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Mt. High Events

 Last updated: July 19, 2016
Latest news in the left column,
Click on underlined events in the Calendar on the right or
scroll down for details of upcoming events.

Weather forecast for Government Camp on the right.
See bottom of this page for ski area reports.




July Lift Lines  - Mt. High Newsletter


NWSCC Newsletter - NW Ski Club Council's newsletter.


FWSA News Flash - Far West Ski Association Newsletter. Trips, Racing, Ski news, and more.


Skiing North America - An article about our club member John Andrew skiing all of North America has appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 20, 2016.  See here.


New Photos  See the latest photos from the Crystal Mt. trip, the Montana trip, and recent photos from the Glade, Blossom, and Alpine trails between Timberline and Government Camp.


Let's go skiing!

Meet at McDonald's in Sandy 7:30 - 7:45 am.  We can carpool, or just drive up together. Some of us are going to Timberline or Skibowl. Others are going to Meadows. We can all meet at McDonald's. See details about our day trips on the TRIPS page. Hey, a day trip is a trip too!  If you have a 2-way radio, tune it to channel 6-19.


The GOOD OLD TIMES have been moved

Photos from our whole past year have been moved from the Photos page to a new Photos 2015 page. Our Photos page has been cleared to make room for new photos for this coming season, starting with the Ski Fair and the Kickoff Party.. You can still see all the 2014/2015 photos on our Photos 2015 page and keep scrolling down to see all the different events. 



Our club provides numerous activities in the following categories.   

a)  Day trips to Mt. Hood ski areas – currently on TRIPS page,

b)  Ski trips to other ski areas in the West  -- see TRIPS page.

c)  Recreational racing – RACING pages.

d)  Social events, parties, etc. – on the HOME page.

e)  Summer activities (Biking, Hiking, Rafting, Picnic, etc.) – usually on our HOME page.

To fully understand what our club does, please see a whole year of past photos on the PHOTOS page.



Mt. High best decorated booth! 

At this year's NWSCC Ski Fair, our club's booth was proclaimed the best decorated in the "Let it snow" theme. This was our second winning year in a row. See photos here!


Bulletin Board

There are new items on our Bulletin Board. Check it out!


Season Passes compared.  Compare the cost and benefits of various lift ticket passes. This was first published on page 8 of the September issue of Lift Lines (#177). It is now on our Articles page.



We have updated out TRIPS page, which now lists all the upcoming trips for the upcoming 2015/2015 winter season.



Mt. High Cookbook

Calling all cooks, bakers, BBQ'ers, of Mt. High.

Debbi Kor is putting together a Club Cookbook for next year. If you're interested, send her your favorite recipes. She'll gather them, put them together, and see what we come up with.

Contact Debbi at: ijustwannarun1@comcast.net


Man and Woman of the Year.

Our 2015 man and woman of the year are: Emilio Trampuz and Terry Swan. Congratulations!  See our Awards page for a list of past men and women of the year as well as the recipients of other awards. Please send us your nominations for Man & Woman of the Year for 2016.


Emilio Trampuz       Terry Swan


Mt. High Entry into FWSA Outstanding Club contest

Kurt Krueger has completed a 10-page fully illustrated document that is our club's entry in the FWSA Outstanding Club contest. Winning clubs will be announced at the Far West Convention in San Diego, CA, in June 2015. Click on the headline or go to our Forms & Documents web page.



Powder Alliance.  13 resorts for the price of one!

Buy a Fusion Pass, which gives you unlimited all season access to both Timberline and Mt. Hood Skibowl, and you will also receive 30 free days at 11 other resorts in the West (3 tickets at each). See more at: www.powderalliance.com  an on the Facebook page:


Also, click here for a Map of Powder Alliance resorts.



50% discount at adidas 

Go to our Bulletin Board and print the special coupon for the adidas employee store, fill it out and get a 50% discount. Thanks to our member Elsebeth Frank for offerng this.

NOTE: This offer is not ongoing.  It comes and goes periodically.  When it becomes available again,  Mountain High club members who have opted to receive ALL emails will be informed by email.


Super Senior Specials

If you are 75 or older, you are a "super-senior, and you qualify for the following benefits. Here are just a few examples. There are more:

a)  Buy a SEASON PASS to Snowbasin, Utah for $39.

     (This pass does not come with Powder Alliance benefits.)

b)  Buy a season pass to Powder Mountain, UT, for only $20.

c)  Get a free season pass at Bogus Basin, ID.

d)  Ski free at Red Mountain, B.C.

Note that the November-December 2014 issue of Skiing History magazine includes a long list of all the places where you can ski for free. The age limit varies from 60 to 80, depending on the ski area. When you read this article online, click on Ctrl-+ key combination a few times to enlarge the page, to make it more readable.


New Video about our club 

See the new video about what our club has been up to lately. Included is a funny snow report about the upcoming Whitefish Mt. trip.


Express Rental & Service shop in Rhododendron

John Hanson (formerly of the Ski Chalet) is helping Skibowl with a new project in Rhododendron: an Express Rental & Service outlet with retail as well. He says:
"One of our target customers is the high school/ club racer looking to maintain a competitive advantage. Racers can drop their skis off after training nights and pick them up ready to go on race day. We are currently set up to do edge tunes and hot waxes."

Hours are:  Mon-Tue: 8-5,  Wed-Fri: 8-9pm,

                 Sat:  7-6pm   and   Sun: 8-6pm.

Next season, they plan to stock race accessories as well.
Stop by anytime. The location is  on the right hand side of Hwy 26 in Rhododendron across from the Village Market.

Phone 844-200-RENT (7368).


Mt. Hood Meadows tickets are available at a discounted price of just $64.  See our Bulletin Board for details.


Learn to Ski - Or Help Someone 

Our club now has a new page devoted just to beginner skiers, and we need volunteers who are willing to help newcomers to the sport. This is a win-win for everybody. By brining in new people to the slopes, the ski areas get more customers, our club gets more members, and the newcomers get their wings (their skis or boards)!


 Mt. Hood Express bus service

We have always encouraged carpooling from Sandy, and that is still an option. But, now you can take the new Mt. Hood Express bus instead. For only $2 (or just $1.50 if you prepay for 20 tickets), you can ride the bus from Sandy to Skibowl, Government Camp, or Timberline. Catch the bus right on Hwy. 26, at a park and ride bus stop half way between Champion Way and 362nd (which is the Fred Meyer traffic light in Sandy). Turn into Champion Way to park at the Information Center.  The most convenient bus starts at 7:45 am and arrives at Skibowl at 8:32 and at Timberline at 9 am. Click here for the complete schedule.



Membership renewal.  Please renew your club membership in the Fall (October, November). This is also the best time to sign up for a ski trip with the club. It is best to renew in person at the annual Ski Fair or at our annual Kickoff Party. If you do it by mail, simply print print the Dough Transmittal form and mail it in. You can find it on our Membership page and on the Forms & Docs page.



Join a PACRAT team 

Now is the time.  Teams are being formed right now, and many teams need a few new team-mates.


Camaraderie, fun, racing, après ski parties and more!


Check it all out on our Racing page and on the PACRATs web site.


Contact:  Racing@mthigh.org



Mt. High has a Facebook page  

Thanks to Bruce Kuper for setting up a Favebook Page for Mountain High. It is a Facebook group. Check it out, join the group, and start posting your messages, photos, questions, etc. See it at:




Member Benefits updated - 20% off at the Taco Shoppe  Thanks to Kevin Bastin, owner of the Taco Shoppe and a Mountain High club member, we have now been offered 20% off of any item on the menu (not just the burritos). The Taco Shoppe is located in Government Camp, across the street from the Huckleberry Inn (but a house or two up the road), or just downhill from the Mount Hood Museum. See details on our Membership Benefits page and on our Bulletin Board page.  Click here for see their full menu.


Trips calendar & Questionnaire -- MS Word  or PDF file

Check out the preliminary (draft) copy of the 2015 winter trips calendar, and then please fill out the questionnaire on page 2.  Let us know your trip preferences. This questionnaire will be distributed at our quarterly social, May 21, but you can also email it to us, either to info@mthigh.org or to Emilio2000@earthlink.net


Emilio's side-country article on Shred Hood

Check out a detailed description of Timberline's side-country options in an article written by Emilio and just published on ShredHood.org. It's a 5-page article, so click on the "Next" button at the bottom of each page. And don't be confused by the fact that each page begins with the same trail map, for easy reference.


ShredHood.org is a web site devoted to everything Mt. Hood. It contains the latest news, classifieds, racing, new school, old school, videos, slides, events, resources.
The web site was started by Ben Jacklet, a local journalist.
Check it out: http://shredhood.org/



Powder Alliance adventure blog

Emilio has left on a 4,000 miles road trip to ski as many Powder Alliance ski areas as possible. Lots of driving. But the skiing is free for anyone with a Fusion Pass. He will try to keep a diary marking his progress. Check out his “Ski Delights” blog at: http://skidelights.blogspot.com/





Ski pole Inclinometers -

Attach this simple device to your ski pole and use it to measure the slope steepness.














January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month

Introduce a new person to the sport by having them take a lesson from a certified ski instructor, and you could win a prize





Color code:  This color code is valid until you use the links. The viewed links will then change color, due to your browser's settings, but the dates will still remain the original color.

Blue: Mountain High club events   
Maroon: NWSCC, FWSA, or multi-club events
Black: General events



July  9 (Sat.):   Mt. High Highway Cleanup

July  9 (Sat.):   Neighborhood Greenway bike ride

July 10 (Sun):  Bike to the Dike

July 25 (Mon.): Mt. High Board meeting



Aug.  6 (Sat.):   History bike ride - Barlow Pass

Aug. 11- 14:      Rafting on the Deschutes River

Aug. 20 (Sat.):  Mt. High Picnic & bike ride




Jan.  28 - Feb. 4:    FWSA Ski Week - Breckenridge



See more event details in the next section below.




Club membership has steadily increased from 2002 - 2011, and has stabilized around 300 since then. Current membership as of September 2015 = 304.


Mt. High Board meetings 

Last Monday of the month, we meet at the Round Table Pizza  10070 SW Barbur Blvd., Portland (near the corner of Capitol Hwy.) to plan future club events, trips. Phone: (503) 245-2211.  If you would like to get a bit more involved with the club, please come and join us. This is a working and planning  meeting, but it's open to all. Social gathering: 6:00 pm, and the meeting starts at: 6:30 pm.


NWSCC meetings


Representatives of local ski clubs gather to coordinate activities, plan joint events and trips. Sometimes, there's a guest speaker. These meetings are open to all.

Time: Socializing starts at 6 pm. Meeting starts at 6:30 pm..

Dates: Meetings are held quarterly on the 3rd Wednesday in October, December, March and June.

Location: At various locations around the Portland metro area. See the NWSCC web site for details. 


Searching for the Perfect Ski Watch

Check out some of the features available on watches these days: Altimeter, Compass, Clinometer, Barometer, Stop-watch, and more. And water resistant to 200 meters. Sadly, not all in one watch. Read article.


Oregon Skiing & Boarding Blog

A blog set up by Drew Jackson, the weatherman at KPTV-12, writing about snow conditions from a skier's perspective. This has been added to both our Blogs and Links pages.


Vision for the 21st Century

A whole new vision of enhancing both safety and fun on the slopes. Read all about it (click on the "Vision" button. Get involved. Write to the ski areas. Write to ski magazines. Refer them to our website: www.mthigh.org/Vision.htm.


Trips Survey Results

Thanks to the 60 people who completed the online survey. See the results summarized in the July issue of "Lift Lines", or see the complete results here:


Mt Hood List - A great new site!

Go to MtHoodList.com to post your own message, to find a carpool to Mt. Hood, to find buddies for a Meadows 4x4,  or any other Mt. Hood related activity.


Check out this content on our site!

   a) Blogs eg.: David Schor's adventures

   b) Videos (our recent trips and racing)

   c) Skis for sale on our Bulletin Board!


Bruce's fall video

See Bruce Kuper's helmet-cam recording his fall and slide on the face of 7th Heaven at Stevens Pass. See Videos.


Send us your photos/stories!
What did you do this past winter? Where  did you ski? Where were you 20 or 30 years ago?  How did you learn to ski?  Any spectacular falls?  Any embarrassing moments? Send in your personal short stories or reminiscences.  Please add a photo of yourself or the people in your story. Digital photos are most welcome. Printed photos will be scanned in and returned to you.  Contact Emilio.


Free $kiing corner.

Free or half-priced lift tickets.


In the Forum, post your questions, requests, offers, or help provide answers.


Bulletin Board vs. Forum

For plain text announcements or questions, feel free to post your own message in the Forum.

For more elaborate, announcements, including graphics, photos, etc. please email them to us at info@mthigh.org and we'll post it on the Bulletin Board.


Also see the Oregon Challenge Diary  - a description of all the Oregon ski areas, and the combined experiences of all 3 successful challengers. Read about Warner Canyon, Oregon's best kept secret! And Spout Springs, and more. This will be permanently posted on our Articles page.


We Want You!

We know you have something to contribute to the club.  Organize a party, a hike. a game of cards, a visit to the theater, or just a TGIF. Take your favorite activity and invite other club members to join you. Just let us know what you could do for the club. Or, better yet, come to our monthly planning meeting, any last Monday of the month, at the Round Table Pizza.


2-way Radios on the slopes!

Connect with other club members on the slopes. Simply get on the radio channel 6-19, and call for Mountain High members. That is Channel 6, Privacy code 19. There is a permanent note about this on our TRIPS page.


Free Antivirus

Say goodbye to your paid antivirus. Avast! is totally free and performs even better in tests. Download it and try it yourself: http://www.avast.com/en-us/get/6SK2Jprm


Ski Areas page - new & improved

The best way to get info about ski areas. The improved version contains almost all the ski areas in the West, 161 of them. It's the easiest way to get info for a trip. Just click on whatever ski resort you want.


NW Ski Challenge

The Challenge continues each winter season. It is not a competition for the most ski areas visited.  Instead, everyone who visits at least 7 ski areas in the Northwest will be entered into a drawing for a prize.


New for this season is that in addition to Oregon, Washington and Idaho, you can now also ski at several ski areas in British Columbia, Alaska, and Mammoth Mt. (CA).  They all count!


Just save your lift tickets or receipts from the ski areas and mail them to the NWSCC:  The address is on the form. Click here for the Entry Form and Rules in Word or PDF.


Skiing the Northwest can be quite an adventure. See David Schor's blog: http://skiwashington.blogspot.com, and Emilio's journal on our "Articles" page, at:




Video about our club

Short 5 minute summary of what our club is al about. Must see!

See it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woXVvae4Iww



Web site & Newsletter

At the 2014 FWSA Convention in June, we won

1st place for Web site.

1st place for Newsletter.

1st place for Outstanding Club.

See more on our Awards page.



Proof that Straight skis were always Shaped.

Straight skis were never really straight. See proof in this video.




Safety Person of the Year

Gordon Lusk won the FWSA Award for Safety Person of the Year, for promoting safety at our PACRAT races.

He won a week of skiing at Aspen/Snowmass.




Boots & More Performance LLC

with Greg Coulter

Greg Coulter has left Hillcrest Sports to focus on Boots and More. He has been involved with the ski industry for 25+ years and has chosen to go his own direction.

Boots and More is service only.  Boot fitting, and ski & snowboard tuning and repair. It also sells insoles and liners as well as boot accessories.

The big difference between Greg Coulter and everyone else is that he will pick up and drop off the customers equipment.

Contact Greg via email; gcoulter40@gmail.com,  or phone 503-917-9360.

Visit the new Boots and More Facebook page and Like it. 



PACRAT Rat Attack photos & multimedia show

A few of the best photos from the 30th annual Awards Banquet known as the "Rat Attack" have been posted on our Photos page.


More of Bruce Kuper's Rat Attack photos can be found at:

Also, see the PACRAT Racing multimedia show created by Bruce Kuper and shown at the Rat Attack: http://youtu.be/6_-q8oodXYY 


 Mid-week Skiing

Ken BrundidgeKenny Brunidge has volunteered to coordinate the mid-week skiers

You can join the mid-week group and post a message in the mid-week forum whenever you plan to go up skiing and see if others can join you. More info on our "Trips" page.





Note: Trips and Racing events have their own pages.

The events listed below are events other than ski trips and races.

Mt. High members at Stevens Pass


Mt. High members on Mt. Hood



Our club provides numerous activities in the following categories.  Most of them have their own separate pages on our web site:


a)  Day trips to Mt. Hood ski areas  (both weekend and mid-week) – currently on TRIPS page, but might be moved to a Mt. Hood page or Meet-up page, or something like that.

b)  Ski trips to other ski areas in the West  -- see TRIPS page.

c)  Recreational racing – RACING pages.

d)  Social events, parties, etc. – on the HOME page.

e)  Summer activities (Biking, Hiking, Rafting, Picnic, etc.) – usually on our HOME page.


Our Home page is mainly a calendar of events and a place to post social events that don't have their own separate pages, such as Trips and Racing events do.


To get a better view of what our club does, please check the ABOUT US page and the PHOTOS page, which shows almost everything we did in the past year(s). Each season, we start to build a new Photos page, so if you are checking us out at the beginning of the season, check out one of the previous year's Photos page, which will be more complete.




Road sign just 2 miles before Government Camp.


Mt. High Highway Cleanup

Our 10th cleanup.  (2 per year)

Originally scheduled for June 25, but had to be postponed.

July 9  (Saturday):  10 am. 

Our club has adopted a 2-mile section of Highway 26, mileposts 51-53.  We have been keeping it clean since 2010.


We'll meet in Mt. Hood Skibowl's parking lot at 10 am sharp. Then we'll earn some good karma for about 2 hours.


12:00 (noon) - approximately - The club will cover the cost of lunch at the Brew Pub in Government Camp. Let's replenish our energy and enjoy each other's company.      Click on the map to enlarge.


Those who plan to help, need to go on-line with the State Highway Department, and just review the "rules of the road" so to speak. We used to have to watch a video, but that is no longer required. Now, you just need to read through the rules and instructions, and we can deal with the rest ourselves. Just go to:


and scroll down to the "Specific Requirements".  The "Applicant" is our club, and the Participants are all who show up on the day of the event.


Debbi will have the waivers we all need to sign on the day of the event.


RSVP to Debbi Kor at: ijustwannarun1@comcast.net or call 503-314-7078.

NOTE: For anyone who may want to ride with a group every Wednesday, please check The Bike Bunch on the web or call Jackie. you can connect to the Bike Bunch with Bikebunch@yahoogroups.com . There is a fee for joining which gives you the choice of 3-4 rides level A-D on the web, with maps & directions for every Wednesday ride from April 6- through October of this year.

Mt. High bike ride

Neighborhood Greenway ride

July 9 (Saturday) -- 9:30 am  or  10:45-11:00 am (depending on your option).

            Be punctual.  We'll start right on time.

This ride has 2 starts:

Option #1:  Start at 9:30 am, leaving from Main City Park in Gresham to PDX & back about 30 miles, Level B

OR Option #2: Start at Sellwood Riverfront Park, leaving about 10:45 - 11:00 when the Gresham people arrive. Level A-B  about 24 miles.


We will regroup at Rockwood Central Park around 175th for those who bring their own sack lunch or snack; bathrooms available here.


See detailed directions for this ride here.


Helmet required. All participants must sign a liability release form. Maps & release form provided. If you arrive late you will find maps on the back of a green safari van.


This is a "No Drop" ride where Dick Bonillo will be with the fast group and Jackie will sweep so no one gets left alone behind with a not as fast group.


Contact:  Jackie Bonillo at jbon1960@comcast.net  or 503-706-9668



  • Take I-205 North to SE Powell Blvd in Portland. Take exit 19 from I-205 North.

  • Follow SE Powell Blvd. for 4.8 miles (11 minutes) to W Powell Loop in Gresham.

  • Turn right onto W Powell Loop for just 400 feet.

  • Destination will be on the right

See Google MAP.


NOTE: For anyone who may want to ride with a group every Wednesday, please check The Bike Bunch on the web or call Jackie. you can connect to the Bike Bunch with Bikebunch@yahoogroups.com . There is a fee for joining which gives you the choice of 3-4 rides level A-D on the web, with maps & directions for every Wednesday ride from April 6- through October of this year.

Bike to the Dike

"2 lakes, 1 park, 1 dike, 1 historic indian site"

A combined Mt. High and Bergfreunde ride

led by Jackie & Dick Bonillo


July 10, 2016 (Sunday)  9:30 am start.     Cost:  Free.

                      Be punctual.  We'll start right on time.


Meet at::  Linnemann Station,        See Google MAP.

                3852 SE West Powell Loop (1 block south of Powell),

                Gresham, OR


Description:  2 lakes, 1 historic Indian site ([hoto opportunity), 1 park, 1 dike, 26 miles, A+ level,  A 2-hour ride.  Partly riding on the Fairview Trail, short distances on 2 busy streets, then on the dike that few people know about. Plus a new return route, different from what we did last time.


Helmet required. All participants must sign a liability release form. Maps & release form provided. If you arrive late you will find maps on the back of a green safari van.


This is a "No Drop" ride where Jackie Bonillo will be with the fast group and Dick will sweep so no one gets left alone behind with a not as fast group.


Lunch afterwards will be at the Cedarville Tavern

What to bring:  Helmet is required.  Bring some water.

Also, you will be asked to sign a liability release waiver.


Contact:   Jackie Bonillo, jbon1960@comcast.net  or  503-706-9668.





Mt. High
Monthly meeting

Usually on the last Monday of the month.

Mountain High
monthly Board meeting

July 25, 2016. (Monday) - Usually last Monday of the month.


6:00 pm - social gathering;

6:30 pm - formal meeting. 


Location: Round Table Pizza, 10070 SW Barbur Blvd., near Capitol Hwy. (by McDonald’s).


This is an organizational and planning meeting, attended mainly by Board members, trip leaders, activity organizers etc., but it is open to all.  Anyone wanting to get more involved with the club is welcome.





This ramp doesn't exist any more!

It was destroyed by blasting during the widening of Highway 26, between 2014- 2016.


Learn a little more about some Mt. Hood trivia, including a map showing part of this tour in this PDF file posted in our History section.


Mt. High

Barlow Trail to Rhododendron

historic trails bike ride


August 6, 2016 (Saturday) - 9:00 am

A unique bike ride into history!

This is a relatively short, easy ride,
chock full of information, old tales, trivia,
and the history of Mt. Hood and of Oregon.

This is not a typical bike ride.  It's a history tour.


Meet at 9 am, in Rhododendron, the last small town before Government Camp. Let's assemble at the Still Creek Inn (the only restaurant in town).


The bike ride is from Government Camp to Rhododendron, but not by the most firect route.  A lot of it is downhill, but there are a couple of uphill sections.. Mostly on paved roads, or fairly smooth trails. Mostly on hidden paths that are not well known, some so overgrown they might soon disappear.  Witness how a historic road has been destroyed - on purpose!


Some of our route (and the original Barlow road) is being swallowed by vegetation.  Come see it before it disappears!


A road bike is fine for this ride, especially if you have commuter or touring tires..  But there will be a few places where we will ALL have to get off our bikes and carry them or push them through some tough places. We will also have to cross Hwy. 26 in at least 2 places. In some places, we'll have the choice of following a mountain bike trail or stay on the paved road.


We will leave about half of our cars in Rhododendron. The other half will drive up to Barlow Pass with their bikes, but also carpooling with those who will leave their cars in Rhody. At the end of the day, those who left their cars in Rhody will give a ride to the drivers of the cars left at Government Camp.


If you don't know where Barlow PAss is, no problem.  We will all gather in Rhododendron first, and then we'll drive up together.


This is a unique and historical ride. Here are some highlights:


1. See several sections of the original Barlow Trail you haven't seen before..

2. Bike down parts of the old Mt. Hood highway, before the modern Hwy 26 was built. The road is overgrown with trees and moss, but it is still paved and smooth.

3. Visit the Pioneer Woman's Grave.

4. Visit Summit Prairie (aka Summit Meadows), one of the last rest stops on the Oregon Trail.

5. Hear the ghost of Perry Vickers, who is buried at Summit Meadows.

6. See Laurel Hill, the steepest part of the historic Barlow Trail, so steep the pioneers had to lower their wagons with ropes, and tie tree trunks to the back of the wagon to act as a brake. This hill is as steep as a double-black diamond ski trail, and yet the pioneers managed to get down it with their wagons! 
NOTE: Access to Laurel HIll might not be possible because of the ongoing work on highway 26.  We might have to bypass it this time.

7. Visit a bat cave. Yes, there are some bats in there, but it's not what you think.

8. Visit Little Zig Zag Falls. Or sit down at a picnic table to rest your legs here.

9. At the end of the ride, let's go for a drink and some food at the Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron, partly as thanks to them for letting us use their parking lot, and partly to rest and enjoy each other's company, while replenishing our energy.


Some of this may seem familiar. We've done something similar before. But, there will be lots of new (and old) stuff to see and experience this time. Part of what is new is the disappearance of some of the terrain features you saw earlier. Some of it has been destroyed forever by the highways 26 expansion, and some of it has become difficult to access.  Experience Mt. Hood's history before some of it is gone!


For the bike ride, contact Emilio, 503-378-0171, or Emilio2000@earthlink.net.




Our campground in Maupin City Park


To enlarge, click on map or here for Campsite Map


Be there in time to settle in and start rafting at noon on Friday.


Click here for

Directions, Road map, Campsite map, and River map!

NOTE: This document is from an earlier year. The campsite map is different this year.



Here is a 10 minute show that captures a previous year’s rafting on the Deschutes River.

2012 Mt. High Rafting Show (YouTube)

The content of the show is a compilation of multiple photographers on the trip, so bring your water proof cameras!

It is always a good time on the river.

Mt. High

Deschutes River Raft Weekend


Aug 11-14, 2016.

Our annual tradition is back for your fun and enjoyment! A weekend of rafting and frolicking in the sun on the Deschutes River at Maupin, OR, with good friends, old and new, and all young at heart!

Rafting on Friday (starting at noon) and Saturday (all day). Sunday Morning is just for relaxing before heading back to reality.


Bruce Kuper's video.  If you are wondering what the raft trip is about or just want a reminder of the fun to be had, here is a 10 minute show that captures a previous year’s rafting on the Deschutes River.

2012 Mt. High Rafting Show (YouTube)

It is always good time on the river.  Come join us this year!


Trip includes:

Camping: Camping: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night camping in Maupin City Park. RV space available for an additional $25 per night or $75 total. Camp locations are the beautiful an spacious Group Tent Site 1 (premier site along the river) including four RV spaces 16-20.


Rafting: (Row, Paddle or just ride) Friday and Saturday. We’ll provide the rafts.

FRIDAY – We will meet at the park at noon and shuttle up river to Harpham Flat, raft 10 miles down to Sandy Beach.
SATURDAY – We will raft from Maupin park to Sandy beach in the morning, shuttle back to the park for lunch and then shuttle up to Harpham Flat and raft the upper section in the afternoon.


New this year. For those interested Beth Paraskeva will be leading the Ring of Fire bike ride Sunday morning. The bike ride will leave the park, over the bridge then up the hill, then a great downhill into Tygh Valley, then down to Sherar’s falls and then back to camp. This ride is short hilly and of moderate difficulty. There will be meet up points and a map will be provided. Plan on bringing water. 8:30 AM departure.



Saturday night dinner will be potluck.

For other meals (breakfasts, lunches, Friday dinner), bring your own food and drinks, or plan to dine in any of Maupin's fine dining establishments.



* Camp, raft, dinner = $75.00 pp, (Non Members $90.00) Non members must sign a membership form/liability release before participation.

* RV space available for an additional $25 per day or $75 total..

* If you have your own raft/kayak, call Allan or Nancy for special pricing.



Contact:  Allan & Beth Paraskeva at 503-201-1243  or alnbeth@gmail.com


Reservation and payment must be received by July 28th. Cancellation Date is July 28th. (***Please, please help Allan & Beth by getting payments/reservations or cancellations in timely!)


To register: fill out the Dough Transmittal form, on the last page of each of our newsletters, or get the form on our web site at:

www.mthigh.org/Forms.htm Print it, fill it out, and mail it back to the club at:


Mountain High Snowsport Club     

PO Box 2182                           

Portland, OR 97208.                 


* NOTE:  This is not a professionally guided trip. It is a club function for our members and their friends to have fun. We are all personally responsible for our own actions. Rafting can be dangerous. By registering for this event you and your guests will relinquish any and all claim of responsibility and claims of liability on all parties participating in this event, board members and Mountain High Snowsport Club.


River levels are normal becase they are regulated by dams.



Click here for the official Rafting trip flyer.






Bike ride at 9:30 am


Picnic at 11:30 am.


Click here for a MAP of the area.

Mt. High Picnic & Bicycle Ride

 at Sellwood Park


August 20, 2016 (Saturday).

TIME:       9:30 am  for the bike ride (assemble at lower parking lot);

              11:30 am  for picnic.

              12 pm (noon) - food served.

              If you arrive at 1 pm or later, most of the food will be gone!

WHERE: Sellwood park
               PICNIC AREA - A (as before- the big one).  See


There will be a bicycle ride just before the picnic. Gather at the parking lot by the river.


The picnic is a potluck. We'll have sausages of various kinds (spicy and non-spicy) on the grill. Bring something else to share. Also BYOB.


Click here for a MAP of the area.


Directions for bike ride (at 9:30 am): From the Sellwood bridge (or Tacoma St.), turn north onto 6th Avenue, then left on SE Spokane St.  Go over the railroad tracks and immediately turn right onto Oaks Park Way. The parking lot will be on your left. 


Directions for picnic (at 11:30 am): From the Sellwood bridge (Tacoma St.), turn north onto 6th Ave. Then left on Spokane St. and right onto Grand Avenue.  Enter the park from Grand Avenue (which continues as a pedestrian path into the park.  Our picnic area (Area A) will be on the left side of that path (downhill, toward the river).


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