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Did you know?

Mt Hood Trivia

Sky-Way to Timberline, around 1950

Sky-Way to Timberline

In the late 40s, the Sky-Way tram from Government Camp took skiers up to Timberline. It was actually a bus with wheels above its roof. The wheels travelled along a stationary cable. It took about 30 minutes one way! It was dismantled after 2 years, when a bus service proved faster.

 Photo from “Mt. Hood – A Complete History” by John F. Grauer, published in 1975.

You can find this photo, and many more, at the Mt. Hood Museum and Cultural Center in Government Camp, Oregon.

Rhododendron was Rowe

The town of Rhododendron used to be called Rowe, back at the beginning of the 20th century. Henry S. Rowe, mayor of Portland from June 1900 to January 1902, built Rhododendron Inn in 1905 on the 160-acre homestead he had purchased from Henry Hammond for $1,200.

Don’t Call it Multipor!

Multorpor mountain was named by Will Steel for Multorpor Republican Club of Portland. The name is derived from the first letters of Multnomah, Oregon, and Portland: MULT-OR-POR.  Not “Multipor”, as some people mispronounce it!   Now you know.

Multorpor and Ski Bowl

Ski Bowl ski area, with view of Mt. Hood,Oregon, around 1938.
(Photo of skiers walking up
into Skibowl cir
ca 1938,)

Multorpor and Skibowl began as two separate ski areas in 1928.   The old supervisor of Mount Hood National Forest, Thomas Sherrard, was not interested in opening up the site for recreation.

“There are only two functions for this forest,” he said. “One is to provide watershed area. The other is for grazing land.”

“But the public wants trails and ski areas,” Everett Sickler countered.

“The public can go to blazes,” retorted the forester.

Still, the public prevailed, and by January 6, 1929, the newly founded Cascade Ski Club organized a ski jumping tournament attended by 3600 spectators.

The warming hut on the Skibowl side (the West side) was built in 1937.

The two ski areas merged in 1964, when new owners took over, and Carl Reynolds became the president.

Multorpor is now known as Skibowl East.


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