attendance.


This year we'll do the opposite from last year. If your last name begins with:

          A - M :  bring a salad or side dish;

          N - Z :  bring a dessert;


Exception:  If your last name happens to be Krueger or Moon, you should bring some dessert.  For those who don't know, our past President, Kurt Krueger and his wife Chris Moon bake wonderful chocolate desserts and in most years end up winning one of the 3 prizes at our Chocolate parties (even though all the entries in the contest are anonymous.)



Wilsonville Senior Center

7965 SW Wilsonville Rd

Wilsonville, OR 97070

See Google map.


EVERYONE PLEASE RSVP by October 1 to Debbi Kor for a headcount:  ijustwannarun1@comcast.net  or  (503) 314-7078.


Riverside Trail near the Discovery Center


Mosier Falls Swimming Hole


Twin Tunnels trail - Mosier to Hood River


Click here for a MAP of the area.

Mt. High Bicycle Ride

 The Dalles to Columbia Gorge Discovery Center

Optional:  Mosier Swimming hole + Twin Tunnels Trail


October 9, 2016 (Sunday).

TIME:    10 am 
MEET:   Lewis & Clark Festival Park by the riverfront         See

               in The Dalles. Parking accessible from Union Street.


We will bike along the Riverfront Trail from The Dalles to the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and back, along the Columbia River. We might stop to take a look at the Discovery Center. It is only about 6 miles in one direction, or 12 miles total round trip. Paved bike trail.


We'll have lunch in The Dalles at the end of the bike ride at the Baldwin Saloon, on Court Street, in the area where Chinatown used to be.

The plan for the day might consist of 4 or 5 separate stages, all of the later ones being optional add-ons.

1. First we’ll do the ride along the Columbia River. Paved bike trail.

2. Either before or after lunch, we can also ride our bikes around the old part of town to see the famous “talking murals”.. Among the historic sites is a place called “the end of the Oregon Trail”. That’s because most of the early Oregon pioneers drove their wagons only up to The Dalles, and from there they had to construct a raft to float down the Columbia River. That was the only way until 1946, when Samuel Barlow constructed the Barlow Road around Mt. Hood. So, until the Barlow Road was open, The Dalles was indeed like the end of the wagon trail.

3. Then we’ll have lunch in The Dalles.

4. On the drive home, just a few miles west of The Dalles, we’ll stop on the outskirts of Mosier and do a very short hike (about half a mile or less) to the Mosier Falls Swimming Hole. Bring a swimsuit, just in case. If the weather is nice, we might take a dip in the pool. The locals like to think of this swimming hole as a secret of their own, but it is shown on Google Maps and it is quite easy to find.

5. Refreshed by the swim and the lunch, we just might find the energy to bike another 5 miles from Mosier to Hood River, along the Twin Tunnels trail. There is plenty of light in those tunnels; completely different from the dark tunnels on the Hiawatha trail. It is only 5 miles from Mosier to Hood River.

Not sure if we will actually do all the 5 things. They are optional.

Directions to the start:

  1. Take exit 84 off of I-84 into The Dalles downtown. The exit merges with the Mosier - Dalles highway, which then turns into 2nd Street.

  2. Traffic flow will take you to 3rd street when 2nd becomes one way in the opposite direction. 

  3. Follow 3rd street for just 2 more blocks to the first traffic light.

  4. Turn left into Union Street.

  5. After just two blocks, cross the railroad tracks and immediately

  6. Turn right into Lewis & Clark Festival park. Park there.




Click on image to enlarge or click here for

the flyer



I-84 East to exit 16. Turn right @ top of exit.
Follow approx 3 miles to SE Burnside. Turn left on Burnside
Follow 1 mile to Gresham Village Shopping Center.
Hillcrest Sports is located on your right.

14th annual

Hillcrest Race Night

(Version 2)


October 13, 2016  (Thursday) -  4:30 - 8:30 pm

Best prices of the year from all the top companies! 


This will be a repeat of the Race Night held on September 27 this year, but this time without the factory reps.


NOTE: This is the same night that the PACRAT 101 event is held (see below), but PACRAT 101 starts at 6 pm, and it will probably start with some NWSCC business first, so you have plenty of time to make it there if you come to Hillcrest early, like at 4:30 pm.


All athletes (U-12 and older), High School, Masters, and PACRATs to Hillcrest’s annual Race Night.


This is THE time to order all the gear you will need at low, low competition pricing. You know the drill. Race reps will be on hand to answer all your questions and help in fitting all your equipment for the upcoming season.


Parents of younger athletes, please stop by for information on our Junior Lease Program.


Special discounts on in-store product for racers, coaches and attendees of race night.

Don’t hesitate to call anytime with questions, but plan to be at Hillcrest on 2506 SE Burnside, Gresham on Wed. Sept 30th.


Hillcrest Sports is located in Gresham, on your way to Mt. Hood! The address is: Hillcrest Sports

                               2506 SE Burnside Rd
                               Gresham, OR 97080


Questions: Contact Gary Gunderson, (503) 658-7848 or email: ktgpdx@frontier.com

If you have any questions please feel free to call the store. Ask for  Dexter.
Contact Hillcrest Ski and Sports at:
Phone:  503-665-4455

Click on the flyer to enlarge it




NWSCC Kickoff Social and PACRAT 101

Introduction to Racing

Recruiting new racers


Oct. 13 (Thursday), 2016   6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



EVO Sporting Goods

200 SE MLK Blvd

Portland, 97214



FUSION PASSES will be sold (and your picture taken) at EVO on this day, but only from 11 am to 6 pm.  You must arrive early, before 6 pm, to purchase a Fusion pass.


NWSCC Kickoff Social

Come attend a Special Kickoff Night!  Pizza and beverages will be provided. Plus, special shopping discounts will be offered! Come early!


Along with  mixing it up with fellow club members and PACRAT racers and pizza/beer/bevs, we have exciting new updates and featured speakers.


We will be debuting the newly designed website and Cascade Web Design will be at function to show it off on the big screen. 

NWSCC will be promoting  its new website, NWSkIers.org. and those who subscribe before our next Club Mixer at Columbia on Dec 14th will go into a drawing to win more prizes at that function.


Other speakers will include an Evo Rep, Ski Fever - Dan & Rebecca Schindler , SnowVana- Doug Fish, plus PACRAT and NWSCC announcements.


Would you be interested in winning a FREE SEASON PASS to Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort, Timberline Lodge, or Ski Bowl?  Here’s how you can win:

  • All attending Club Members will receive one door prize ticket.

  •  All attending Club Officers, NWSCC & PACRAT Board will receive 2 free tickets.

  • Presidents will receive an additional door prize ticket for each officer of their club that attends. 

  • PACRAT Race Captains with racer roster will receive an additional ticket for each racer that attends. 

  • Extra tickets are available for purchase $5 each.

This meeting is open to anyone who would like to attend.




The PACRAT Board cordially invites you to PACRAT 101.  This is a recruitment and education class, open to everyone. Bring friends who might be interested in racing!  Find out what's new for this racing season.


Come learn more about PACRAT Racing, join a team, and hear why we love it so much.


Some of the benefits of the PACRAT Racing League:

  • Snowboarders and skiers are welcome

  • Join a 10-person team

  • Discounted lift tickets on race days

  • Run some gates.  5 races.  5 parties

  • NASTAR races (2 of them) - open to the public

  • Door prizes

  • See yourself improve

  • Great camaraderie.  Lots of fun!

Join a 10-prson team.  Participate in 5 races throughout the season, held at all 3 major ski areas on Mt. Hood.  No experience necessary.  It's all just for fun!


The only qualification is that you must b 18 years or older to join.

Check out the official PACRAT racing website at www.pacrats.org 





Road sign just 2 miles before Government Camp.




Mt. High Highway Cleanup

Our 11th cleanup.  (2 per year)


October 15 (Saturday): 10 am. 

Our club has adopted a 2-mile section of Highway 26, mileposts 51-53.  We have been keeping it clean since 2010.


We'll meet in Mt. Hood Skibowl's parking lot at 10 am sharp. Then we'll earn some good karma for about 2 hours.


12:00 (noon) - approximately - The club will cover the cost of lunch in Government Camp. Let's replenish our energy and enjoy each other's company.      Click on the map to enlarge.


Those who plan to help, need to go on-line with the State Highway Department, and just review the "rules of the road" so to speak. We used to have to watch a video, but that is no longer required. Now, you just need to read through the rules and instructions, and we can deal with the rest ourselves. Just go to:


and scroll down to the "Specific Requirements".  The "Applicant" is our club, and the Participants are all who show up on the day of the event.


Debbi will have the waivers we all need to sign on the day of the event.


RSVP to Debbi Kor at: ijustwannarun1@comcast.net or call 503-314-7078.                   POSTPONED TILL OCTOBER 29


Click here for official announcement



 Lake Oswego High School – east gym
2501 Country Club Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Admission $2/person;$5/family


42nd annual

Lake Oswego Ski & Snowboard Swap & Sale


Oct. 15 (Sat.)  Ski Swap held at Lake Oswego High School in the east gym. Benefitting Lake Oswego and Lakeridge High School Ski Teams


Doors open at 9 am and close at 1 pm

Admission is $3 for individuals and $5 for families.


Location: Lake Oswego High School’s East Gym,

                2501 Country Club Road, Lake Oswego.


Winter Sports enthusiasts will find a variety of “slightly used” ski and snowboard gear – both equipment and clothing, as well as a selection of new equipment and clothing from area vendors. Equipment for children, racers and recreational skiers and snowboarders will be on sale at terrific prices.

Individuals wishing to sell their gear on consignment can drop it off at the East Gym of Lake Oswego High School on Friday, October 10th, from 4-7 pm. Sellers will receive 70% of the sale price, with the remaining 30% split between the LOHS and Lakeridge Ski Teams.


Parking: Limited parking will be available at Lake Oswego High School but there will be ample parking at LO Junior High across the street.

For convenience, a shuttle bus will run from 9-1pm between the schools.

For more information, and to download an advance gear registration form, go to the event website: http://lakeoskiswap.com/

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get new and used equipment for the entire family!


October 21 - 22 (Fri. - Sat.)

The ultimate celebration of Winter at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum on Friday (3 - 10 pm) and Saturday (10 am - 10 pm).


This inaugural event will feature live music, the Mt. Hood Film Festival with season premieres from top ski and snowboard filmmakers, a local Brewfest, wine and spirits tasting, Portland’s ski and snowboard shops selling brand new gear and apparel, plus reps from Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood Meadows and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, all of which will give away hundreds of free lift tickets.


Admission is $5 per day, or $8 for Two-day Pass. Kids 12 and under free.


Mountain High meetup:   Let's meet at Snowvana around 2 pm and explore this new show together.  Afterwards, we can go some place fun for dinner. Contact: Debbi Kor, ijustwannarun1@comcast.net

Warren Miller's new film:

"Here, There, and Everywhere"


Click on the image above to see the movie trailer


The movie is at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall,  1037 SW Broadway,

Portland, Oregon, 97205.


MAP (click to enlarge):

Click to enlarge



Dinner and/or drinks at the Hop City Tavern http://hopcitytavern.com. It is located at the bottom of the Hilton Hotel and is very close to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (almost across the street from it). It is the former Bistro 921, but is totally remodeled.

We'll purchase tickets only for those who send in their money in advance. 


Please make your check (per person) payable to Sandra Smith, and send it to:  

Sandra Smith

1500 SW 134th Avenue

Beaverton, OR 97005.

Contact Sandra at: Sandra@pacifier.com





The price of the ticket to see the movie is high, but it will be more than offset by the free lift ticket to Mt. Bachelor, plus all the other discount coupons we'll receive.

Plus, you'll also get a free subscription to Ski Magazine!

The price still needs to be confirmed. Please email Sandra first, tell her you are coming, and ask her to confirm the price.


Warren Miller movie + Mt. High dinner


"Here, There, and Everywhere"


October 21 (Friday).   Click here for a map.    Ticket: $20.50


Dinner/drinks at 5:30 pm at the Hop City Tavern http://hopcitytavern.com. It is located at the bottom of the Hilton Hotel and is very close to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (almost across the street from it). It is the former Bistro 921, but is totally remodeled.


Movie  at  7:30 pm -at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, 1037 Southwest Broadway.  Click here for 2-minute movie trailer.


In this 67th annual Warren Miller film, take a freeski adventure with industry veterans Ingrid Backstrom and Wendy Fisher in Crested Butte, tour Eastern Greenland by dog sled with Seth Wescott and Rob Kingwill and follow Jess McMillan and Grete Eliassen on a Swiss holiday aboard the Glacier Express. Explore the backcountry of Western Montana’s Glacier Country with Tyler Ceccanti, Collin Collins and Keith Curtis and catch a powder day with Kaylin Richardson, Matt Elliott, Marcus Caston and the Kicking Horse ski patrol in British Columbia.


Travel along as Warren Miller Entertainment commemorates Stein Eriksen in Deer Valley, captures the big air at Boston’s Fenway Park (yes, that Fenway Park!) and rides the steeps of Squaw Valley to the big lines of Cordova, Alaska, plus much more. This year, don’t miss original ski bum and filmmaker Warren Miller himself in on-screen interviews as he spins tales of the past as only Warren can do, reminding us that through the years, these films have truly taken audiences Here, There & Everywhere.


Our group tickets purchase deadline is Friday, Sept.23.  To get good seats, we need to order early! Send your check Sandra Smith. See address below.


Please let Sandra Smith know if you are coming to dinner and/or drinks, so we can reserve an appropriate number of tables.  Email her at Sandra@pacifier.com or phone: 503-646-4591.

Please do not come unannounced!


For those who can't attend the show on Friday night, here are the other times and place the film will be shown in Oregon:  

  * Oct. 20 (Thursday): Medford, Craterian Theater at the Collier Center, 7:30 pm.

  * Oct. 21 (Friday): Portland, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, 7:30 pm 

  * Oct. 22 (Saturday): Salem, Elsinore Theater, Saturday, 7:30 pm);

  * Oct. 26 (Wednesday): Corvallis, Whiteside Theater., 7:30 pm;

  * Oct. 27 (Thursday): Portland Aladdin Theater, 7:30 pm.

  * Oct  28 (Friday): Eugene, McDonald Theater, 7:30 pm;

  * Oct. 29-30 (Sat./Sun.): Bend (Tower Theater)  29th: 6 & 9 pm,  30th: 5 pm.


Here is a list of freebies everyone attending the movie in Portland or Salem usually receives. Screenings at other locations don't always get the same things.  This year, there's no more Canada among the freebies, but now we get both Bachelor & Timberline tickets. Everyone will receive:


1. Lift ticket to Mt. Bachelor, valid Sunday - Friday (non-holiday), from opening day in 2016 till closing day in 2017.


2. Timberline ski area:  2-for-1 lift tickets valid Monday - Friday all season.


3. Lift ticket at Steamboat, Colorado, valid 11.24.16 through 12.16.16,  or 4.1.17 through 4.16.17.


4. Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows:  2-for-1 lift tickets valid valid from Opening Day 2016 through Closing Day 2017. OFFER NOT VALID Saturdays AND the following blackout dates: 12.17.16 through 12.31.17, 1.14.17 through 1.15.17, AND 2.18.17 through 2.25.17.


5. US Outdoor Store - 20% off any purchase of $100 or more.


6. A free subscription to Ski Magazine, if you fill out the contest entry form at the theater.


More details at:



To get all this stuff, all you need to do is come see the movie with us.  

We'll meet for dinner and/or drinks around 5:30 pm (Friday), within walking distance of the theater.


Plan on walking over to the theater by about 7:00 pm, to have time to browse around the various displays and booths in the hallways - both downstairs and up on the second level.


Send in your $20.50  per person check to Sandra Smith for a group tickets purchase, by Friday, September 23.

The price still needs to be confirmed. Please email Sandra first, tell her you are coming, and ask her to confirm the price.


After this date, you will have to buy your own ticket and it will cost you $28.50 at the  PCPA Box Office, by phone 503.946.7272, and at all TicketsWest outlets (800-325-SEAT) - due to an added convenience charge.  So, by going with our group discount, you get a total saving of $9 per ticket.


We will purchase movie tickets only for those who send in their money in advance. 


Please make your check payable to Sandra Smith, and send it to:  

Sandra Smith

1500 SW 134th Avenue

Beaverton, OR 97005.


Contact Sandra at: Sandra@pacifier.com


No need to include any forms for this.  Only, please indicate if you are planning to join us for dinner and/or drinks before the movie or not. Also, please include your mailing address, so we can mail you tour ticket, as well as your email address, so we can notify you if there are any last minute changes.


Dinner / drinks is optional, and everyone pays for their own order, but it's a great way to socialize, meet some new members, find out who else is going on that trip you were eyeing for this season, ... etc.   See you there!





Mt. High
Monthly meeting

Usually on the last Monday of the month.

Mountain High
monthly Board meeting

October 24, 2016. (Monday) - Usually last Monday of the month.


6:00 pm - social gathering;

6:30 pm - formal meeting. 

Location: Round Table Pizza, 10070 SW Barbur Blvd., near Capitol Hwy. (by McDonald’s).


This is an organizational and planning meeting, attended mainly by Board members, trip leaders, activity organizers etc., but it is open to all.  Anyone wanting to get more involved with the club is welcome.




Road sign just 2 miles before Government Camp.


Mt. High Highway Cleanup

Our 11th cleanup.  (2 per year)

UPDATE: This event was originally scheduled for October 15, but was postponed due to bad weather.  A few of the people who had originally signed up for Oct. 15 can't make it on October 29th, so we now need about 2 or 3 more volunteers.  Please contact Debbi Kor.


October 29 (Saturday): 10 am. 

Our club has adopted a 2-mile section of Highway 26, mileposts 51-53.  We have been keeping it clean since 2010.


We'll meet in Mt. Hood Skibowl's parking lot at 10 am sharp. Then we'll earn some good karma for about 2 hours.


12:00 (noon) - approximately - The club will cover the cost of lunch in Government Camp. Let's replenish our energy and enjoy each other's company.      Click on the map to enlarge.


Those who plan to help, need to go on-line with the State Highway Department, and just review the "rules of the road" so to speak. We used to have to watch a video, but that is no longer required. Now, you just need to read through the rules and instructions, and we can deal with the rest ourselves. Just go to:


and scroll down to the "Specific Requirements".  The "Applicant" is our club, and the Participants are all who show up on the day of the event.


Debbi will have the waivers we all need to sign on the day of the event.


RSVP to Debbi Kor at: ijustwannarun1@comcast.net or call 503-314-7078.


E. John B. Allen, ski historian


Experience a bit of history.

Experience the Mt. Hood Museum!



Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum

Government Camp, Oregon
ph: 503-272-3301, info@mthoodmuseum.org 

Mt. Hood Museum History Happy Hour Social

"History of Skiing"

(A monthly gathering at the Museum)

Ski Historian E. John B. Allen Featured at October Lecture


October 29, 2016 (Saturday.)  

Doors open at 6:30 pm. Talk starts at 7:00 pm.

Ski Historian and author E. John B. Allen is the featured speaker at the October monthly lecture at the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum. Allen is a professor emeritus of history at Plymouth State University and the author of several books on the culture and sport of skiing.

Did you know skis are older than the wheel?  Allen will share the history of skiing around the world and in America from ancient times to the 1940s. He will also share his experience researching and writing two major ski history books and many articles.

See the event's Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/247696782294651/

The Social History Happy Hour takes place at 7 pm the last Saturday of the month at the museum, featuring local history topics.
Oregon beer and wine are available to purchase.
Admission to the lecture is $5, which benefits the Mt. Hood Museum, a non-profit community organization.

The Mt. Hood Museum preserves and showcases the rich history of Mount Hood through interpretive exhibits and educational programming. The museum features six galleries that highlight the history of the mountain's early exploration, winter sports, settlement and natural history.

The museum in the center of Government Camp, the Mt. Hood Information Center and the Museum Gift Shop are open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museum is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For more information,

contact Janet Paulson at




Click on the flyer to enlarge it


More info at:


Retails at SkiFever offer 70,000 sq. ft. of their best deals of the season of ski & Snowboard equipment, accessories, and apparel. Those in the know recognize this as the best deal in town. The SkiFever Ski Swap features overstock of new noncurrent merchandise from local retailers and lightly used community swap items that include skis, snowboards, boots, and soft goods.

Since 1986, Dan and Rebecca Schindler have offered the largest and best ski and snowboards shows in the Portland market to launch the winter sport season. With 30 years of history in the Portland market, SkiFever has the industry connections with resorts, manufacturers, and local retail heavy weights like U.S. Outdoor Store, Next Adventure, Hillcrest Sports, The Pro Shop, Mountainology, Daddies Board Shop, Evo, Gorge Performance and others. This makes this the premier ski & Snowboard event of the season. The savings on gear, resorts, and tour operators cannot be beat. It’s all under one roof.

While other Portland events feature only bits of SkiFever like a beer fest or film festival as a part of an event in a small format, SkiFever is the largest, fun, and comprehensive kick off for winter season for hardcore shredders and ski and snowboard families alike.

Other features of the SkiFever Ski & Snowboard Show include the “Saturday Night SkiFever Pray For Snow Party” features the Famous Phasous live cover band; other live music throughout the show; dance performances; X-Games athletes; aerial performances; scuba demo; and more.

With 20,000 plus attendees, the excitement of ski & riding this winter season is palpable and electric at this event. SkiFever features:

  • the SkiFever Freeride Theater with the latest ski films;

  • Thrilling freestyle and aerial demonstrations giant indoor grind rail;

  • X-Games Olympic stars;

  • Free ski lessons on the Mogul Busters Kid Slope;

  • PowerJump trampoline for aerial fun,

  • SkiFever Climbing Wall for all attendees to try;

  • Grand Prize Giveaway; and

  • Thousands of dollars worth of skis, bindings, snowboards, and other prizes.

37th annual

Ski Fever & Snowboard Show

Portland Expo Center

2060 N. Marine Dr.,
Portland OR 97217


Nov.4-6, 2016 (Fri - Sun.)  

Biggest annual ski show at the Expo Center. Great deals on ski clothing and equipment. Save Up To 70% on new Ski and Snowboard Gear. Many freebies.


Also included a giant Ski Swap, where you can keep 80% of the sale value when you sell your used equipment. Thursday is the ONLY day to drop off your gear for the Ski Swap.  Last chance to sell your old gear.


Our Mountain High club will have a booth at the Show.  Note that there will be no Ski Far this year, so instead, please come to the Ski Fever Show and visit our booth, where you will be able to renew your club membership, signup for ski trips, etc.

SkiFever packs the entire ski & snowboard universe all under one roof™. With 108,000 square feet of exhibition space, SkiFever provides live acts, interactive exhibits and ongoing giveaways that provide SkiFever visitors with non-stop entertainment. Enjoy the new SkiFever BrewFest, with beer from Deschutes Brewery, Oregon WineFest, and regional spirits. Full of excitement, SkiFever provides big savings on gear and more to get you stoked for the season. 

  • SAVE— Up to 70% off on top brand gear, clothing and accessories!

  • DREAM — Check out resorts for winter destination vacations to get discount travel and lift packages!

  • TASTE — Walk and shop through the new SkiFever BrewFest, with beer from Deschutes Brewery, Oregon WineFest, and regional spirits!

  • THRILL — Watch past and future Olympic and X-Game medal winners perform tricks and stunts on the Les Schwab Main Stage and Hillcrest Sports Rail Jam!

  • PARTY PARTY — Throw your hand in the air at the SkiFever Pray For Snow Party™ with Government Camp’s favorite band Phamous Phases.  Enjoy Free Beer & Pizza while it lasts and the best live music!

  • Click here to see a complete list of show features.

Admission: $12 at the gate.

Juniors (6 - 12 years old) pay only $3.  Under 6 is free.


Show hours are:

Friday 1 pm - 10 pm
Saturday 10am - 9 pm
Sunday 10am - 6 pm


.More info at: http://portlandskifever.com/ .


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We need several volunteers to help staff our Mountain High club's booth for a 3-hour shift.  Each volunteer will receive free admission to the Show.  To volunteer, please contact Karen Michels, skiklynn@gmail.com , 503-984-9210.


Local ski clubs will have their booths in the yellow highlighted area in the middle of the show floor. Click on the floor plan to enlarge it










Find our more about our club,

See info & photos on display.

Mt. High

Membership & Kickoff Party

+ Mini Ski Swap


Nov. 7, 2016 (Monday).   6:30 - 9:00 pm.

Our biggest party of the year, marking the start of a new ski season. There will be free food and drinks.

  • Join the club, or renew your membership, or just check us out!
  • New membership cards will be issued on the spot.
  • Sign up for ski trips.
  • Join a 10-person PACRAT racing team, the best way to gain 9 instant ski buddies!
  • Win some door prizes!
  • Meet other members. Have a great time!
  • Find our more about our club.
  • Find out about our mid-week skiers, and meet some of them. 
  • Enjoy some tasty sandwiches, some beer or wine, or soft drinks.
  • Bring something to sell at our mini ski swap, or see if there's anything there you might want to buy.
  • Pick up a new NW Skiers' Directory, fresh off the press.
  • Win some door-prizes!
  • Socialize! Get to know other club members.
  • Donate a ski jacket! 

DONATE:  Bring a ski jacket you have outgrown, or other winter clothes, including gloves, hats, etc.  We did that in some past yearsl. Our club president, Debbi Kor, will take our donations to Sleep Country Foster Kids that donates clothes to foster kids.


AGENDA: We’ll have food and drinks, visit with old friends, and meet new members. See what we are cooking up for the upcoming season. Be there or be square! Bring a friend! 


DRINKS:  Please BYOB  (Bring your own drinks).


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  To volunteer with set up, take down or help during event please contact Karen Michels


Location: VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars

              104 S Tumwater,

              Oregon City 97045

              Click here for a MAP.





Click on the image for more info.



There is a voluntary admission charge of $1 per person or $3 per family for the entire weekend.  For that donation you will be entered in an hourly raffle with a chance to win some small door prizes.  


There will be both new and used equipment available for purchase.


Who is the Grant/Cleaveland team?  See::




by Grant/Cleveland High schools

Nov. 11 - 13, 2016  (Fri.- Sun.)  

This Ski swap benefits the Grant, Cleveland,  Madison, Franklin and Benson high school ski racing teams.


       Drop off:     Friday:  6:30 pm - 9 pm

                         Saturday: 9:00 am - 3 pm.

       Sale Hours: Saturday:   11 am -  6 pm.

                          Sunday:    10 am - 3 pm.


Proceeds from items sold and unsold consignment items must be picked up Sunday, 3-5 pm.


Buy! Sell! Swap!

* Lots of kids gear

* Items from reps (some demo, some new),

* Items from manufacturers (like Columbia),

* Items from stores (like Mt. Shop), and

* Items from skiers like you.


There is a consistently good selection of clothing and equipment at yard sale prices. All proceeds help support the high school racing programs at several east Portland high schools. The team's commission on goods sold is 30% (donated goods are especially cherished).


This year, we have skis and other equipment coming from Blizzard, and Atomic reps - as well as a lot of community support.


See flyer (a PDF file) for more info.


Location: Northeast Community Center Annex
                1606 NE 37th (Between Broadway and Sandy Blvd.).


If you have something to sell, bring it in on Friday, November 11th, 6:30 - 9 pm, or  Saturday, Nov. 12, between 9 am - 3 pm.


See the announcement on the Grant/Cklevelan High School page at: http://www.grantclevelandskiteam.com/team-fundraising


See the announcement on the Grant/Cleveland

Questions: Grantskiraceteam@gmail.com .



Click on image to enlarge the flyer.



Live music at Charlie's Pub in Govy

"Pray for Snow" Party


Nov. 12 (Saturday) 2017.

Starting at 7:00 pm

Organized by the Schnee Vogeli club. Everyone is invited!


Location: Charlie's Pub in Government Camp.


Come celebrate the upcoming winter. Live music, and door-prizes. All local skiers and riders are invited, regardless of which club they belong to.


There will be a live band.


Tickets are $15. Sold in advance (not at the door). Tickets always sell out completely before the event. For tickets, contact your favorite member of the Schnee Vogeli club, ... or one of the following:


Gordy Lusk, 503-804-8363 GordyLusk@hotmail.com, or

Dale Parshall,503-245-3782, dale.parshall@bankofthewest.com,


Charlie's Pub

in the heart of Government Camp


Pacific Northwest Area Clubs

Recreational Alpine Teams


Northwest Ski Club Council


NWSCC Meeting &

PACRAT team captains'

bib pickup


Dec. 14, 2016 (Wed.): 6:00 pm  (Starts with Happy half-hour 6 - 6:30 pm)


This will be a combined PACRAT and NWSCC meeting.


PACRAT Team Captains will pick up the racing bibs for their team if all their team-mates have paid their PACRAT dues and submitted all the paperwork, signed liability forms, etc.  If a team captain cannot attend in person, please send one of your team-mates to collect the bibs for your team.


Location:  Columbia Flagship Store (upstairs room)
                  911 SW Broadway, 

                  Portland, OR 97205         



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