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YouTube and Vimeo files are Flash file in the .FLV format. They will start playing almost immediately, before the whole file is downloaded, but it is harder to save these files to your computer. You need an FLV Converter for that. If playback is jerkey or pausing frequently, put it on pause and wait a little for more of it to get downloaded before starting to play it again.

Some of our older videos were saved in the Windows Media format .wmv, and stored directly on our website. If you watch them, you might have to wait a little because they won't start playing until the whole file has beedn downloaded first.

The medium and large files offer good video, smooth motion, but you might have to wait a few minutes (depending on the speed of your internet connection) before it starts playing. The video will start playing when the "buffering" reaches 100%. If you click Play before that, it will play only partially and then pause.


The small file is low resolution in a small window, and playing with a jerky motion at only 15 frames per second.  But, the file is small and can be viewed even on slow, dial-up connections.


Safety videos

Entertaining videos with safety messages.


Just for Fun

1. Snowboarders jumping How safe is it?

2. Stay Fit - It pays to stay fit!

3. Skiplausch (A collection of ski mishaps)

4. Tourists on icy race course (30 sec.)

5. Powder Day Waltz -filmed at Mission Ridge ski area (winter and summer scenes). Ode to a powder day.

6. Japanese Ski Spa - Don't trust a spa built on the slopes!! Hilarious!!!

7. Bad day at the Office - You think you got it bad? Check out these people!!!

8. The Archwood Flextrak 37 trillion ZXYVR M-series Magnum package. Dominate the landscape, humiliate mother nature, devour the terrain!

9. The Archwood Flextrak Augmenteon New and improved V-Series!

10. Red Mountain Sucks - about Red Mt. (B.C.)


Our Club trips and Activities and other ski-related videos

Northern BC and Alberta - part 2
Fairview sunset
A road trip / ski safari to 7 ski areas, 3 in Northern BC and 4 in Alberta. (36 min.)
Idaho Ski Safari to Less Well Known Places  (42 minutes)
Blizzard Mt. lift
A road trip to ski 9 less well known ski areas in Idaho that are not crowded, have no lift lines or very short ones, and are affordable. This is part of an effort to ski all of the West.
Northern Montana Ski Safari
A road trip to visit 6 ski areas in Northern Montana.  Two of them were part of a ski club trip to Whitefish and Blacktail Mountain. The other 4 Emilio did on his own: Great Divide, Showdown Montana, Bear Paw Ski Bowl, and Teton Pass (Montana).  Duration: 6 minutes.

In Pursuit Of Soul 2: Midwest Independence

See part 2 of the "Pursuit of Soul" film about independent ski areas. Film produced by Teton Gravity Research.


Mission Mt. Mangart trailer
A video about the 10th Mountain Division

Sitzmark Ski Area
A fun place to ski not far from the US/Canada border in North Central Washington State, between Tonasket and Oroville. Kurt Wilke and Emilio Trampuz skied it in February 2022.
Skiing Northern BC & Alberta - a road trip

Shimmering pillar of light
A road trip / ski safari to 9 ski areas in Northern BC and Alberta, located in a large circle around the town of Prince George. (40 min.)

Young people, including Abby Cooper (snowboarder) and Andrew Strain (photographer) travel on the Skeena train line visiting Prince George, Powder King, Tabor Mountain, Smithers, Hudson Bay, Terrace, Shames Mountain, and Skeena Cat Ski.   (3:45)
YouTube: https://youtu.be/tgN77cLFhFk 
Skiing North Central Washington 
Skiing North Central WashingtonA ski safari in early February 2021 to visit 4 ski areas north of Wenatchee:  Loup Loup,  Echo Valley, Badger Mt., and Sitzmark.
This video explains the advantages of skiing remote ski areas that most people have not heard of, namely - no crowds, no lift lines, and reasonable lift ticket prices.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/YqKitBSdaqY   (22 min)

In Pursuit of Soul 
In Pirsuit of Soul
A Teton Gravity Research documentary dedicated to independent ski areas.  Filmed in cooperation with the Indy Pass. It features many ski areas, including 49 Degres North (WA), Brundage Mt. (ID), Beaver Mt. (UT), Lost Trail,(MT), Mission Ridge (WA), Snow King (WY),  and many more.


Day at TimberlineA Day at Timberline . This video shows that even on the busiest days when all the parking lots are full, Timberline slopes never get crowded. 
It also shows that there is more to Timberline than meets the eye. There are wonderful and mostly untouched slopes just west of Timberline.

Recorded on a sunny Sunday, Dec. 27, 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


https://youtu.be/BmPwvmEXF-U  (7:45 min.)
Glade Trail Day 2020Glade Trail Day (2020)   This is an annual living history event benefiting the Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum in Government Camp. Experience skiing the way it was done in the 1920s and 1939s before there were any ski lifts on Mt. Hood. Held on the 1st Saturday in March, the only day when the Glade Trail is groomed and shuttle buses provided.

You Tube: https://youtu.be/3A1jucFz4Yo   (10 min. 47 sec.)

Baldy MountainBaldy Mountain, BC . A wonderful find just an hour from the US border, east of Osoyoos along highway 3 in Canada. No crowds. Lots of wonderful cruisers and lots of glades for powder skiing.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/z1QVEsja2aE (7 min)

Turner MountainTurner Mountain, MT (2020)   This ski area in Montana is a real find, especially for powder skiers. Located near the town of Libby, MT.  Canadians love this place.  Most Americans have never heard of it.  2,100 vertical feet. Less than 50% is groomed. 60% are black diamonds.

You Tube: https://youtu.be/ByjC-ztjauU   (10 min. 47 sec.)

Canada Ski Safari title pageCanada Ski Safari 2019 . A road trip through British Columbia and Alberta to ski at 9 ski areas in 10 days. These are mostly little known hidden gems.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/q3C6tltD--M (44 min)

CDA TrailIdaho bike trip 2018  We rode 3 bike trails:
1, Sacagawea Heritage Trail in Kennewick, WA.
2. Route of Hiawatha (Montana to Idaho).
3. CDA Trail. Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, 72 miles.

You Tube: https://youtu.be/6jbOEDZ60hg   (5 min. 54 sec.)

Ski Fashion 2018Ski Fashion Show 1930 - 2018.  Presented at the Mt. Hood Museum in 2018 by the Skiyente Ski Club and Hillcrest Ski & Sports.

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/Q50oaPiVwLc  (12 min.)

Snowcat skiingBrundage Mt. Snowcat Skiing.  Created by Jack Hardy during our bus trip to Brundage Mt. and Anthony Lakes in 2018, some of our members spent a day snowcat skiing near Brundage Mt., Idaho.

You Tube: https://youtu.be/B2lZKcn9E-g  (5:25)

Road trip, Skiing some hidden gems.  Kurt Wilke and Emilio Trampuz went on a 4 day road trip to ski some small and hidden gems in eastern Oregon and Washington.  See this video of their adventure.

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/_1um1M3o56w  (12 mins.)

2017 Mystery trip.  Nobody knew where they'll be taken for 3 days of skiing. We went to 49 Degrees North and Mt. Spokane.

You Tube: https://youtu.be/hwyJcFW8qD0   (5 min. 54 sec.)

Whitefish Mt. trip + A day at Fernie.

33 of our mmbers went on a 5 day trip to Whitefish by train. We stayed at the ski-in/ski-out Mornng Eagle condos in the mountain village

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/xvvGrTsVUws  (7 mins.)

Mt High 2015 What We've Been Up To Lately. An overview of what the Mountain High club has been doing lately, in 2014-2015, including someupcoming events and ski trips. The upcoming trip to Whitefish Mountain, Montana, is highlighted, including a funny snow report from the mountain.

You Tube: https://youtu.be/5GcYDBeOJUM  (6 min. 52 sec.)

2013 PACRAT Awards Banquet Slide Show. Summarizing the whole season.

A 10 minute slide-show and video presentation prepared by Bruce Kuper with some of his own helmet-cam footage and with photos contributed by several other racers. It was shown at the "Rat Attack" awards party at the end of the racing season, on April 19, 2013.

YouTube:  http://youtu.be/SnE8yHA_aG0

Unusual lenticular clouds over Mt. Hood, Oregon. These clouds were visible all day on April 27, 2013. These clouds normally indicate the coming of stormy weather, and indeed this has been forecasted for the next day.

You Tube: http://youtu.be/B6whChBgIkw (2 min. 56 sec.)

Rafting 2012 - (10 mins)

On YouTube.

Several participants in this annual Mountain High rafting trip on the Deschutes River contributed to this video compiled by Bruce Kuper.

Linda and Bruce McGavin powder skiing at Whitewater in 2011/2012. - 5:35 mins. 

A YouTube video.  Filmed just slightly out of bounds at the Whitewater ski area in British Columbia.

Sundance ski area (UT) 2012 - (9.5 mins)

- YouTube. Standard def: 640x480.

- Vimeo.     High Def:  1280 x 720.

This ski area is bigger, steeper, more challenging and more powdery than expected!  Wonderful surprise.

Linda and Bruce McGavin powder skiing at Whitewater in 2011/2012. - 5:35 mins. 

A YouTube video.  Filmed just slightly out of bounds at the Whitewater ski area in British Columbia.

Mt. High club 2011-2012 videoMountain High Club 2011-2012  (5 min.)

- YouTube 640x480, 30 fps  or on

- Vimeo  640x480,  30 fps.

Short and sweet: Who we are, what we do, and what our plans are for the upcoming winter. A great overview of our club.

Mt. High club 2010-2011 videoMountain High Club 2010-2011  (16 min.)

- YouTube 640x480, 30 fps  or on

- Vimeo  640x480,  30 fps.

A year in the life of our club. See how we raced, what trips we had (Leavenworth, Crystal Mt., etc.) and what other fun things we did.

Hope on the Slopes 2011  (21 minutes)


Vimeo 640x480, 30 fps - immediate play.


24-hour ski-a-thon held at Mt. Hood Skibowl to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. 250 participants, organized in 20+ teams, raised about $60,000.  Held on March 11-12, 2011.

Hope on the Slopes Founder: Dave Ludwig speaks at the Far West Ski Association Convention  (17 mins)

Vimeo flv (640x480, 30 fps -immediate play

 Dave Ludwig started the first Hope on the Slopes event at White Pass, WA, around 2003. He gives an overview of how it evolved. Recorded at the FWSA Convention in Industry Hills, CA, June 11, 2011.

Leavenworth trip - Jan. 27-30, 2011
3-day trip with 3 ski areas: Snoqualmie/ Alpental, Mission Ridge, & Stevens Pass. Video clips:

1. The whole trip, Emilio's video:


2. Snoqualmie thru Bruce's helmet cam:


3. Mission Ridge thru Bruce Kuper's helmet cam:

4. Elegant Waltz at King Ludwig's restaurant from Deirdre Lawrence:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlF-LhfSQY8

PACRAT Racing overview 2011

This 6 minute slide-show and video presentation was prepared by Bruce Kuper with some of his own helmet-cam footage and with photos contributed by several other racers. It was shown at the "Rat Attack" awards party at the end of the racing season, on April 15, 2011..



Mt. Hood aerial Tramway - Skiway to Timberline - 1956

Old newsreel, showing the bus converted into an aerial tramway called "Skiway". It travelled along a fixed pair of cables from Government Camp to Timberline in the early 1950s.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtJBHKlrBCE

Canada Ski Safari - Dec. 9-16, 2010

This 12 minute video features prominent footage of Mission Ridge, WA, which we visited on the way up to Canada. We skied Big White, Silver Star, Revelstoke, and Sun Peaks. Some of us also skied  Mt. Baker, or Stevens Pass.

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/18230821

Mission Ridge bomber plane

In 1944, a military B-24 Liberator bomber plane crashed in the Squilchuck Basin at Mission Ridge ski area in Washington. One of its wings is on display at the edge of Boundary Road, near the junction with the Katsuk trail.  In 2010, a local ski patroller told the story of the bomber to 9 members of the Mountain HIgh ski club.      

You tube:  https://youtu.be/SVOpwnuM_hg.

Bruce Kuper - Pond-skimming at Meadows, April 2010 (1:34 min.)

        You Tube flv (640x480,  30 fps)

Bruce had a “calf cam” running and combined this footage with that from Stevie Viaene's camcorder. See both of his runs, which won him an overall 3rd place in the competition, among 100 or more competitors.

Hope on the Slopes 2010  (16 minutes)

  Vimeo 640x480, 30 fps - immediate play.

  Large downloadable wmv
640x480, 222MB

24-hour ski-a-thon held at Mt. Hood Skibowl to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. 180 participants, organized in 16 teams, raised over $50,000.  Held on March 19-20, 2010.

Torchlight Ceremony 2010  (4:30 mins)

 Vimeo flv (640x480, 30 fps -immediate play

 YouTube 640x480, 30fps -immediate play

 Downloadable wmv 640x480, 44MB.

Part of the "Hope on the Slopes" ski-a-thon at Mt. Hood Skibowl, March 19-20. About 30 torchbearers participated. The ceremony was in honor of cancer survivors and the torches are symbolic of bringing hope.

Mountain High 2009-2010 (10:00 minutes)

  YouTube flv 640x480, 30 fps, immediate play

   Large downloadable wmv 640x480, 130MB

A typical year for our club, starting with the Warren Miller dinner, the Ski Fair and the annual Kickoff party, then several ski trips, followed by some hiking, golf, rafting, and parties.

PACRAT race 3 at Timberline - by Phil Mant

        You Tube flv (640x480, 30 fps, 2:15 mins)

Phil Mant captured the essence of PACRAT racing. He puts you in the driver's seat, and let's you enjoy the ride, accompanied by excellent music borrowed from a British TV show about skiing.

Magical Mystery Tour 2010, Jan. 15-18, 2010.

      YouTube (Standard resolution)

      YouTube (High Definition)  4:57 min,/sec.

A short, edited video by John A. Davis, showing scenes from Willamette Pass and Mt. Bachelor, including the song sang by Richard Horner at the Fairfield Inn in Bend, and again on the bus.

The HD version has a few extra scenes.


Also see the other video on the right. It's a composite of video footage from Tom Hiller _ photos from many of us..

Mystery trip:  Jan. 15-18, 2010. Video + photos

   YouTube .flv  (9:15 mins.)

   Downloadable wmv 640x480, 30fps, 105MB

An overview of the whole trip, videos + photos.


Interviews: Mike Henness interviews trip participants, after a day at Willamette Pass

1. Harry Scribner (5:35)    (All on YouTube):

2, Diane Zhitlovsky and Wally Taylor (0:57)

3. Gerry Ignatowski  (2:16).

4. Patty Ignatowski (2:25)

Phil Mahre 2009 (20:30 minutes)

        Large size wmv (640x480,  30 fps, 52 MB)

Phile Mahre, the 1984 Olympic Gold medalist in Slalom, was a guest speaker at the NW Ski Club Council's 30th Anniversary Celebration on September 19, 2009, at the Montgomery Park Atrium, Portland, Oregon.

SKIA - The Jefferson Dancers (8:30 minutes)

        You Tube flv (640x480,  30 fps,  95 MB)

A dance performance inspired by our favorite sport, performed by the Jefferson Dancers at the NW Ski Club Council's 30th Anniversary Celebration, at Montgomery Park, Porltand, September 19, 2009

Mountain High 2008-2009 (10:00 minutes)

      YouTube flv (640x480, 30 fps)

        Large size wmv (640x480, 30 fps, 130 MB)

2008-09 was a very good year. Lots of trips and activities, including the very first song written about Mt.High (on the bus trip to Schweitzer).

Jim - Pond-skimming at Meadows 2009

      (28 seconds)

        You Tube flv (640x480,  30 fps)

See how close Jim Trindle came to crossing the whole pond. But, oh how wet he got!!!

Hope on the Slopes 2009 (9:29 minutes)

      YouTube flv (640x480, 30 fps)

        Large size wmv (640x480,  30 fps, 36 MB)

        Medium size wmv (320x240, 30 fps,12MB)

A 24-hour vertical challenge, with teams competing for the most vertical skied and the most funds raised. A fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Includes a torchlight parade.

Born to Ski Schweitzer 2009 (2:30 minutes)

        Large size wmv (640x480,  30 fps, 15 MB)

        You Tube flv (640x480,  30 fps,  28 MB)

A song that Richard Horner and "Rich's Bitches" (George, Terry, Lana, Steve, Rita, Shelly, etc.) composed during our bus ride to Schweitzer Mt.

Canada Ski Safari 2008 (15 minutes)

        Large size (640x320,  30 fps, 150 MB)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps,  45 MB)

6 resorts in 6 days. Kay and Emilio travel to Kimberley, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, Sun Peaks, and Silver Star.

Alternative Timberline 2008 (13:36 minutes)

        Large size wmv (640x480, 30 fps, 153 MB)

        Medium size .wmv (320x240, 33MB)

A look at a hidden, seldom seen, aspect of Timberline, slightly out of bounds, but perfectly legal.

FWSA Convention 2008  (6 minutes)

        Short 6 min.  (320x240,  30 fps, 11 MB)

                Slide show with the best 120 photos.

        Long 20 min(320x240,  30 fps, 37 MB)

                Slide show with all 400 photos.

Images from the FWSA Convention in Bellevue, WA, June 5-8, 2008, including the Silent Auction night, the Ski Industry booths, the Men and Women of the Year, the Club Awards, and more.

Emilio is a screamer!  (1:38 minutes) 

      YouTube (starts playing immediately)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 6.5 MB)

A small episode from the Lake Tahoe trip. Recorded in the Milky Way Bowl on the Nevada side of Heavenly Valley. It was so ecstatic, it ended up in screams.

2008 News  (6 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 10 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  30 fps,    5 MB)

An overview of several interesting and/or significant developments during the past year, including:

* Violet skis off the top of Mt. Hood,

* Chuck plays volleyball on top of Mt. Hood

* David Schor skis Oregon, Idaho & Washington!

* Timberline & Meadows -- new terrain

* Man and Woman of the Year winners

* Club awards

* FWSA Convention and FWSA Ski Week

Heavenly / Lake Tahoe trip 2008  (21 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 72 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  30 fps,  36 MB)

March 29 - April 3, 2008. This trip may become an annual event. 2 days at Heavenly, plus 3 days at any of the more than dozen ski areas around Lake Tahoe. This time, we visited:

* Heavenly Valley (2 days)

* Diamond Peak, NV (near Incline Village)

* Alpine Meadows, CA

* Sierra-at-Tahoe, CA.



1. PACRAT Racing - an overview (23 min.)


2. PACRAT Race web-cam videos (on YouTube)

Thanks to Bruce Kuper for posting these:


3. World Cup Downhill Racing (2 min.)

Other Bruce's helmet-cam videos (on YouTube.com)

Falling off 7th Heaven video

March 18, 2007. (Sunday). During our Leavenworth bus trip, Bruce Kuper was running his helmet cam as he fell on the steep face of 7th Heaven.


Canada Ski Safari 2007   (29 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 187 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,     5 MB)

Dec. 9-16. The 7-day trip was: 49º North (WA), Panorama, Sunshine Village, Mt. Norquay, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, and Silver Mt. (Idaho).

Timberline Inauguration of "Jeff Flood" Express lift, Dec. 8, 2007. (6 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps,  52 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,    1 MB)

The celebration started in the Lodge, and then moved on to the christening of the new lift.

Canada Ski Safari 2006   (31 minutes)

        YouTube video (best for watching online)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 214 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,     5 MB)

Dec. 2-9. The 5-day trip was: Mt. Baker, Sun Peaks, Silver Star, Big White, & Apex.  The extended 8-day trip included Red Mt., 49º North, and Mt. Spokane.

PACRAT Racing   (23 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 132 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,     3 MB)

An overview of the recreational, inter-club racing on Mt. Hood.  Nostalgic viewing for older racers. Recommended viewing for new racers.  2005 season.

Val d'Isère, France, 2006  (23 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 152 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,     4 MB)

8-day trip to Val d'Isère and Tignes (the famous "Espace Killy").  Recorded March 3 - 12, 2006.

Timberline Summer Skiing  (8 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps,  43 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,    5 MB)

Skiing on the Palmer snowfield above Timberline, on Sunday, July 23, 2006. 

Big Mountain, MT, 2005 (34 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 195MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,     5 MB)

Club trip, via Amtrak train, to Big Mountain, Feb 16-20, 2005.

Cycle Oregon  (22 seconds)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps,   1 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,  72 KB)

Recorded by Brenda and Jeff Ackerson.

Crystal Mt. bus trip 2005  (26 minutes)

        Medium size  (320x240,  30 fps, 175 MB)

        Small size      (160x120,  15 fps,     4 MB)

Weekend bus trip to Crystal Mountain, Washington January 14-16, 2005.  First part of the video follows  the intermediate group of skiers. The second part follows advanced skiers into ungroomed powder.

Whistler/Blackcomb (2 minutes)

Streaming video on Whistler/Blackcomb's own web site. Yes, it's a commercial, but it has a couple of great shots at the very beginning.




    Snow Sportsmanship video - Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5sRbUAwBt4


See how to post photos/videos to our web site, on the Articles page (under "Technology").


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