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Mt. High Photos (2006/2007)

2006 / 2007 Photos

Sept. 30 2007: Sunday Brunch River Cruise

Aug. 11, 2007: Mt. High Picnic

July 8, 2007:    Hike to Warrior Rock

May 31-June 3: FWSA Convention

April 13:          "Rat Attack" awards party.

Mar.30 - Apr.1: Far West races, Mt.Bachelor

March 16-18:  Washington bus trip

March 8          Mt. High Pizza Party

March 5          Timberline's NEW Trails

March 3          Ski the Glade Trail Day

March 3-4       Cascade Lodge Weekend

Feb 18             PACRAT race #3 at Ski Bowl + party

Feb 17, 2007   Chocolate Party.

Feb. 9-16         Eden, Utah trip (Powder Mt.)

Jan. 14, 2007  Pacrat Race at Timberline

Dec. 2-9,2006  Canada Ski Safari

More photos

1. For selected trip photos, go to ski trips.
2. For selected social events, go to: social events.
3. For older photos:

2004 photos (2nd Canada Ski Safari, Falls Creek hike, Seafood Social);

2005 photos (3rd Canada safari, Rafting, Picnic, Big Mt. trip, Crystal Mt. trip);

2006 photos (Next Adventure, Idaho trip, Val d'Isere, Summer at Timberline, Picnic & bike ride)

4. For complete set of photos, go to the Photo Albums, where you can also order your own prints.

5. See how to post photos/videos to our web site, on the Articles page (under "Technology").


Sunday Brunch River Cruise

September 30, 2007. (Saturday)  What a great cruise on the "Portland Spirit"! About 17 or 18 of us participated, including two new members (Moniquea and Brock). In spite of some rain during boarding, the weather actually worked in our favor, as the rain calmed the waters, so the sailing was very smooth. The food was fabulous, a buffet loaded with a large selection of meats, eggs, pasta, salads, and different kinds of desserts.  Champagne was poured and refilled, as well as orange juice, apple cider, and topped off with some delicious coffee.  The view of the river was so good from our table that we didn't even need to step outside on the deck, but Emilio and a few others didgo out for a short time anyway. There was also live, jazzy music on board, some piano music, and even the waitresses singing their hearts out!

Just a few of us, boarding the ship. More people came later.


The "Portland Spirit" was our ship.

Alice, Marvin, Janice, Blaise, Brock, Terri & Ron


Champaign was served liberally.

Debbi, Randy, Moniquea, Sheri & Dale.


The captain was busy with visiting kids.

Passing under the Sellwood bridge.


Emilio consulted the river map on the deck.

Alice, Blaise and Emilio.


Debbi (our trip captain) paying the bill!

The cruise was over too soon!


Here, a long line of waitresses

(in the background)

are singing a jazzy little farewell tune.


Ron, Moniquea, and Alice.



Annual Mt. High Picnic

August 11, 2007. (Saturday)  This is the the third year in a row that we've held a picnic at Sellwood Park. As usual, it was preceded by a short bike ride along the Willamette River. We crossed the Sellwood Bridge and went up the west side of the river all the way to the Steel bridge, then crossed over to the east side and rode along the new bicycle path along the east side of the river, past OMSI and the submarine.  But, that was just half the fun. Then we proceeded with the picnic, the hot dogs, heated conversations about upcoming ski trips. We met a few new members, and played some softball.

Larry was our bike-ride leader

Bob S, Bob . Jim, Shelly, Deirdre, and others.


More than 20 people rode their bikes. Not everyone is in this photo, at the "Bite of Oregon"

Linda and Patty ride past the "Bite of Oregon"

It was a nice, warm day.


Emilio, Deirdre, Jim, ....

Bob and Gordy, after crossing the Steel bridge.


Larry, Bruce, Shelly and others

Group photo near the Morrison St. bridge.


Haley and Violet

Jim and Deirdre at the picnic


Haley and Violet at the picnic

Stuffing ourselves at the picnic!


Peter & Cori, with son Jacob.

(Jacob is only 11 months old.)

Some people prefer to eat standing up!

Chris, Kurt, Linda, ...




Hike to Warrior Rock

July 8, 2007. (Sunday)  our hike to Warrior Rock was very nice, the weather was perfect. The Wanderers were: Alice, Blaise, Lisa, Jean, Yolanda, Marlise, Lydia, Chuck and Elisabeth.

Lisa and Jean



Lunch break: Alice, Lisa, and Marilise at the lighthouse

Alice, Blaise and Zoe resting on a log


Chuck, Blaise, Alice, and Lisa

Elisabeth, Blaise, Alice and Lisa


This was a 7-mile hike to Warrior Rock, near St. Helens. on the Columbia River.

7 miles round trip. No elevation gain.

This hike starts at the tip of Oregon's largest Island. This woodsy hike along the Columbia River leads to a miniature lighthouse and a secluded, sandy beach.

The lighthouse


Wading in the Columbia River

The water felt so good!


The whole group of Warriors!

Alice and Blaise hauling a log.


The group enjoying Happy Hour!

That was an enjoyable hike!




FWSA Convention (Santa Clara, CA)

May 31 - June 3, 2007.  The Far West Ski Association Convention was held in Santa Clara, CA this year. It is an opportunity to meet with other clubs, and with ski industry representatives, and to plan for future winter trips.  Our club got recognized in a number of ways.  Our very own Linda McGavin received recognition for the NWSCC Newsletter she edits every month.  Mountain High won first place in the Outstanding Club competition, in the AAA category, which are clubs with over 200 members. We have just grown to slightly over 200 members this past season!  Also, our PACRAT racers were recognized for winning the most points at the recent Far West Championships at Mt. Bachelor (in April). Debbi Kor won the President's Award for her contribution to the Far West Ski Association. Emilio Trampuz received the "Safety Person of the Year" award, for promoting safety. See the Safety, Vision, and Articles pages on our web site.

Mary Manning from Aspen, with Emilio holding the award, and Richard Lubin (FWSA VP Safety)

Close-up of the Safety Award plaque


Emilio Trampuz and Linda McGavin accepted the Outstanding Club 1st place award

Outstanding Club award - 1st place!


One more look at our 1st place award.

Wish you had been there. This is for ALL of us!

Linda McGavin received an award for the monthly NWSCC newsletter


Just some of our PACRAT racers, accepting the recognition for most points earned at the Championship

Sheri Parshall, Shawn Storey, Emilio Trampuz, Sally Neidermeyer, Diane Hicks.

Randy Lew (FWSA President)
presents the Jimmy Heuga award to
Larry "Chad" Chadwick,
founder of the Oregon Cancer Ski Out.


Randy picks out the winner of the raffle (a trip to Whistler), and Debbi Kor-Lew announces.

Randy Lew deals with questions, while Debbie Stewart (FWSA Secretary) keeps the minutes.


Becki and Rod Robinson
(Altair Ski Club, Eugene, OR) represented the Northwest as the NWSCC Man and Woman of the Year.

Congratulations, Becki and Rod!

Debbi Kor-Lew wins the
President's Special Recognition Award for her work in advancing the goals of the Far West Ski Association.

Debbi is the FWSA VP Marketing


Emilio sneaks up to the pelicans in Monterey Bay slough, during a kayaking excursion there, on the first day of the Convention.


Emilio glides by a beach full of seals.





Rat Attack

April 13, 2007.  (Friday). The PACRAT Awards dinner party was held at the Greek Cuisina, complete with Greek circle dancing, belly-dancing, an ouzo drinking contest, plate smashing, and dressing up like pirates. Arrrgh!

The top 4 teams were all from our Mt. High club:

1. Rattitudes (captain: Chris Wiley): 205 points

2. Psychothermia (captain Gary Gunderson) 192 pts.

3. Drooling Moose Rats (capt. Elaine Bock) 180 pts.

4. Avalanche Express (capt. Gary Gunderson) 163 pts.

See results on our Race Results web page & on the official PACRAT web site: www.pacrats.org

To join a team next season, contact one of our team captains. See our "Racing" page.

1st place: "Rattitudes" team

2nd place: "Psychothermia" team


Jeff Kingsbury is being proclaimed: "Rat King", by Jack - the pirate - Folliard

Our "Rat Queen" was Irina Fonareva,
the most improved female racer.


The "Mt. Hoodlums" team

The "Mixed Nuts" team


Colleen Kelly and Dale Parshall greeted us at the door in full pirate regalia.

Best pirate costumes.

Gary Stevenson (our President) is in the middle.


Russ Stanton threatens Wendy with a sword, but succumbs to her charms!!!

Chris, Gordy and Jack


Jan Siverts-Smith (aka "zippy".

Watch out for that mighty sword!

Gary Stevenson and Jack Folliard

Bruce Parshall with the belly-dancer lady.


Captain Jack "Sparrow" Folliard, bidding Adieu to his post as PACRAT Chairman, so he could roam the 7 seas, ...errr, ... spend more time skiing!

Chris Wiley ("Rattitudes" team captain"

and his happy wench!!!






Mt. Bachelor Weekend - Far West Championships

March 30 - April 1, 2007.  What a great weekend in Bend!  Lots of fun skiing, racing, and partying. Emilio forgot to bring the memory card for his camera. So, thanks to all of you who sent in your photos for our newsletter and for this web page.

A total of 161 racers participated in the Far West Championships. 47 of them were PACRAT racers, who performed very well against racers from other western States. Among 11 racing leagues, PACRATS scored the 2nd highest number of points in slalom, and 1st place in GS and the overall combined points. Official race results and some photos are posted at: http://www.fwra.com/Results/FWRA%20Championships.htm

Mt. Bachelor "Cloud 9" photos of slalom race are at:


Emilio waiting for his turn at the starting gate.

Emilio in the slalom course

Phil Mant at the start of the slalom race.

Slalom was on Saturday.

Giant Slalom was on Sunday..


Gary Stevenson in the slalom course.

Phil Mant in the Slalom course


Roman Chamine in the GS course

Inspecting the slalom course


Slalom start

Andrew Parshall and Colin Anderson with uncle Gordy (aka "Spyderman")





Bus trip to Leavenworth, WA (Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass)

March 16-18, 2007. Except for a few injuries, it was a great weekend. We skied Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass, and stayed both nights in the charming Bavarian town of Leavenworth, WA.

On the bus, we had a jokes contest, won by Colin Gadler (by popular vote). Also, it was St. Patrick’s day, so we had a limerick contest. Many limericks were submitted. Our shy Barbara Derkacht had the winning entry, a bit too raunchy for print. Tim Gadler’s limerick won 2nd place.

We had a perfectly sunny day at Mission Ridge. The views were fantastic. As usual on such trips, we tried a bit of human slalom, and explored the Bomber cliffs.
At Stevens Pass, it was a bit more cloudy. Bruce Kuper wore a helmet cam and showed us his fall and slide on the very steep face of 7th Heaven. Click here to see the video, or visit our web site videos page.

Patty and Gerry Ignatowski

Linda, Diane, and Bob.


Jan and Barbara are in synch!



Chuck Westergren braves the steep Bomber cliffs!


Edie, just before her crash.


Wally and Elaine pause for the views!

Human slalom - our tradition!


Patty turns around Chuck in the human slalom.

Deirdre's photo:  Lisa, Elaine, Phil, Chuck, Emilio.


Deirdre, Gareth, Phil and Jim at dinner. The invasion of the yellow & red dots indicates your choice of entre.

Deirdre's photo of mystery object. Can you guess? Answer in May issue of "Lift Lines.


We had a bus-full of people. These are only some of us, next to the bomber's wing at Mission Ridge.


Tracy, Lisa, and Jim, at Stevens Pass

Chuck and Kurt at Stevens Pass


Elaine, Mike, Lisa and Harry at Stevens Pass.

Wally at Stevens Pass


Chuck at Stevens Pass.

Diane, Mark, Linda and Bruce next to a warning sign:

"Falls may result in uncontrollable slides."





Mt. High Pizza Party

March 8, 2007. (Thursday) One of our quarterly pizza parties, held at the Round Table Pizza on Barbur Blvd. (near Capitol Hwy.).  As usual, it was well attended, the pizza was free, and the company enjoyable.  This time we had Diane Hicks as our guest speaker. She told us about how the Northwest Snow Sports Foundation helps with scholarships for your, aspiring local racers. Our club donated $500 to the Foundation, plus an additional $150 which we "earned" from the Far West Snowsport Association, as a prize for an outstanding club and web site. That $150 was actually donated by the FWSA, but our club selected the NW Snow Sports Foundation as the beneficiary.

Gary Stevenson (our club Prez) and Patty Ignatowski

Linda, Diane, and Bob.


Bob, Elaine, Deirdre, and Jim.

Our firemen group and their ladies!


Jan, Julie, Merry Lou, and Mark

Alice, Sue, Patty, Elisabeth and Chuck.


Mary, Debbi, Mary, Barbara

Diane Hicks receives the 2 checks from Gary.


Gary explaining the 2 donations to Diane.

We normally have four such pizza parties, (quarterly club meetings).

At one of them (in late May or early June)
we also hold the club elections.





Timberline's New Trails

March 5, 2007. (Monday) This was a one-day preview of the new trails at Timberline. It was open to anyone who bought a lift ticket this Monday. A new Express chairlift will be built this summer (2007). It will be called "The Jeff Flood Still Creek Basin Chairlift", and will be located between the current Pucci and Stormin' Norman lifts. The top of the new lift will be near the bottom end of the Magic Mile. The new lift opens up a lot of new terrain, some very long cruising trails, some unexpectedly steeper slopes, and even some glades. Best of all, the new lift will take a lot of the load off of the Pucci chair. Since you can use the new lift to return to the lodge, and the runs are much longer anyway, there will be much less traffic on the Pucci chair.

Click on the trail map to enlarge.

Some of the new trails are surprisingly steep.  This is the lower end of the Mustang Sally trail.

By the way, that' Kay in the blue jacket on the right.


This is the more luxurious of the snowcats that provided uphill transportation.

Crossroads where 3 trails meet: JoJaMi, Mustang Sally, and Pete's Plunder.


The JoJaMi trail, with a view of Ski Bowl.

Kay Kinyon and a bunch of other folks, with a view of Trillium Lake.


Jeff Kohnstamm (on the left), Timberline's manager, enjoying the snowcat ride up.

Jeff Kohnstamm at the top of the Pucci chair.


Jeff Kohnstamm on one of the new trails.

Jeff Kohnstamm telling us about how the new trail names were chosen.


Resting half way down the long "Kruser" trail

New trail sign, with a view of Mt. Jefferson.





Ski the Glade Trail Day

March 3, 2007. (Saturday)  This is an annual event, sponsored by the Mt. Hood Museum & Cultural Center in Government Camp. It's an opportunity to ski the historic Glade Trail from Timberline to Government Camp, as many times as you wish.  A couple of vans provided the transportation all day. This is a fund raiser for the Museum.  In return, each participants gets to not only ski, but also partake of some breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Museum. There was also a raffle, wine tasting, and everyone also received a nice gift package full of all kinds of goodies, from sunscreen to power bars.

We had a guide, and the trail was patroled, for safety.

Emilio enjoyed it, as did many others.


There was a professional photographer.

Anita had fun!


Lloyd Musser, the Museum's curator, took a few runs.

Mike and Jan were all smiles!


We had a good view of Ski Bowl across the valley.

Looking uphill, there was a great view of Mt. Hood.


We had carved chairs in the snow, waiting for the van.

Now, that's a real smiley face!


What a view!  What a big smile!

Lloyd raffles off a Glade Trail sign, and other items.


Emilio Trampuz and Lloyd Musser

All the ladies love Lloyd!!!





Cascade Lodge Weekend

March 3-4, 2007.  We were all invited to stay at the Cascade Lodge in Government Camp, for a special rate of only $17 per person. Dinner was only $9.  There was so much happening this weekend (including the Oregon Cancer Ski Out, the Ski the Glade Trail Day, the Moonlight Snowshoe trek to Trillium Lake, and the new trails opening at Timberline) that it was better to stay in Government Camp than drive all the way home every day.  Thanks to the Cascade Ski Club for their hospitality!  Too bad only relatively few of us took part in this.

Jan, enjoying a good book and a huge glass of wine!

Cascade Lodge living room


Dinner and relaxation by the fireplace

Suzanne, Rich, Dianne, Emilio, and Mike.




PACRAT Race at Ski Bowl

February 18, 2007. (Sunday)  This was our third race of the season.  A fast course was set up.  There was plenty of snow everywhere. In between and after the racing, the ungroomed areas were quite skiable, and some of us took advantage of it in the Upper Bowl.

Our Mt. High club was in charge of organizing and coordinating the post-race party at the Mt. Hood Museum & Cultural Center in Government Camp.  Several people volunteered (see photos).  Also, several of our members brought baked goodies and desserts. Some of them may have been leftovers from the Chocolate Party the night before?

Elaine at the starting gate!

Racers ready...!


Phil and Violet, slipping the course.

Chuck and Doug skiing the Upper Bowl


Chuck rips it up in the Upper Bowl.

Chuck enjoying the powder, between the races.


Jaxine, Cindy and Jan feed the hungry racers!

Blaise supervising, while Terry pours the beer.


Dale and Bob, in front of the Mt. High club banner

Gary (our Prez) displays the club's banner





Annual Chocolate Party

February 17, 2007. (Saturday)  Our annual chocolate party was hosted by Steve Royce and Edie Martinelli.  As usual, it was a fun event, full of sweetness. The company was enjoyable too, as you can see from the photos.

A competition for the most chocolaty and the most creative dessert

Bruce, Blaise, Barbara, Fred, and Gerry taste the goodies.


Is that mystery woman Edie (next to Patty)?

Janice, Marv, Debbi, and Randy.





Utah Trip

(Eden, Powder Mountain, Snowbasin)

February 9-16, 2007.   We had a 4-day option, with people staying in hotel rooms at the Red Moose Lodge, ... and a 7-day option, with people staying at the Moose Hollow condos.

Our first day at Powder Mountain was sunny, but without fresh snow. The second day, we got a lot of new snow, while skiing at nearby Snowbasin.  The third day, we got to experience Powder Mountain with fresh powder on the ground, although some people opted to drive to Park City instead.  This was easy to do, since we had rented a number of SUVs, one car for each 4 trip participants.

Linda McGavin cooked us all a spaghetti dinner, served in the conferencee room at the Red Moose Lodge.  On another day, we all went out to dinner at the Timbermine Restaurant in Ogden -with an interesting decor: a cross between an old-time saloon and a mining operation.

Many people on the trip got sick with some flue-like symptoms. Kurt had the most serious malady, possibly caused by Salmonella poisoning.

But, those of us who could ski had a "powderful" time!!!

Linda watches as Jackie cuts through the powder.

Linda McGavin at Powder Mt.


Bruce McGavin cuts fresh tracks.

Jackie, Rich, and Suzanne in the snowcat (Powder Mt.)


Suzanne enjoying the fresh powder!

Linda - as graceful as ever!


Group photo

Shelly, Rich and Suzanne in the condos.


Dick & Jackie dancing.  Sitting are: Tom, Kay & Ed.

Terry Swan leaves her mark in the powder (Powder Mt.)


Fred, Barbara, Walt, and Emilio (lunch at Powder Mt.)

Aspen trees, perfectly spaced, (Powder Mt.)


Lisa made her first tree run here 2 days earlier, but Emilio didn't have a camera then. Sorry, Lisa!

More trees at Powder Mt., and no crowds! Even much of our own group went to Park City this day.


Walt, Sue, and Bob at the end of the day at Powder Mt.

Sheridan shows off a Polygamy beer, made in Utah.


Linda, Mike, Diane, Dick, Lisa, Shelly.

Mike, Diane, Rich, Suzanne, Lisa at dinner







PACRAT Race at Timberline

January 14, 2007. (Sunday)  Our first race of the season was held at Timberline, under wonderfully sunny skies, and on excellent snow that held up beautifully during the whole day, with hardly any ruts at all. This season, our club has 9 teams, of 10 persons each. That's a total of 90 racers, which is actually a tad over half of all the PACRAT racers (from various local clubs).  The aprčs-ski party was held at the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum (MHCC&M) in Government Camp.  There was food and drinks, hosted by the Skiyente ski club. Also, lots of door-prizes, but you had to be present to win.

Beautiful sunny day made Suzi smile!

Elaine is in good spirits, ...


.. but, let's concentrate before entering the course!

Mt. Jefferson seemed really close!


Suzi takes in the view from the top of the course.

This guy was smokin'!!!


A view of the race course with Mt. Hood

Jack gets the party rolling


Gary provides the entertainment

Wendy wins a new jacket!


Chuck sporting his "Drag'n Bottom" sweatshirt

Violet wins some Huck-bucks! Gary's excited!

Walt enjoying all the fun!


Gary wins new goggles!

Famous explorers:

Robert F. Scott, Jean-Jacques Cousteau, & Amundsen.

Actually:  Phil,  Doug & Chuck in Government Camp.



Canada Ski Safari

December 2-9, 2006.  Fifteen of us went on a road trip through Washington and British Columbia, in six separate cars: Lots of early snow blanketed the West this year, and Mt. Baker had by far the most snow, about 10 feet. The weather was partly cloudy to mostly sunny, except at Silver Star, where we got a few inches of fresh snow overnight.


We shared the cost of gas and lodging. The total cost per person differed based on the number of people per car, the number of people per hotel room, and the type of lodging (hostel, motel in town, or hotel in the mountain village)  Some of our group, sharing costs between 4 people, paid as little as $168 per person for all 5 days of skiing.  Others paid about $206 per person (with 3 people sharing costs). Going for total comfort, with only 2 people per room in an on-mountain hotel, the cost per person was only $350 - $370 (for all 5 days) The only additional expense was for food.  For comparison, note that on any average ski trip, you will probably spend $100 - $150 per person per day.


We skied a different area each day:  Mt. Baker (WA), Sun Peaks, Silver Star, Big White and Apex,  (British Columbia). That was the basic 5-day trip.   Bob and Emilio proceeded on to Red Mountain, 49 Degrees North and Mt. Spokane, for a total of 8 ski areas in 8 days.


Day 1:  Terry at Mt. Baker

Day 1: Group photo at Mt. Baker (chair 8)


Day 2: Rosie at Sun Peaks  (Mt. Tod in the background)

Day 2:  Emilio at the base of Sun Peaks.


Day 2: Kurt and Terry at Sun Peaks

Day 2: Sun Peaks Lodge (Sandra in dark blue and Alex in yellow)


Day 3: Ed enjoys a bottle of "Thirsty Beaver" at Silver Star

Day 3: Kay shows off the graphics on his skis at Silver Star


Day 3:  Steep slopes on the back side of Silver Star (Tom, Bob, Kay)

Day 3: Emilio finds the elusive Fern Gully at Silver Star.


Day 3: Take a closer look at Kay's skis!

Day 3: Terry rips it up on Silver Star's wild back side.

Day 3: Terry, Kurt and Bob on the front side of Silver Star.


Day 3:  Terry and Kurt in the Silver Star village at the end of day.

Day 4:  Big White - blue sky - Kay, Kurt, George, Terry.


Day 4: Big White (Kurt, George, Bob, Terry, Kay)

Day 4:  Kay's helmet was on fire at Big White!


Day 4: Big White - A rose between 2 thorns (Bob, Rosie, Emilio)

Day 4:  Group at the top of the Black Forest chair at Big White!


Day 4:  Kay in front of the Big White day lodge.

Day 4: Tom at lunch time in the Big White village..

Day 4: Sunset at Big White:  Kurt, Bob, and Kay..


Day 4: Big White - Rob, Kurt, Terry, Bob and Kay.

Day 6:  Red Mt. - Bob watches the fog flow through the valley below.


Day 6: Red Mountain -Emilio enjoys the view from a bench at the top

Day 6:  Red Mt. - Bob ready to fly over some ungroomed terrain.


Day 6: Red Mountain - Bob and Emilio

Day 6:  Red Mt. - Whisker gates used by local race team.


Day 7:  49 Degrees North - Bob rings the bell to appease snow gods.

Day 8:  Mt. Spokane. - Bob gets ready at the top of Chair 3.





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